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Veras_kid 09-10-2003 08:12 PM

Long Term effects of Methadone Withdrawal
I had been on 60mg/day methadone for 20 months for chronic pain then titrated down under doctors direction in three weeks. I ended up in the hosital for four days with blood pressure over 200/100 and shaking like a leaf. I won't describe the next four days in the hospital but it was hell. I was then treated outpatient for three weeks with clonipin. I saw my pain doc today about Neurostimulator revision surgery to get the pain covered properly again and he mentioned that after the methadone I probably wouldn't feel myself for six months. What did he mean by that? What continuing symptoms can I expect. I am still very tired and have a slight panicked feeling all the time. Is this it or should I expect more. What I do like about being off the methadone is the terrible constipation and seeming total loss of short term memory is going away. In fact I am back on loperimide to keep my gut in check. What else should I expect. I wish to go back to work after the revision surgery but the doctor has me spooked now. Anyone have any answers?

Vera's Kid

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avogadro 09-10-2003 08:56 PM

I'm sorry but I have only been taking Methadone for a little over a week so I can not help you much!

The more I read, the more concerned I become about taking Methadone! I'm getting really scared. Maybe my pain is not THAT bad I don't need to take something that seems to have such bad W/D and other issues associated with it. Any thoughts??? I'm really worried here!


2000 - Gastric Bypass Surgery (weighed over 400 pounds).

2002 - down to 180 pounds.

June 2002 - serious car accident - on Vicodin and Rx for Flexeril but do not take due to drowsiness.

June-Dec 2002 - Tried physical therapy and meds with no improvement. Tried Soma for muscle relaxor, same effect, will not take due to drowsiness.

Jan 2003 - pain has gradually gotten worse over time.

Jan 2003 - first appt with PM doctor who FINALLY orders MRI - still on Vicodin only.

Feb 2003 - bulging, torn disks at L4-L5 and L5-S1.

March 2003 - PT again with no help. Vicodin only.

April 2003 - first ESI injections, helped with pain down left leg but not in back area

May 2003 - arthritis in L4-L5, L5-S1 joints, more injections. Still on Vicodin.

Aug 2003 - Still on Vicodin. Try MS Contin but does not work due to Gastric Bypass Surgery. Switch to Methadose. Have not tried it yet. Vicodin for B/T pain.

Sept 2003- have appt for "nerve block" to help with arthritic symptoms.

Veras_kid 09-10-2003 09:26 PM

They used nerve blocks as a diagnostic tool to pinpoint my nerve damge before installing a neurostimulator. Methadone does work well for long term pain relief but heaven help you when it's time to get off it. The E.R. doc explained to me exactly how worse it was compared to heroin withdrawal. I am getting through it and if the Pain Doc said it was the only option I would probably go back on it. You get to a point where anything but the pain is acceptable. They would have to wean me off it VERY VERY slowly next time though. I am still looking for the long term effects of methadone withdrawal if anyone on the list has that knowledge???????

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