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grundens 05-09-2011 05:49 AM

Re: Tramadol
another person here that tramadol did nothing for! and isn't it a quasi-narcotic? the doctor who prescribed it to me also tried davaron(darvocet, propoxyphene) which is another quasi-narcotic that has since been pulled from the market for causing heart problems, thank god that did nothing for me too and I wasn't on it for long.
I had to switch doctors btw because that guy would give me anything BUT narcotics and I ended up in the hospital quite a few times due to all the NSAIDs he had me on causing severe stomach & GI track bleeding. and I don't like it when a doctors have me try brand new drugs with who knows what all the side effects are over drugs that are tried and true but more shunned upon.

steve63 05-09-2011 06:47 AM

Re: Tramadol
I've been taking Tramadol for many years. From what I understand, technically it is not a narcotic (ie. not derived from opium) although it acts on the same receptors and so in many ways it behaves like a mild narcotic. It is also a mild antidepressant too. Because of the low dosage ceiling, it carries little risk of addiction and abuse. However, dependence will develop if taken reguarly. Doctors love to prescribe it for pain because it is pretty much the only drug stronger than an NSAID or Tylenol that is not a controlled substance (although I think that may not be true in a few states that have made it a sched IV med). It's one of those meds that some people swear by and others say it's like taking an aspirin. I think it's most helpful for conditions that have a component of nerve pain since the antidepressant properties work on that.

nochange 05-10-2011 08:11 AM

Re: Tramadol
hello. I tried tramadol and that did nothing. Then tried tramadol extended release and yes, it worked. One pill a day and almost no pain.

Pain was almost GONE with the extended one. I stopped taking it cause I realized it kept me awake just like I drank 3 cups of coffee. So had to stop. That's too bad.

Was really happy with that. Imagine, one pill a day works 24 hours.

Joaniegirl79 07-04-2011 10:41 PM

Re: Tramadol
Please don't walk from this drug===run!!!!!!

nochange 07-04-2011 10:59 PM

Re: Tramadol
joaniegirl79. Why to run away from tramadol?. Please explain.
For me it worked like tyneol extra strengh.

also did not know Germany invented it.

Joaniegirl79 07-04-2011 11:16 PM

Re: Tramadol
Read my thread... under ultram * I just posted it tonight* Its a long one, with my experience with it.. Please take a minute to read it!! hugs!

nochange 07-05-2011 07:13 AM

Re: Tramadol
joaniegirl79, I read your thread. My doctor rx'd me tramadol extended release 100mg to be taken once a day. You are not supposed to take more than one a day if it is the extended release. I don't know who is your doctor, perhaps he is not licenced? weird.

One pill a day(tramadol extended release)100mg and almost no pain 99%, but stopped it cause could not fall asleep(not that I can sleep anyway)but with sleeping pills I could not sleep at all. So eventhough it helped me I stopped taking it after 3 days.
It works just like tyneol extended release but also I could not fall asleep at all.

Are you really suffering like me? If that is the case you can take oxycontin or any other narcotics - that is the only thing that really works and allows me to function.
I also DO NOT want to take medication and want to be independent but I cannot function and suffer tremendously.

Also, I take gabapentin 800mg(sometimes more)and take it close to bed time(say 5pm and then 7pm) + I take in the morning one pill of gabapentin 400mg + diazepam(valium)10mg in the morning and 10mg at 4pm.
So far, first time in my life since the accident I am able to sleep. I cannot believe it.
I have been trying most all the sleeping pills in the market.

I thought I tell you that cause I read you cannot sleep. Perhaps you can try my "receipe" which I hope will last. I have been suffering for such a long time(5 years) with almost no sleep.

I also take selenium + vitamin E(dry form) twice a day and it helps. Everything helps a little(it helps the pain). Take them close to bed time and in the morning.

I used to take clonazepam 4mg before going to sleep but it is better not to be addictive to it. So when diazepam stops working I will go back to clonazepam.

So I gave you some options. Do what I adviced you here with the gabapentin 800mg before bed time(separate doses)like I said before and then add to it valium 10mg at 4:00pm.

I also have oxycontin 40mg but I do not want to take it every day cause I have high tolerance to narcotic pain medications.
Why don't you take narcotics? It is addictive but at least you will be able to function.
What happened to your back, if I may ask, you have herniated disks? so sorry you suffer.

I hope I helped you in some way. let me know.

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