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mandajayinc 06-06-2011 03:34 PM

Pharmacy Issue......

So I have recently moved to a new town, I have been thru a few different doctors, I think 4 to date. Trying to find someone who would help me with the pain I have in my neck and headaches. I have degenerative disc and a herniated disc. I swear every doc I went to thought I was just a pain pill shopper nobody took into account I was new to the area and was just trying to find a doc to help me. So finally I find a doctor and he seems to be understanding and prescribes me (40) vicoprofen and flexeril okay I had an appointment with him the following week and he says 'You went through your pain medication too quickly and I can't refill for you'.

I look at him like he's crazy and I'm like 'Me? No I still some left, I am taking them as directed I can show them to you' He says 'Well your pharmacy sent in a refill request. I was floored because I didn't request a refill for the medication, I requested a refill for my son's medication they must have completely got it mixed up. I could tell he did not believe me and so great I finally find a good doc and he thinks I'm a pill head. Lovely!

So anyways, when it is time to refill the medication a few days later, I call in the request and his nurse calls me back to say he will not refill my pain medication the only thing he will do is refer me to a specialists. So I say okay, why won't he refill it I have taken as directed and is this due to the pharmacy mix up I tried to explain to him last week. She says she doesn't know why and I ask her if he can call in any for me since it's 2 weeks out for my specialists appointment. She says she will ask him, in a very snooty type tone and I know this is a 'no'.

I don't even really know if I have a question just kind of griping here because I didn't request the refill and now since they screwed it up I can't get my pain medication. I have been trying to find a decent doctor for 3 months in this little bitty stick town :eek:and now this. I know this doctor does refills because my neighbor gets vicodin from him and has never had a problem with him refilling it so I guess he really does think I'm a drug seeker. UGHHHHHHH

Do you think he's going to tell the specialist 'hey she takes too many pain pills watch out for her'?

Should I just start my search all over again. I'm in such a small area there are almost no docs here to help me get to a pain management and I feel like they all even w/x-rays think i'm just looking for pills. When in reality I'm in constant pain.

Thanks for letting me vent :)

katlin09 06-06-2011 08:37 PM

Re: Pharmacy Issue......
Okay all you can do are 2 things. Have the pharmacist write a note as to what happened and that it was their mistake, not yours. Take this with you along with the pharmacist's name and phone number to your new dr. appt. Also, file a grievance with the other dr. for dismissing you for no reason. File it with the TX State Medical Board. There's no reason to let these docs get away with treating you like this if you have in fact done nothing wrong.

Good Luck


SpineAZ 06-07-2011 02:56 PM

Re: Pharmacy Issue......
I agree with having the pharmacy explain the mix up. Is it a major pharmacy? If so they should be able to talk to the doctors. If it's a small time pharmancy maybe they aren't as adept at that.

If you have access to different pharmacies perhaps only fill your stuff at one and fill your son's at the other especially if your son's name is in any way similar to yours.

There is a woman here who has a nearly identical name to mine. I check all my MRI, meds, etc to be sure it's mine and not hers (she's off by one letter). We somehow are in the same orthopedic practice, same MRI facilities, etc. I went for a mammogram and they said it wasn't covered since I had one a month before. Nope, she did. She also has a very similar birth date. So I'm getting used to this.

Fiona_Jo 06-07-2011 07:06 PM

Re: Pharmacy Issue......
I agree with the other posters. I would call the pharmacy and see if they will call or fax the Doctor's office about the mix-up. They should be able look-up their records and see that your son had a prescription filled on the day in question. There has to be a way for them to clear this up. My family has all their prescriptions at one pharmacy and nothing like that has ever happened. So, it may be time to consider changing pharmacies as well, that just seems ridiculous and terribly unprofessional. :confused:

I hope this all gets sorted out. :angel:

~ Fiona Jo :wave:

MrOzzfest 06-10-2011 05:29 PM

Re: Pharmacy Issue......
Greetings and Hello!! I read your post and I guess being a back pain sufferer for over twernty years now. I can offer only this advise to you. I always made it a point to check everything going in and out of my perscribing pharmacy. I also made sure that my wife and step childrens meds were filled at a completelly different pharmacy(name brand and all) than the one I used.
I learned the hard way just as you are doing now. I also would get the pharmacist at the pharmacy that screwed you to write ON THIER LETTERHEAD what happened and that it was thier mistake not yours. You can try to see if this gets you anywhere. I have found trying to provide as much evidence to support your side is always helpful. I also know what you are going through trying to find a doctor. I am having the same problem. And I have no insurance and no job, so I do feel for you my friend.

