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Dealing with Doctors

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Post Dealing with Doctors

I have been taking pain medication for about a year now. I have a historical fracture neck and my discs are fusing, it causes me alot of pain in my arms as well as my shoulders and neck. I started with lortab 7.5 and I am now taking percocet 15 mg with no acetaminophen. I have been taking these for about 4 months and I have become intolerant and have had to increase my dosage from 1 pill every 6 hours to 2 pills every 6 hours. I feel like I need to discuss this with my Doctor but I am afraid he's going to just get mad and I don't know how to go about this. Is this common to become intolerant so quickly, I don't really want to take pain meds forever and I feel like I am becoming dependant. Am I the only one who is experiencing anxiety when dealing with Doctors. I need advice on my options from him and I need the courage to be honest about having to increase my does. Is he going to be surprised by the fact I have had to increase the dose. What is the next step up from what I'm taking now. I really need some advice here. Thanks.

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Re: Dealing with Doctors

Oh you're definitely not the only one that gets anxious with Dr's. I often take half an ativan before my PM appts because I get so nervous. And my Dr is super nice, so I dont know why? I've only been in PM for a year or so, but I've found it's best to just be honest. I'd tell him exactly what you just told us. He can better help you if you tell him what's really going on and if the pills dont work anymore, well, they dont work. I know it's scary. Our pain relief is in these Dr's hand's and we, or at least me, are always worried we'll do something wrong and have our relief yanked away from us. But, honesty really is the best policy, in my opinion.

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Re: Dealing with Doctors

I'm with mombomb, honesty is the best policy.
You must be taking oxycodone , not percocet- oxycodone is the medication in percocet, mixed with tylenol, so plain oxycodone is just that- oxycodone with no tylenol.
One thing that all pain management patients need to understand is that no matter what, you don't increase your dose of pain medications without consulting your doctor first. Doing that can get you dismissed and then blackballed from further pain management.
If your pain levels are such that the medication isn't working for you any more, then you do need to discuss that with your doctor- but you also need to be honest with him about how often you are taking more than the prescribed dose. Are you running out of meds early? What are you doing to get through the rest of the month?
Taking more meds than you are prescribed increases your tolerance- which explains why the meds aren't working as well any more. You are also taking short acting meds, which usually are prescribed for dosing between 4-6 hours. They can last anywhere from 2-6 hours , depending on your body.
When your meds aren't working on a consistent basis, then that is definately something that you need to discuss with your doctor before ever increasing your dose on your own.
If you are in pain management or your GP is prescribing the meds, they can and usually do make it a part of their prescribing that the person is subject to random drug screens as well as pill counts. If you don't have the prescribed amount of meds in your system, you can be dismissed for diversion and if you have too much , you can be dismissed for abusing the medication.
You don't want either of those things in your records. So I would go in and discuss the problem with your doctor and then follow his directions explicitly.

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Re: Dealing with Doctors

Back gave you good advice. Is your script labeled 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours? Or is it 1 pill every 4-6 hours? These pills are used as extra rlief when you get a spike.

Perhaps it is time for a LA med to control your pain. That would give you constant coverage. It doesn't mean that you will be on pain meds for hte rest of your life, but it will give you the relief that you are lookng for.

Just be honest with your doctor and tell him that you are having trouble controlling your pain with what you are taking.

Good luck!

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Re: Dealing with Doctors

let me just ask you this, since you HAVE gotten some really great advice here already? exactly what would you rate your overall pain at on a scale of 1-10, both before you decide you need to take your meds(where IS that 'usual" number at then), and after on a good day when you still 'felt' they were still working with your original doc rxed dose, not the one you just changed it to? and where is it now(both again) that you have raised up your already pretty high(from going from only hydro TO oxycodone. the 'usual' doe is around 5mgs when simply switching from hydro based to oxy based when its roxi)) dose from the original 15 mgs to now 30mgs? one thing i did not know til my roxi 5mg was changed to morphine sulfate immediate release was that mg for mg, oxy is actually stronger than morphine, by quite alot actually. my 'equivalent/converted" dose of what was my 5 mgs of oxy actually equaled out to be 15mgs of MSIR. i was rather stunned at finding THAT one out. you do have some options here depending upon the answers to the questions i am hoping you will answer. this will just really help us to help you in all the very best ways with your pain and your doc too.

trust me, i am not at all judging you here, just trying to get an overall 'feel' for where your pain actually is before and after and what prompted you to have to even raise up your dose at all(four months after being on hydro and going onto 15 mgs of oxy just is NOT a very long time hon)? it could mean a few different things depending on 'how' this is simply even working ON your actual pain. what does your pain 'feel like' to you and what is its overall make up? as in achey sharp stabbing, you know what i mean? any tingling or zinging from neck to fingers or anything 'odd" there? when was your last MRI, and how bad was your fracture and what is creating the disc fusions to occur?

are you seeing like a primary doc or an actual pain clinic facility doc? considering your pain and real need for help in other ways using other modalities to help besides 'only' narcotics since it appears you are not getting enough relief with only the oxy alone, a good pain clinic seriously would be your very best bet here for what you are dealing with. marcia
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Re: Dealing with Doctors

I agree with everybody that mentioned beeing honest with you dr. Remember you goto the dr to get help. He knows that over time and at anytime a med can stop working. So for you to say to him or her, im not getting the relief i once was will be no suprise to him or her. If they deal with pain mgmt they see and here this stuff daily. Actaully my pain dr told me that a red flag to him is when its been a very long time on a certain med and a patient never has a tolerance issue. I used to take norco for almost 2 years with great success. In literally one day it literally stopped. He explained the recpetors etc and that can happen. So just remember you goto the dr for pain mgmt, and unless you tell them the facts that are happening that cant manage it. Fell good..

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