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Arianna2 03-17-2012 07:34 AM

Could this be real, or all in my head
Hi all, new to this board,

I have had chronic pain from an injury for a year last month. I did the same route as most I guess, Vicoden, Norco, and now Oxycodone.

Something happened at month 5-7 where my whole body began to be in great pain. Arms legs buttocks feet arms etc. It hurt to just sit, lie down, or move.

I have a new PM doc and he says he thinks, (not a good word, thinks!) my extended use of Oxycodone may be the root cause of this new pain. He says the stress and anxiety of my injury and extended pain from that, the depression of being in such chronic pain and not being able to even walk without hurting so much, could be just a snowball effect on my body.

I really am leery of meds. I have a paradoxical effect to most of them, so when they are suggested I balk.

Now to my question: At my last appointment, my doc suggested Cymbalta. I am only on day 6 of taking it. I have noticed that my daily pain (not the pain from my injury) is lessening. Could that be? I am to take 30mg for 2 weeks, then up to the therapeutic level of 60mg two weeks later. I know that it takes time for these drugs to work. So is this in my mind or could the pain control of Cymbalta work faster than the depression and anxiety part?

Any input would be greatly appreciated about your experience with Cymbalta.

Thanks in advance :wave:

feelbad 03-17-2012 10:38 AM

Re: Could this be real, or all in my head
just what exactly was/is the nature of the actual initial injury? that CAN matter depending.

as far as the 'quicker than norm" reaction you are having? i have had the very same thing occur with lyrica, as in the day AFTER i actually started taking this stuff, it was already taking down what was a horrid level of huge swelling i had in my R knee from RSD? by the end of that first week, it had also taken down what was at least around a consistant and 24/7 102 degree heat that was also in that knee back then too. it also DID evens start to lower my RSD pain and another ugly pain syndrome i ended up with from a spinal cord injury that NO narcotic or any other type of anti S med had even touched before too. and my RSD pain started to lower its intensity. just ALOT of really unexpected stuff, good stuff.

this all occured mostly within the very FIRST week believe it or not. for me personally, when i tried cymbalta before the lyrica, it made both of my legs just ache sooo bad among other side effects. i am really happy that you are having the opposite reaction with this med.

so it really would not be all that unusual as you might think it could be in just having ANY type of early onset relief of certain pain or symptoms. it all kind of comes down to just how readiliy the med you are taking attaches itself to the "right' type of pain receptor in YOUR particular brain, which just can be a VERY highly individual thing based more on our own individual body physiology, and how IT reacts to any med we/you should take.

if i were you, i would simply go with the flow here, and continue to see how much more this just CAN realistically even 'do' for you along the way. it really IS the only true way of just beginning to realistically even know what will or wont actually 'work for us' and our pain processes. who knows, it 'may' eventually start also working on your initial injury pain generator too with more time. whatever actual pain/generator has been there longer, the more time it may just even take to get these types of meds to simply lower pain intensitys too, and for a few different possible reasons. you have really had pretty amazing results so far.

but the more you can just tell us about your initial injury and what it has impacted/affected would really help us to help you too, and possibly help to explain the 'all over' pain onset you ended up also having. hope things continue to just go as well as they are now for you arianna, marcia

Shoreline 03-18-2012 09:57 AM

Re: Could this be real, or all in my head
My wife had a similar reaction to cymbalta helping almost imediately, during the sameples she was given for the initial titration. Unforutnately her insurance requires step therapy . She had already tried several types of antiD's over the year to treat neuropothy from Hand and motor sensory neuropothy. It used to be called CMT, Charcot marie Tooth, The names of the docs that found the gentic defect as this is passed down from her father. The uscles and nerves and tyendons atrophy in her extremety to the point her hands look birlike and her feet too . She's had both feet and ankles fused and reconstructed and when they went in to =do the last fusion they needed to a tendon graft and could find a viable tendon below her Knees. Anyway, Because her companyy is fairly small they tebnd to change insurance companies almost yearly, so despiote her prior use or step therapy and her doc writing mutiple letters the insurance company refuse to fill the first script so she had to discontinue tdo to financial reason.

