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  • Oxycodone Overdose?

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    Old 12-17-2010, 11:55 PM   #1
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    Exclamation Oxycodone Overdose?

    I have a severe case of TMJ and was prescribed Roxicet 30mg.
    I thought it was fairly high and have never taken anything other than 5mg Percocet for previous injuries.
    So I broke them up into 4 peices from 1 pill which would be I guess around 7.3 mg.

    I took one and it didn't take all the pain away and decided to take another one which would be close to 15mg. This was within a 4 hour time frame.

    It has been about 6 hours now since I took that last dose, but am very sleepy and anxious, I do have anxiety disorder so I may be thinking about it too much.

    My height: 6.3
    Weight: 145

    I am afraid to go to sleep in worries I won't wake up.
    Should I be afraid? Did I overdose?


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    Old 12-18-2010, 12:28 AM   #2
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    Re: Oxycodone Overdose?

    I dont think a couple of pain killers are going to kill you but if your not feeling right call 911!!!


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    Re: Oxycodone Overdose?

    while what you are taking now vs what you WERE taking before, and NOT on a chronic daily basis, IS a much higher dose than the other, it does sound like you took this VERY cautiously and the safest for YOU way possible, and that is never a 'bad thing, to titrate up slowly on any med we are taking with a dosage we are simply not "normally" used to.

    i am just a bit shocked actually that ANY doc would even GIVE any patient who is NOT even used to taking any narcotics on a regular daily basis THAT much oxycodone to take at a one time dose amount? a long acting version of this could be much better/safer for you(even starting with the 20mgs), but also depending upon if these are actual 'flares" you are treating as needed or you are having a more constant pain(you stated severe?) would dictate what just IS the very best way to try and manage your overall pain process. i do think possibly trying the oxy/apap on the 10/325 basis with ability to halve your pills so you 'could' take more IF NEEDED would be much better. just taking one perc(same as roxicet, or is this actually ROXICODONE with NO tylenol?, two totally different type meds there) at 10 mgs, with possibly halving another if needing and only adding another five mgs would work better than trying to actually 'quarter" any given pill would be, and much more accurate doses too.

    what it sounds like you just 'could' be experiencing could be an "individual reaction" to you and your much higher than you are simply used to overall amont of oxycodone, or the actual 'types of 'fillers" that just CAN be used and also in some "reacted to" themselves in many different ways. and YOUR bioavailability of how YOUR individual body physiology will even utilize and break down any given med you take, or if you just are also taking ANY other meds as well too. either way i would bring this up to the Rxing doc ASAP. it really sounds like from what you desribed as your current 'symptoms' either you were possibly reacting to your oWN concerns about the much higher dose you were given and that very easily, esp if you are prone to having anxiety at all, could be a huge reason why you are feeling what you just are right now? i do not, just given 'how' you actually took this over so much time and the eventual total amount you ingested, think you actually overdosed. you would "normally have/notice 'other symptoms" like definite respiratory depression/CNS depression which IS one of the very first 'signs' of possible OD from most narcotics, among others? and NOT be suffering the opposite effect with the insomnia you are instead? that to me sounds(just my own opinion here) much more like adding to what you already are simply more "prone to" with your overall anxiety from your own fears about even taking this and 'overthinking the "possibles'. BUT if you would actually feel better, seek out an ER or at least call the local ER and ask to speak to their "triage nurse". most hosp ERs just offer this service 24/7, and just explain your current situation, what you took, and esp how you took it over what length of time and also that you just ARE a prone to be more anxious type of individual too. or call your doc about the 'whole situation"?

    while "some" meds at lower doeses wont 'bother' us, raising any given dosage sometimes can? and you are also just ON a totally different dose/med itself of this particular form of oxy too which will just naturally contain different 'fillers/make up" too that with those fillers really CAN be reacted to in and of themselves in certasin more sensitive people to just what is IN any given med. and also the overall given amount of the actual active ingredient too(somewhere from only 80% of the overall active ingredient up to around 98 percent which is also the basic BN level amount with most meds too).

    generics just are allowed, per the FDA a much larger "window" of what can actually even 'be' in any given generic as the "active ingredient" amount(i am merely assuming that what you have there IS some form of actual generic roxi since almost no pharms even carry BN roxi anymore these days) and in some insane way, and also condoned BY the governing body that is supposed to also 'protect us' as the FDA, there CAN seriously just 'be' much less active oxy and much more fillers in any generic too kinda thing, and it STILL can be labeled as 'equivalant', when in alot of cases, it ain't even CLOSE to the BN med. this just IS the way the FDA set up the limits and allowments of any generic med manufacterer/drug companies 'version' of 'their own generic'. there just truely IS a very good reason that generics are much cheaper than brand,and it does NOT just have to do with the fact the the generic companies do not have to spend all that money advertising/marketing that drug either. this is what we have always been 'told' when people ask why/how these generics can simply be soo much cheaper? it is in many many cases the 'whats NOT" actually even in them.

    it IS kinda sick in what this can actually even DO TO certain pateints who simply HAVE to have the very same exacting doseage amount EVERY SINGLE dose in order to prevent some type of real medical 'event" per their actual medical condition being treated. like with epilepsy patients or transplant patients or even with the blood thinner coumadin too? in ANY of these situations, there just IS what is referred to as a very "narrow thereputic index/window" that if this is NOT actually exacting dosing amounts every single time, really bad things/consequences can happen to the patient?