Here is one thing that happened to me that will really make you scratch your head and go DUH. I had been working at my last job where I was working night shift. I would always go and get my refills on my luch hour and come back to work. Well one night I arrived at the pharmacy at around 12:15 a.m. and I was told I was not going to get my opiates because I must be a pill popper if I have to come in 15 minutes of the my rifill date. No Kidding he really said that. I told him first where the ****** did he get off. You dont know me, you dont have any idea what my pattern of refilling was and I told him he was just some fill in that only had a job because he had to work at all different pharmacies taking regular pharmicist vacation hours. I have not been to that chain since that date. I hope this helps in some small way. Good Luck and I hope everything works out for the both of us.

Madison104 06-11-2011 05:26 AM

Re: Pharmacy Issue......
Oh hec YES, have the pharmacist write a letter to your doctor, and I would pick that up and keep a copy for your own personal files so that you always have it! I am sorry that happened to you. It is very hard to be a chronic pain patient today. I had a conversation with my nurse about 2 mths ago about changing my type of pain med but NOT to up the mg. or ask for more. There was some confusion in the conversation that ended up in my doctor's "ears" (lol) so he had me come in. We talked and things went perfectly. Thank God he handled things THAT way and did not just assume through miscommunication that I wanted more pills!!!!!!! I cannot stand those "three way" talks with the nurse, doctor and us over the phone. I say if something is going on, from now on, go IN and see the doctor yourself. Just call for an appt. and you can simply say you are not feeling well IF they should question why you need the appointment. You know "the general blahs."

Best of luck and again, I am sorry anyone would do this to you

katlin09 06-11-2011 09:55 PM

Re: Pharmacy Issue......
There is a major component to Pain Management that patients don't seem to think about much. It is just as important to research pharmacists/pharmacies as it is to research doctors. It is also a very good idea to stay with the same pharmacist for as long as possible. That way you buid a rapport with them, eliminate trust issues, and have great records of all of your pharmacological information. Also, having all of your meds filled at the same pharmacy, even non-pain meds, gives you a very steady history of your pharmacology, and it illeviates the "shopper" persona.

I have been with the same pharmacist for 12 yrs as long as I've been with my doctor and I would not change for anything. yes they do make the occasional mistake, because they are after all human, but other than that all is good.


MrOzzfest 06-12-2011 10:22 AM

Re: Pharmacy Issue......
OH I Hear You I had been on so much **** at one point I was using only Walgreen's for my 80 mgs Oxycontin, 40 mgs oxycontin, 15 mgs oxycodone, 800 mackrogram fenytanol lollipopps, and adderall. Had a documented course of over 4 years with all that and still would run into problems. What I am finding with no insurance and no money that nobody wants to take on the risk of perscribing any opiates without getting the monies for tests and procedures. I used to really trust my doctors. Now untill I see differentlly, I am starting to feel that there all pretty much hacks. At least my psychatrist had the balls to stand up and try to fight for me and his other pain patients, until the State medical board threatened him with having his license pulled.

I think I am going to have to wean myself off on my own schedule, and then either stay off or wait until I have my criminal justice degree and can get my state job.

katlin09 06-12-2011 12:34 PM

Re: Pharmacy Issue......

Just a note, you are on some heavy duty meds and doses....please be very careful weaning yourself off with no medical help. This is very dangerous, and I would hate to see anything happen to you. Perhaps you could work out a plan with your pdoc that he could oversee, since he seems to be in your corner.

My pdoc was great when i weaned off of Ultram, when switching to Percocet.

Just consider it okay? You can get into trouble when comeing off of these meds very easily, and before you know it....things can get really bad.

Take care and i wish you all the best. i'm around if you need to talk.


MrOzzfest 06-17-2011 09:34 PM

Re: Pharmacy Issue......
Thanks I appreciate the concern. I am planning on storing up my three fills and then figuring how to slowly ween down. I had to this once before and I had a pretty easy time. I had maybe three to five days that were uncomfortable. But by that time I had went from 320 mgs a day down to between 20 and 40 mgs a day. I have been on them for so long and I wished I knew this last doc was going to pulll this that way I would have just stayed off and dealt with the pain instead. :)

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