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Mickolas 03-25-2011 12:31 AM

Need a new Pain Management Doctor in Western Washington
Does anyone know a sympathetic Pain Doctor in the Western Washington area?

My long time primary care provider has asked that I find a new Doctor for my Pain Management due to the upcoming legislation in the state of Washington.

I am really apprehensive about this. I have called a couple of different offices to see if they can help me. (Some were very stern about a 'No-Meds' rule they have

I found one that said they dealt with pain medication. I decided I will give them a try. They have asked for at least one year of medical records and a referral from my current doctor. This is understandable. I have made an appointment with my primary to ask him for the referral and ask him to send my medical records to the new doctor. I have a copy of my last MRI on CD that I can take with me. I am hoping that my current doctor will fill my monthly prescription at least this one last time.

The person I spoke with at the new Doctors office would not let me make an appointment until they had the medical records. AND - that "appointments are backed up at least a month out".

I have already gone through iterations of physical therapy, chiropractic manipulations, home exercises and facet joint injections. None of these things ended up really working out. I still do the stretching at home and work to keep limber, etc. The injection was a very costly and scary waste of time for me. Not only did it not help, but I felt that it contributed to more pain for a brief period.

I am praying that I will not need to jump through the hoops to prove myself to a new doctor. I am currently taking pcet 6x 7.5/500 a day. I have been begging for something stronger for years. My primary has always been very hesitant about narcotics. He's a wonderful guy and I believe he really does care about me. This just obviously isn't a field he is comfortable with.

So, again, does anyone know a good Pain Management Doctor in the Western Washington area. I

I am really worried about being able to function if I get put in a position without prescription relief. They work for me and get me functional. Whether in my desk chair at work, or in the garage/yard at home.

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