As far as ome of theother theories about yourpain and opiate use. There are many docs that believe opiate use can cause increased pain,. It's called opiate induced hyper algesia. It's one of those things that some docs believ and some don't. Since having my pump implanted 9 years ago, I have been on the same dose other than 3 samll increases and have used the same BT med the entire time Ive ben on opiates. I personally haven't experienced it but my wife takes a potent NMDA receptor blocker that is supposed to reduce hyperalgesia, She was actually able to decrease her use fby 2/3rds. She went from 100 mgs of MSC 3 times a day to 30 mgs 3 times a day, She too has been on the same dose for over 5 years and has never needed a change other than moving her BT med from 10 mg percs to 15 mg Oxy aftr a car accident thatt caused a 5ml compression of her cervicle spinal cord. We are still hoping to avoid surgery/fusion as all 3 of mine have failed , But that's not to say all fusins fail. My dad had a cervicle fusions20 years ago and hasn't had a problem with his neck since. He takes no mpain meds or any other meds used in PM. Surgery is scarry and reading the post here is even scarrier because most of us here surgery didn't help or made it worse. There just aren't people like my dad that bother to come to a forum about chronic pain and say I had surgery , it was a complete succesand I haven't taken a pain med since 10 days post op. Succes is the norm, we are the exception, dont let the horor stories her influence your personal choice. Why woud somone that had surgery and moved on with their life bother to post about their succes, He has better things to do.

You also have to consider the plecebo effect. It's a proven fact that people that many people that go to the doc with any medical issue feel better after being seen, having their issue validated and feel better before taking the first dose of any med. So their is a mind body connection, I would presume it's stronger in some. This is why docs tell us that Hydroo is a very potent pain medecine to set our expectation of relief whih will have an effect on a certain part of the population.

I see it with my daughter all the time. Something hurts, it's horrible, we take her to the doc and she obviously feels better on the way home before the first script is filled. Then I here her explanation of her new found "medical condition " to her friends and it's usually greatly exagerated. It is a bit frustrating to me, It almost seems like my daughter thinks she has to have some type of medical condition to one up, or fit in or whatever her own reasons for making mountains out of mole hills may be. I have a feeling when it's her money paying for trips to the doc or ER, diagnostic testing and prescriptions she will probably deminsih once on her own and she will learn to live with not feeling good every dayof her life like from a lingering cough fom a cold 10 days into it without it having to be diagnosed as bronchitis by a doc after having a chest Xray.Once on her own and living on the Ramen diet her trips to the docs over minmal iues in my mind will probably greatly reduce once she gets out on her own. Personally i think she is a bit of a drama queen and I am concerned what living with two parents that have serious medical issues has done to her psyche, She's an only child, she's spoiled wrotten, gets all the attn, and yet it never seems to be enough. She does little to nothing to make life easier for us, But I guess all teenagers think the world revolves around them, But that's a whole other topic. :rolleyes:

Whatever the cause for quick succes from cymbalts, I agree with Feel bad, be greatful and just go with it.
Take care,. Dave

Arianna2 03-18-2012 10:23 AM

Re: Could this be real, or all in my head
Thanks Shoreline for your comments... all of them help in some way. And I am grateful, so very grateful for these few days of reprieve from the harsh pain. Now that my pain is at a low 3-5, I can say..."I can live with this"

And as you said, as I get the dosage up to the therapeutic level, it could just lower those numbers.

I was also intrigued about your answer about opiate use and increased pain. Just like you said about your daughter and just going to a dr. made her feel better. Just hearing you state that fact (one i had been thinking about), I feel a bit more positive. Because I never had any other pain but in the neck and left arm area from the injury, till like I said, about month 7, when all hell broke loose.

Thanks so much again

Arianna2 03-18-2012 10:48 AM

Re: Could this be real, or all in my head
feelbad, I got hurt at work. I injured my neck and left bicep tricep area. Workmans comp fought me from day one, so I had to secure all my own medical help. Our insurance for the past year has been one that my PCP had to refer me to specialists, and so the medical care was next to nothing.

It was more of a joke. The initial doc diagnosed me with frozen shoulder. What a laugh. Frozen shoulder is a result of an injury, where you dont use it and it freezes up the joint or from any lack of use. This diagnosis was give a week after my injury. Not even close to enough time for such an ailment to occur. I drove a school bus, worked out and didnt come close to being sedentary to cause frozen shoulder. So to make this short. the initial diagnosis was used for my comp case. I lost my job, my comp. and have been left to figure out why I am in such pain. As of Feb 1st of this year, our insurance changed and I need no referrals anymore. That is why I was able to get the Cymbalta. And I already have an appointment with a neurosurgeon.

