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Problem with pharmacies???

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Old 04-27-2011, 09:28 AM   #1
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Exclamation Problem with pharmacies???

I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem I was with the pharmacies. To give you a short briefing I am 21 yrs old and have fused ribs and sever nerve damage in my back from surgery I had as a baby. My skin swells and it becomes unbearable to sit or lay down or do anything. I also have muscle spasms and non-stop migrains for two years from when I was jumped. My GP put me on vicodin 7.5/325 and they seem to help some. It makes it bareable for me to sit and do things. My medicine is for 120 every 20 days so 6 pills a day.

Well the last two times I had to have it filled its been a giant hassle. The first time my doctor had given me a refill on the meds so I went to the pharmacy to drop the bottle off and explained I wanted it filled the next morning not that night. She was a younger pharmacist who seemed she had something to prove and told me to hold on and she went to talk to another pharmacist. She comes back and said my medicine was 5 days early and could not be refilled yet. I told her I didnt understand why when I wanted it filled the next day and thats what my doctor would do if I had him faxed the next morning. She started giving me a attitude telling me it was up to the pharmacist who was there when it got filled and I would have to wait 4 days before I filled it. Luckily I was going to see my doctor the next day so I told her I would talk to him about it. As soon as I brought up I was going to talk to him she got mad and told me I did not need to do that they were not filling my medicine. I told her that I was talking to him about it he was the one prescribing it.

Well the next day I went and saw my GP and he said he didnt understand why they were giving me a hard time and wrote me a new prescribtion to take to the pharmacy to fill.

Well two days ago it was time to have my medicine filled again. I waited till the office opened had him faxed then called a few hours later to see if they had it ready. They told me the doctor had denied my refill.

I called his office and asked what was going on and his receptionist didnt even want to give him the message from me at first. She told me he denied it and that was it I would have to wait a few days before I could fill it. I told her I wanted to speak to him personally and see what was going on because it was only 5 days early and thats when I was suppose to fax him. She finally took down my number sounding less then thrilled and told me he would call me. Sure enough he called me right back and said he had gotten me mixed up with my sister(she goes to the same drs office) and said he would call in my medicine right now it was not a problem. So I waited a hour before I called the pharmacy and asked if they had my medicine ready and explained he was calling it in because there had been a mix up. She said they had not checked there voice messages yet so to call them back in a 1/2 hour. So I waited called them back and they said they didnt have anything for me. I found that odd since he called them when we got off the phone with each other he is really good at that stuff. So I waited another hour and called again. This very rude woman answered and I told her I needed to know if my medicine was ready. She made it sound like I was bothering her and then she told me they had nothing for me. I told her the doctor called it in and she got really snippy and said what did i tell you we have nothing for you!

By this point I was very upset so I called the pharmacy I filled it at last time thinking maybe the doc had called it into that one instead and they looked it up in there computer and found out it was filled at the one I been calling all day and they had it filled for hours. So I called the other pharmacy back and this nice lady answered and told me it was ready and had been ready for a few hours.

So I was wondering if anyone else has had these problems of the pharmacys "Holding" your medications or denying something your doctor sent over. Im sorry for the long post but I would appreciate any feed back on what I could do to stop having these troubles.

Thanks so much and god bless

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Re: Problem with pharmacies???

No, you're not alone! I've had various problems with pharmacies but yours is definitely "not good". I don't know what to say other than, if you go to a pharmacy that continues to be a pain in the butt, don't give them the pleasure of your business, find someone else that deserves it. At the end of the day, they need customers (and that's you!) not the other way around. There are pharmacies all over the place and I'm sure there's one out there that will treat you with the respect you deserve. That's my only advice. Sure there are times when questions get asked and we're short with our patience but the disrespect I can not tolerant. Do what you need to do and my Best to you!
Just remember, it could always be worse!
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Re: Problem with pharmacies???

i would definately take my business elsewhere; after i went back and spoke to the manager and briefly explain in privacy that you deal with an illness your pharm dept knows not the severity or nature; that you have been very pt with their relentless rude treatment-you bring them legitimate presription and dont understand the treatment-will take your business down the street!!!!!
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Re: Problem with pharmacies???

