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tooyong4pain 06-20-2011 12:42 PM

Sacroliac Joint dysfuction.... is there any relief??
Hello- First of all I would like to thank EVERYONE on here for beong sooo supportive! Is so nice just to talk to people that understand your pain! Seeing as not may people do.

I am a 27yr old female that was finally dx with sacroilic joint dysfuction. And I feel like my life has come to a complete and utter hault! about 5yrs ago I suffered for SEVERE neck pain that I had to suffer with for 2yrs before a dr would operate, when I finally got that surgery done on my C3-C4 in 2008 and got better, I said, "finally I can have a normal life". I only get a flair up every once in a while so that is ok now.

About 1yr ago I stated to have SEVERE pain in my low back all I could think was not again! I was blown off by dr's over and over again! Finally I had another MRI done about a month ago on my lumbar spine and that came up clear, my ONLY question for the Dr was,"*** is going on! This pain is REAL" Luckly after a few "tests" she said "I know excatly what this is, its your sacroilic joints" (yes both of them). She suggested that I get a brace and do physicial therapy. I went to a few PT sessions which only caused me and my wallet MORE pain, now keep in mind I used to work for a pt office and I KNOW that it is NOT an over night fix, but after the 3rd visit the pain was so severe that I just couldn't take it anymore, So I went to Dr #2....

He ws VERY nice and seamed to understand my issue, he gave me an injection at the sight and 30, 5mg percocets, 20valium 5mg and said to call him on Monday if it doesn't get better. Well over the weekend, which I spent in BED crying cause the shot only made it worse! I went to see him and he sugessed PT AGAIN! I explained that only made the pain worse and the meds he gave me ARE NOT HELPING! He said that there wasnt anything else that he could do and I would just have to wait it out.

Now I have an appt with Dr #3 and I'm soooo scared that I am going to go threw the SAME thing again. Last night the pain was soooo bad that I had to run to my room and cry so that my kids wouldn't see me in so much pain. I am tired of hiding all the time cause of my pain. My husband also asked me this am if I was in pain when I splet cause I kept moving and crying! Yes I was and still am! How am I going to be a mom and wife like this? I am seeing so many docs just to try and get some relief I feel like I am going to be seen as a "doc shopper" which is not the cause at all! All I want is some relief for this constant pain.

I am lucky enough that I have a job that I am able to work from home a few days a week and my boss is VERY understanding, but for how long??

Does ANYONE have any suggesting on how to STOP the pain or what to say when I go and see the Doc on Friday so that he will take me seriously? PLEASE HELP!

Ilovemycutedog 06-20-2011 02:02 PM

Re: Sacroliac Joint dysfuction.... is there any relief??
Sorry to hear that you are having trouble...

I would just caution you a bit with going to now your 3rd Dr. in a fairly short period of you noted above...another Dr. if they find this to be your diagnosis will pretty much be likely to offer the same things as the's usually not a surgical it's managing pain and doing PT to get your joints back in alignment or lessen the swelling..

If the main issue is your Sacroiliac joints..there really is only the treatments of anti-inflammatory medicines...PT to help with rehabilitating the muscle imbalance...This issue is often caused by one of 4 things...
Biochemical (leg length discrepency or muscle imbalance),
Hormonal (through pregnancy can cause to inflame the joints there) ,
Truama (an accident and injury to this area) or
Inflammatory joint disease...

Do you have other issues in other joints like elbows or knees?

How long did you do PT to try and help this issue? Sometimes it does take a few months of going a few times a week to get the proper balance/alignment again...

As well as the corticosteroid shots into the joints to reduce inflammation....and taking things like Ibuprofen to help as well...the opiates are only going to help a little bit if it's due to inflammation...the Dr. can also prescribe a prescription dose of Ibuprofen...and this needs to be done for a certain period of time so when the inflammation goes down..the pain will likely lessen..

Again...I'm sorry that you are having a tough really is hard just wanting some answers and to want to be in less it's hard to be patient with a treatment that may take some time to work on..

I do wish you luck with the new Dr.!...

tooyong4pain 06-20-2011 02:21 PM

Re: Sacroliac Joint dysfuction.... is there any relief??
Well the problem with the Ibuprofen and other NSIDS is that I am allerigic to them all! I break out is terrable hives. i am able to take valtorn but it seams to make it worse as my pain is due to my joints being loose as opposed to "tight" I have a tilted pelivs which predisposes me to this condition. Aft having my last child it just didnt go back like its supposed to, and no one knows WHY!

I hate having to go to another Dr and don't wanna "shop", but I also want some level of pain control! It just hurts so bad all the time and KNOW ONE will listen! It's just so nerve racking!

I don;t want to be on a high level of pain meds because of the side effects but I do need to conrol it so that it will work and aI can resume my daily life. I have 2 young kids and HAVE to work but I have a lot of troble doing so. Once I find a doc that will listen I WILL NOT go anywhere else.

SO my question is how do you look for a GOOD doc without being told ur "doc shopping"?

Ilovemycutedog 06-20-2011 04:01 PM

Re: Sacroliac Joint dysfuction.... is there any relief??
I am not suggesting that you are looking to get high at all so I just don't want you to think that is the angle at which I am posting..

I have been in PM for the last 10 years with having 3 separate cervical fusions (same two levels each time) I can totally empathize with the all of us can on here..