This injury pain is a different kind of pain from the one I am experiencing in the rest of my body. The body pain hurts ALL the time, even sitting still. And it is deep hot pain. The pain in my neck and arm is a sharp pain. But I can use a heating pad, sit very still and make that pain subside some.

The Cymbalta only has worked on the body pain. But I am grateful for that, at least I can move around more and more.

Thanks again

feelbad 03-19-2012 08:50 AM

Re: Could this be real, or all in my head
sorry you even have to be here with this type of injury arianna. the one thing i am wondering tho, is if they actually EVER did MRIs on both your c spine AND more importantly on the entire shoulder/rotator cuff area, as in a rule in rule out type of possible involvement area too?

it is just that MANY people actually suffer injury/damage to BOTH areas and assume it is one or the other "only' like i did with my messed up c spine, but also unbeknownst to me(back in 2002), some of my more 'upper' like in that bicep/tricep and neck pain was also stemming from a very damaged rotator cuff too(this was mostly the tendons that generate the overall movement in a bigger sense and our arm/hand ROMS too). while i did have the need for the ACDF for a very much herniated c 6-7 that was performed back in 2002, i STILL also had some pretty impactful damage to that rotator in the form of pain up there and weakness(that very top one and the one directly below it that had started to compensate for the supra on top that WAS kind of 'shredding, then just snapped in half one fine morning) that only because the same nerves that innervate surrounding the c spine ALSO do run right thru that rotator cuff area too, it would simply be another 'possibility' that needs to be ruled out or inas part of your reasons for your symptoms too.

as an example here, i have a severely deteriorating R c 5, which does run across that top of our shoulder on out to the top, and slightly below that humorus into the bicep area. this SAME c 5 ALSO innervates that top tendon called that supraspinatus too, so we are thinking that MY particular 'outward" pain is also involving my c 5 nerve, and my last years MRI of that area also backs this up, despite having everything within that rotator area fixed/sewen back together with my rotator surgery, done by a really amazing ortho who actually even understands my insane 'syndromes' caused by spinal cord damage, i STILL have alot of radiculopathic type of pain in THAT side and from also damage to my L c spine too.

the one thing you need to know with regards to that top supraspinatus tendon in that rotator cuff, is that this one tendon really IS the MOST commonly injured/damaged in us humans since it just does get the most wear and tear over time and depending upon even the sports we play, or even played when we were younger and had that amazing ability to simply kinda 'blow off' certain injuries and continue on 'with the game' we were playing? after like age 30, that 'blow off' really does not work as well simply becasue the overall damage is usually an ongoing thing, and we also DO reach a point where that ongoing wear and tear just ends up taking its toll too.(sorry i hit that %&***^&&* caps lock again and just do not have the time to fix this right now, sorry) so this just reaLLY TRUELY is ONE OTHER POSSIBLE FOR YOUR PAIN AND SYMPTOMS. THE SYMPTOMS OF ROTATOR DAMAGE DO not USUALLY INVOLVE ANY SENSORY LOSS LIKE ANYTHING THAT IS STEMMING FROM THE ACTUAL C SPINE AND THEIR NERVES WOULD BE EITHER. ROTATOR INJURY IS USUALLY MORE OF AN OVERALL "WEAKENING" OF THAT ARM/HAND IN GENERAL, PAIN WITHIN THAE MOST DAMAGED AREAS, AND A LOSS OF POTENTIAL roms DEPENDING MORE SOLELY UPON WHAT LEVEL OF TENDONS WITHIN THAT ROTATOR ARE BEING AFFECTED. BUT ALMOST never EVER ACTUAL 'NUMBNESS OR TINGLING'.

my very top tendon, called the 'supraspinatus", which simply runs kind of from the base of our necks on outward into and around that bicep area to a degree, just completely and totally snapped in half on me one fine morning, when all i actually did was just try and lift up my purse up then off the top of that fridge. first i felt like a little tug or pull inside the top area (supra), along with an immediate loss of my ROM to even begin to still 'hold onto it' and had to let it drop(i also lost that 'pull up' ability and HAD to drop it in its spot). i simply totally lost THAT ability like right now. then the pain from hell set in too which continued all the way up to my surgrical repair. i went thru a TON of my lidocaine patches just to try and tolerate this brand new not yet accomodated in my brain yet pain.