    honestly, between my sons transplant and physc meds and my conditions too, when the actual 'drug" itself has NOT been the brand name type with ONLY very specific ones, really insane things have taken place. even with his generic prednisone that is ONLY supposed to be a VERY specific ONLY brand/version that he was initially started on post tx? when we had to get his pred from our ocal WGs instead of the U of MN pharm for one month, it was a different generic than he was supposed to have(whoever called this pred in did NOT specify the brand he needed, and i had no clue about this either since the other pharm always handled everything). it WAS enough of a difference in the crapppier version we ended up with to throw my sons liver into jeopardy since the "different" one was wayy less in the 'active" pred than even the OTHER generic was to start the rejection process(they have to check overall blood levels of ALL meds upon admit when suspected rejection shoots numbers up, and his pred level was 20% less than should have been)? that never ever should have happened simply taking a totally different type of the very same '"equivalant" med with the same supposed 'dose amount", but it did. and it made me sick when his tx doc told us that his pred levels being soo low was the 'culprit" in what set his numbers up thru the freakin roof and was NOT holding back his transplanted liver from being 'recognized" as foreign which is what will create the rejection process.

    his tx surgeon was the one who actually informed me of the huge variability in some cases in any given generics 'active ingredient(and 'why' they ONLY used only one very specific brand, at least back in the early 2000's, esp on any Tx patients) this particular generic pred they HAD broken down and fully studied by "them, at the U, and 'knew' what was in it as the 'active pred" levels. that was MY sick introduction into the 'world of what is even allowable in any given generic and its still totally legally 'called" equal?

    so who really knows there trixter, just how much 'real' active oxy is even IN the med you have right now, and what actual fillers are in this too that many people cannot handle well as far as being too sensitive to it, or that ever important bioavailiability factor too? or if any other meds you could be on, or even herbals and suppliments that can also impact the 'hows" in how any med in US as individuals will simply work or react in us,including certain foods too with some meds. but i DO think this is okay as far as you NOT actually ODing on this? if you had actually taken the entire pill then added more, it could very well have happened, but luckily you used your own common sense and logic and did NOT simply go ahead becasue the doc 'said so'(when in doubt, go with less or call the doc, or your own pharmacy).

    he really just was not "appropriately" treating your pain using THAT much actual narcotic amount in ONE dose in any patient who has not been taking this on a very consistant basis, even at at the very LEAST, a lower dose amount even? it just really sounds like a way to high of a dose for YOU personally to have even BEEN rxed. there simply ARE much better and safer ways and dose amounts and types of the short acting and long acting meds that may work much better for YOUR pain issues.

    but i WOULD most certainly speak with this doc about something perhaps a bit less in dose amount, or long acting vs short. there just are much better and way SAFER ways to use narcotics for the very best possible pain control that wont send up your fear and anxiety like THIS high dose did, or send you into possible CNS depression/OD if you had not taken appropriate steps for YOUR own safety. there just ARE much lower dose increments availiable, or even the more long acting versions of oxy too that let go more over a longer time period, depending upon YOUR pain process.

    just what 'type" of actual doc was this who rxed that much to you per dose in your particular situation, an actual pain doc or dentist? just wondering. you just are NOT the first person here or patient overall somewhere who has had certain docs actually wayy over Rx particular amounts of either narcotic or the benzodiazepines, among other med types that simply were wayy too high for them to even "start out on". mostly because they had never taken the meds before or it was just way out of the normal standard Rxing guidelines for 'initiating" treatment". i really DO think considering, that you did the best possible thing here in being cautious vs simply taking something at a very high amount that your body/CNS was NOT even used to having. hopefully you can get ahold of this doc over the weekend and find out some possible options as to what you need/can do here now? please DO keep us posted trix, good luck with the pain til you CAN speak with this doc, Marcia
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    Re: Oxycodone Overdose?

    Well just got in about 6 hours of sleep. So it's been well over 14 hours since that last dose.
    Only thing now is it feels like I have a hangover. Headache, nausea, and a little dizzy. So drinking lots of water, eating a sandwich etc...
    I will definately have words with my doctor, even after breaking it into peices it was still to strong for me... thanks for all the advice. BUT!

    You can have a hangover from this stuff? If so how long does this hangover last? Should I take one of those pieces a literally break down even smaller, maybe 2-3mg piece to get through this hangover?

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    Re: Oxycodone Overdose?

    Just as a sidenote, isn't it interesting how different our tolerances are. For instance, I take almost 500mg of oxy a day and don't hardly feel a thing and here you are breaking up a 30mg tablet. Unreal really. I may be a little naive but I can't possibly imagine someone OD'ing on 30mg of oxy, really! However, it could pop off your anxiety and that might be playing tricks on your mind. As you've probably heard before, whenever something isn't right, check with the Doc. I'd be interested in knowing what he/she thinks. Best of Luck to you!
    Just remember, it could always be worse!
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    Re: Oxycodone Overdose?

    Roxicet and Perocet are the same thing, just under different mfg. Your dose does seem high for TMJ and a first time user, I would def. talk to your doc about that. If you plan to keep taking them I would go to the drugstore tomorrow and get a pill cutter, they only cost a couple bucks. But this way you could cut the pills more accurately and have a more controlled dose each time, until you get with your doc.

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    Re: Oxycodone Overdose?

    I actually did the same thing that you did with the roxicet 30mg. i cut one into four pieces. and took two of the pieces but within a two hour period. the pain went away, and i did get very sleepy. and anxious about it because the way it made me feel was different than i was used to, because i had been taking oxycodone. but i think you will be fine, its probably not something youre used to thats all. i'm 5'3 and 110lbs. Now whenever i take it, i'm not anxious, but yes i do end up falling asleep just about everytime. just calm down and relax. talk to your doctor if youre unsure, but i think you will be fine.

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