Hi ,
Sadly, you aren't alone in having difficulties with pharmacies. Most of us have had them from time to time. I had my first surgery, was on the same meds, same dose, same doctor, filled every 29th day or 30th day, never early for over a year and they hired a new , just graduated pharmacist, who decided that she didn't want to fill my prescriptions, so she didn't. She kept making excuses, they didn't have it in stock ( despite my having called to check before going down there), but if I waited until she left for the day, they miraculously got it in with my regular pharmacist there.....I was a customer there for over 10 years prior to my run ins with her...
So I left, after I filed a complaint with the regional manager of the pharmacy.
Anyway, a pharmacist can refuse to fill a prescription for any reason......moral objection, claiming that they fear you are an abuser of the medication, claiming insurance won't pay yet, and of course, the standard, it's too early.
Now, if I read your post correctly, you said that you were trying to fill 5 days early, at least twice?
Pharmacists and insurance companies go by the number of days that a prescription should last you. So if you are allowed 120 /30 days= that equals 4 per day or one every 6 hours.....that means that you should be able to fill/refill on day 28-30 , depending on your insurance. BUT, and this is a big but, that means that you would still have two days worth of meds left over from the first fill, so in addition to the new 30 days you filled, you now have enough meds to last for 32 days. The next time you refill, you fill on day 27, and that means that according to the pharmacy records, you now have meds again for 35 they sooner or later are going to refuse to fill until you are within that 28-30 day window again.
Since your doctor made a mistake in refusing to refill the meds, then did, it seems that you have one of those pharmacists who are going to give you a difficult time , probably because of your age.
I would suggest finding a small, independently owned pharmacy, who value their customers and treat them that way. I would also have a discussion with the pharmacist when you do go there and explain part of your medical condition so that they can be your advocate , rather than your foe.

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Re: Problem with pharmacies???

A pharmacist is a tradesperson, just like a plumber, and just as a plumber isnt under any obligation to come and unbung your sink, a pharmacist isnt under any obligation to fill your script...... but you are entitled to take your business elswhere
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Re: Problem with pharmacies???

I would contact the pharmacy board in your state. Sounds very unprofessional and not how any patient/ customer should be treated.

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Re: Problem with pharmacies???

Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned but I make it a point to get to know the person working behind the counter. It kind of helps them get a feel for your personality to put their minds at ease a little. Due to the type of script that I am filling, I want to stay with someone that I know. I use a national chain pharmacy and I will simply come back if there is someone behind the counter that I do not recognize. This relationship begins with simple conversations or consultations about medicines and can grow easily to a more personable relatioship.

Now don't get me wrong, she has told me no she wasn't going to refill a day early because it was a day early and I wasn't thinking. I did however respect her stance. Unfourtunately the abusers out there have made things difficult for us in the chronic pain world. It's unfourtunate that there are those behind the counter that have no tolerance for a simple misunderstanding from doc's office to patient to pharmacy. Those misuderstandings can haunt us in the chronic pain world. Due dilligence on our part is a part of our bargain.

If this is a chronic problem with your pharmacy defiantely go somewhere else. The bad thing is that now you almost have to re-establish you credibility all over again.

Good luck,
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Re: Problem with pharmacies???

I'm with Joebob, I have used the same pharmacy for 12 years. With the types of meds I take, being narcotics and bipolar treatment meds, I made sure that I'd never have to deal with a jerk pharmacist. I had a meeting with mine, explained to him what my conditions were, told him the 13 meds I take, what kind of syringes I like for my injections, etc. Just doing that extra step, I've never had any trouble with them. They follow the rules, regarding refills and such and I wouldn't expect any less. Sure, they do make a mistake every now and again, but they are human after all. The other upside to it is that having to take 13 meds and 1 injection a day, my pharmacist does his job and keeps track of what won't mix with what, what will react with what and how, etc. And he's very good about telling me.

If your pharmacy is being a jerk then get a knew one, and consider getting to know your pharmacist up front and helping him understand who you are and the legitimate kneed for your meds.


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Re: Problem with pharmacies???

THANKS GUYS U BEEN A BIG HELP!! Its just so frustrating when every time my meds have to be filled its like some uphill battle. I never have problems with the regular pharmacist who fills my meds only these two!!

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