while this just 'could' also be at least a part of your problem, it would definitely take at the very least, another MRI, but done solely upon that whole rotator cuff area to really see into the tendons and the few inner joints that are also within it, not just that 'main' joint located within the humorus to top of shoulder connection.

as far as your overall body pain goes? well, depending upon whether or not they even DID actual MRI using esp a contrasting agent to even try and determine the 'generator" of the initial pain, if not been done yet, it most CERTAINLY needs to be done NOW.

whatever 'means' they used to come to esp the 'frozen shoulder' conclusion, was pretty insane to say the least. as long as you ARE moving that shoulder around, and not like slinging it and MAKING this totally immobile, i too do NOT see just how in the heck ANY doc would come to the 'frozen shoulder' Dx only one week out from inital injury. no way. it just does NOT happen that way. it just does take much more time than a week for this to set in and then usually become much worse without the appropriate PT being done there TO release it. so i am totally with ya there arianna.

what specifically occured on that day where you feel that actual injury really happened? what were you actually 'doing" and what did YOU actually 'feel' with it specifically(symptom wise)? sometimes, as with a rotator cuff issue(and i am in no way saying that this IS the only issue youjust easily 'could' have, just possibly a part of) it IS very much a more of a 'cumulative" type of injury where certain tendons just are used over and over and over til too much wear and tear upon them, or even just that main one on the top, just weaken and then either shred up at the more 'weakened zone of that tendon, or as in my case, with a highly repetitive movement and time, it just snappd right in half on me that one morning out of the blue.

depending upon just exactly what was found going on up in your C spine if they hopefully just did the right things here in even doing that c spine level MRI, anything that just IS actually below the level of esp ANY type of cord impact issue can also effect our legs. it all really depends upon just exactly what the findings are, where they are and how potentially impactful they are to the cord itself. do you have your own copy of the 'hopefully done' MRI which in your situation should have also included some type of a contrasting agent just to better see certain type of findings that just do not always show themselves really well without it, vs using it would, or could? if that was indeed just done at all, we REALLY do need you to try and at least type out for us that very last page of the report where it usually will state 'conclusion' or summary" of the overall findings the interpretting rad seemed to see upon interpretting your actual hard films. that report is what gets sent to the referring doc who ordered your MRI.

just even us seeing/reading THAT part would truely give US a much better overall picture of how things were 'seen" in there. and i WOULD seek out a good neurosurgeon over just about ANY other type of specialist at this point in your situation anyways. they would just have a much higher level of real knowledge and experience with c spine level findings too. but ALOT really depends upon what the rad found upon your films, then that NS that you also see will do HIS or HER own kind of 'second opinion' read of your hardfilms too, and not merely 'settle for what ANY rad just may or may not even know enough about to just actualy 'know' that anything IS a real solid finding either.
there just could be many different reasons for that leg pain that need some further testing and the 'appropriate' types of specialists to really even be able to track any type of finding TO the legs. but if you have ANY real cord contact, it really could explain alot. or even just having certain findings that are below that c spine too, within the REST of the spinal column that could or would more 'likely' be within the more vulnerable lumbar areas that also could explain alot

just keep on pushing your primary and any other type of doc you may see from here on out to really just get them to notice and then hear you. this IS unfortunetly what the majority of us have had to also do just to have our, esp those specialists just take US and our overall situations MUCH more seriously. but i WOULD also push that need to look at your rotator cuff areas on that more painful side too at some point, if it esp feels weaker or you simply cannot perform ALL of the shoulder ROMS.

the one really sick thing that i have unfortunetly learned the hardest way possible starting with my youngest sons liver failure back in 99 when he was only 12 and we did NOT have a freaking clue that this was even going on in him, and then alll my crap that i too was born with(along with a "glob' of blood vessels i was born with INSIDE of my spinal cord) and the stuff that was found from just deterioration/wear and tear in MANY different areas of my body? no one just ever really 'knows' what just is or could be there within certain areas of our body unless it finally gets scanned in some 'good' way, or symptoms just start to show themselves in us that PROMPT deeper testing. trust me on this one arinanna.

