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Pebs35 08-09-2003 05:39 PM

MS.Contin new time released pill?
I ran across this 2001 article on the internet that stated this...

Purdue Pharma announced its plans to reformulate the drug in an effort to discourage such abuse. The new form of OxyContin -- available in three to five years -- will come mixed with tiny beads of naltrexone, a drug that counteracts the effects of narcotics and is used to treat heroin addiction. The naltrexone is designed to be inactive as long as the pill is intact -- crush it, however, and the high-busting naltrexone is released.

Is this out in the MS.Contin form yet, the reason why I ask, is yesterday I received my usual script in the mail. It is MS.contin 30mg sr. Before, the coating was like that type of plastic shell(the time released part I assume)coating, and inside it is the chalk white powder like aspirin. I was curious one time and cut a pill in half to see what the inside looked like, and was curious what the time released shell looked like. Well this script, had a label on it, this is the same medication that you have been taking but the color,size or shape might be different. Anyway, These are like a ruddy green color, and after cracking one open to check what the inside looked like, it is the same exact color and texture as the outside. It says 30 on the pill. I put a whole one in my mouth for a short time, and there appeared to be no shell on it. But it seemed to give me steady pain relief through out the day, just like my previous shell coated pills. It doesn't seem that could be a shell on the pill to activate the time released, like the other that I had received in the past. That is why I asked if they might of expedided that 3-5 yr time line, and had them ready in 2 yrs. Because that would make more sense why these wouldn't appear to have that normal time-released shell. Many here take every drug known to man, I was sure someone that might take the exact same drug could shed some light. It is cool if they already got that out for the typical abuser, obviously it doesn't bother me one bit, I would be happy. This should stop some abusing of our(chronic painers)needed drugs. Atleast for a while anyways, my husband said the idea sounds good untill they figure out how to strain out the tiny beads in the Hopefully it takes them a while to figure that crap out. Thanks in advance for anyone that has helpful info.

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