I just want to try and help you get the best care..but to also realize what that might entail...I am actually friends with my PM outside our appts...we have been friends for about 4 years so I have gotten to learn things from his perspective as a PM..

I am sorry that you are allergic to the NSAIDs...the other option they would try is something I listed above which is corticosteroids...which you can either get as an injection or take in pill form and there are different brands..

I am just trying to say that a good PM is not going to just offer narcotics as the main way of treatment...Most PM's will have a multi-faceted approach of PT, injections, aqua therapy, possible opiates, sometimes an antidepressant, use of cognitive behavioral therapy, acupuncture, yoga/strecthing, a muscle relaxer, a TENS unit, not smoking, eating healthy which includes avoiding foods that cause inflammation, and even counseling to help manage living with chronic pain....

Those are just some of the things that are used daily/weekly/monthly for someone in chronic pain...

A PM will want to see that the patient is willing to use all methods...not just a 'one and done' (not saying you are doing this...just an example) of something by didn't work, not trying again...

PT is one of the main parts of treating your specific issue to help..It sounds like you may have not found a good therapist and they will work with not causing further injury, but sometimes PT is uncomfortable in the beginning until things start limbering up and hopefully can be used when you have a little less inflammation...

A PM Dr. can get a little worried if a patient is only requesting pain medicine, and not just seeking all types of help to manage their pain...(again..not saying you..just givine examples)...

If this is something that is going to be chronic pain for you...the best a PM shoots for with use of as many modalities as possible, is to live at a 5 or 6 on the pain's not to be pain free...

Now..if there is something a surgeon or another Dr. can do to 'fix' or get rid of the pain...great!..but it may be something that you have for awhile..

I live with a 5-7 each day with using pretty much every one of the things I listed above in my 'tool box'...

I really admire those who have young children to deal with as well...I just have my big ol 75 pound dog! LOL..

I do wish you well with this upcoming appt...Keep us posted...

tooyong4pain 06-20-2011 08:26 PM

Re: Sacroliac Joint dysfuction.... is there any relief??
I REALLY do appricate the advise that you gave I did not believe that you ment to say I was a "pill seaker". I was actually just think about what you said about the "pain diary" and what a goos idea that is! Not only for a log but to help me get out the things that I feel and keep my head on straight.

I would like to go threw PT again to get some more exercises to do at home, like I said in the previous post that it REALLY hurts my pockets to go 3x a week at a $50.00 copay. The preivous Dr did mention doing an epidural injections to relieve the pain which I am willing to try but would like to get them done under twlight anesthesia because the shots in my neck HURT like heck when I got them done. Lets just hope that this dr listens to me and can treat my issue 100% NOT with just Meds. But I do need something to help with the daily pain at least until I can FIX what is wrong with me.

The scary part is how young I am and IDK where I will be in 20yrs if all of this is happening to me now. I will keep you posted and thanks for caring.

janiee08 06-20-2011 10:58 PM

Re: Sacroliac Joint dysfuction.... is there any relief??
tooyong, Have you every tried Prolotherapy? It's basically an injection of sugar water. I have SI joint issues too, along with a very complicated list of back problems. But the first time I had a Prolotherapy injection into my SI joint by my PM doc, it relieved the pain for a good three months. The second time I had this done, it didn't help at all. But looking back, I suspect the second time around the pain may not have been coming from my SI joint that time. Like I said earlier, my back problems are very complicated. Anyways, you might want to ask your doc about it, or even just research it first on the internet. Also, you might want to pose your question on the Back Board;there are a few people there that know about the SI joints and have even had surgery's on them. Good Luck, and Take Care!!...janiee

teteri66 06-22-2011 09:42 AM

Re: Sacroliac Joint dysfuction.... is there any relief??
There are several threads on the back board pertaining to SI joint dysfunction that you may find helpful.

It sounds like you know WHAT the problem is, just can't find someone to help you deal with it. I would suggest trying to find someone who will deal with this issue rather than pain management to mask the problem.

In your case, you indicated that the problem is one of the joints being too "loose." If your problem is similar to mine, it is the ligaments that hold the SI joints in place. They need to stretch out for childbirth and then the ligaments are supposed to regain their elasticity and "tighten" up to hold the joints back in place. Sometimes the ligaments are just too lax and do not perform optimally and the result is joints that move more than they should.

The above poster mentioned prolotherapy, which is about the only procedure that directly deals with ligament issues. In addition to (or, instead of) the injections, you might also try the PRP therapy...this stands for platelet rich plasma which is injected at the doctor's office into the SI joints, or into the ligaments (I've not had it done yet, so am not sure where the needle goes in!). They remove a small amount of blood from your arm, spin it out in a centrafuge to separate out the plasma, and that is then injected back into your body.

The platelets have a bigger role in the healing process than was initially thought. They release growth factors (cytokines), which aid in the healing of injured tissues. The loose ligaments are bathed in this protein-rich plasma which helps regenerate tissue and in effect, helps the ligaments become more elastic...which eventually helps to tighten up those SI joints. The ligaments do not have much of a blood supply so it is difficult for them to get the nourishment they need in order to heal. The addition of the PRP is apparently sufficient to encourage the ligaments to regenerate.

It might be worth a try. I don't know if the procedure is covered by insurance, but it is becoming mainstream in sports medicine and many athletes are now receiving these injections.

If you could tighten up those ligaments, it might resolve the majority of your pain, if, indeed, the SI joints are the pain generator.

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