just push whoever you have to have if they are simply not doing their 'jobs for you' in whatever way just needs to be done to get your very important to you needs met. if you HAVE had at least that c spine level MRI, we really need to see that summary at the end and typed word for word exactly how that interpretting rad wrote it since that can matter alot. but if you have NOT yet even HAD one, geez, now IS the time. and not just 'only' c spine if not done yet, but to also include that rotator cuff area to either exclude this or include this as at least part of your ongoing 'assumingly' related to your 'neck' issues too. there just IS seriously ALOT of real overlap in these two areas only becasue like just about every c spine nerve below c 5? if i recall right, actually DOES not only run thru some of that RC area, but innervates mostly the motor/mucscle/tendon areas too. i hope this helped some hon.

also, DO keep a lil journal running on ANY new med you take like just a bit of the more profound good or bad day to day stuff? this really has helped me TONS at times to even try and recall just what stupid med 'did' something TO me or FOR me, which we can tend to forget over time. you also need to always know how any given 'group/types' of meds impacted you too. esp if ANY actual allergic reaction occurs with any number of meds we try for our pain. i have journaled every single med i tried since i started in PM in 04. and also any actual specific blocks done or other procedures as well, just so i KNOW what helped or made my pain ten times worse too. also ALWAYS get your very own copies of ANY and all types of scans or other 'testing' reports that get done on us too. these can actually be rather critical in some medical situations since it would at least tell any ER doc what YOUR original 'landscape' of your area scanned actually looked like BNEFORE that particular date that you have to seek out possibly EMS type help. my folder just goes where i do, esp doc appts and any ER visits, which i have not had to go that route for me, but my son most definitely did(ya just grab that folder of all medical stuff and go). and that medical info WAS priceless to the treating docs.

just some stuff for ya that helps me. marcia

Arianna2 03-19-2012 11:45 AM

Re: Could this be real, or all in my head

I have had an MRI of my neck, my shoulder and the bicep tricep area. They found some bulges in my neck but ruled it out as age related. It was all just a bunch of BS because it was a comp case.

My injury was the most stupid thing. I was sitting on my bus a year ago Feb. We had very frigid temperatures that week. One of the things we are required to check was the drivers window to make sure it opened easily, for railroads etc. I reached with my left hand to give it a yank, but it was frozen shut. Looking straight ahead I reached again and with all my might gave that window a yank. Immediately I felt a severe pain in the bicep tricep area and soon after, the left side of my neck.

My PCP would only send me to a Physical Medicine guy, who took the MRI's and said frozen shoulder. I asked to see another doctor in the practice and this one said I had neck problems. Every time I mentioned the pain in my bicep area, it was called, referred pain, and it was dismissed..

Now that I have new insurance I am seeing new doctors. So we will see soon..

Thanks for your post

feelbad 03-20-2012 08:27 AM

Re: Could this be real, or all in my head
the one thing i DO know is that an 'immediate onset pain' would NOT be a frozen shoulder as you were told. some docs truely ARE stupid, inexperienced and only give a "their best guess' whenever they simply don't know what you have thats generating pain, or tell you something that just does NOT seem possible given the timeframe either. been there done that one to death myself. sooo, they send us to PT and "hope' that helps. in certain cases, it can, but in others, not so much, and that 'not so much' really IS key here. frozen shoulder is in most cases almost always Dxed when that doc is simply running your affected arm/shoulder thru the many ROMS are just not 'able' to move in very specific directions, along with like that "froze up' feeling both in you and when the doc tries and move that shoulder in very specific ways. it wont show up on an MRI unless there IS usually heavier types of calcifications IN that main shoulder joint. i just really do NOT see here how THAT particular dx could even BE made with such a very short time period.

frozen shoulder just almost always DOES take time with having not too much mobility(like being in some type of sling/immobilizer) to even BEGIN to start. but by what you explained tho, the MRIs were actually done pretty quickly? 'something' just is NOT making realistic sense in when/how the injury occured and the ultimate Dx. did you have ANY improvment AT ALL with doing PT or no?

was this a 'push' or 'pull' type of injury? all you mentioned is you gave that window a 'good yank'? i am only 'assuming' this means towards you?

i actually had one heck of a bicep soreness with my rotator tear. it was not stemming from that very top supra, but what, if i remember right is called the INFRAsupraspinatus which is that right under/beneath that top supra tendon and has some type of real connection TO that bicep. after my repairs were simply 'done' that bicep soreness went away for me almost immediately. i had been sheredding that tendon right under that one that snapped on top since it kind of took on for me(compensating) what that tearing one on top could no longer just even "do' for me once that top got much worse before it snapped completely. but i KNOW that infra was what was causing my bicep pain, without a flippin doubt now.

depending upon exactly what is written in your actual MRI reports would help to possibly shed better light on what at least that rad saw when he or she looked at your films. even using very specific types of words or wordings can make a big difference in some cases as to what they may 'feel' is or is not involved/affected. so just seeing that summary/conclusion at the very end arianna, really could help more than you think it may. when it comes to that c spine, anything like seeing the words 'stenosis' whether it is within a nerve foramen or even within that spinal canal means that particular area IS narrowed. depending upon what those actual 'bulges' may be impacting, if anything, too could explain the pain as well, esp if it mentiones having what can be worderded like two different ways by any given rad as either'osteophytes or bone spurring'that usually grow off the disc or more of the 'lip' area of any given vertebrae. that really is why actually seeing that report as written IS really critical for us just to see what that rad 'may feel" is part of the much bigger picture in 'their' minds. and of course, the specialists you see who simply also do a very in depth and hands on form of testing on you also plays another part of that much bigger picture. and those leg reflexes also need to be checked as well, among other things.

depending upon just exactly what part or parts of that shoulder area were scanned and how much of the actual rotator cuff truely showed too, would posssibly show at LEAST doen to that needed infrasupra which is that one tendon that goes in some direct way out to that bicep. unless that MRI order called for the 'full rotator cuff" to be done, and not only just an area that got included along with the other MRIs, that may or may not have even shown itself 'enough' to even get that more 'honed in/on' area that would or could explain alot if certain 'areas' of the whole cuff are involved in some way.

there could have been a rather traumatic type of 'pull' within the bicep and the other muscles within that upper shoulder area(or in the actual fascia that simply does surround every muscle,organ and blood vessel we have inside our bodies. and CAN very much generate the 'referred pain' to MANY areas that this is simply ALL interconnected to as in one very large thin 'sheet' of membrane), or actual inner type damage to the muscles themselves too considering the type of actual injury you suffered. unless there just IS very specific findings within that c spine hon, chances are that this just may be pretty much totally within the rotator cuff that is affecting the muscles, or very direct types of damage to the tendons TO the muscles too. while that 'should have" shown up on most MRIs, not every MRI, esp if done without any type of good contrasting agent, just will even show the finding at all. ya always have to keep in mind that ANY type of 'scan" is just ONLY that, an actual 'scan' of an area and not like a good solid 'picture' as you would have with like a camera would be. and that just IS kind of hit or miss with certain findings we can have in us, but they simply were not clear enough to show with THAT MRI done that day.

if you really just could arianna, go ahead and simply type out each "summary/conclusion' that each of the MRIs has at the ends of(along with what THAT particular MRI just states what IS being scanned), it seriously may help soo much more than what are more bits and pieces OF it? if at least ONE doc you saw(what type of doc was this) thought this to be a c spine/neck issue, he HAD to have seen something either in the films themselves or that rad report that he saw too to even TELL a patient that he felt their c spine area was a potential generator, ya know what i mean? and this is what makes just even reading thru word for word, any and all actual summarys of reports even more crucial, so I/WE just know what WAS found as potential impact areas for youyr symptoms and what was kind of ruled out in all areas scanned. honestly hon, if this did NOT actually matter alot, i would not ask you to try and get those areas of the reports simply typed for US to read thru as that rad wrote the summary of.

just seeing a good ortho at this point or good neurosurgeon would help alot. if this does not actually involve that c spine tho, seeing a good orthosurgeon may be much better right now than an actual NS would(alot really does depend upon what the c spine MRI simply showed). its just what these two types of specialists do and deal with that kind of makes that overall decision for you. my ortho did my hands on eval and that showed loss of ROMS in many ways, and of course just seeing the mri and the tearing/shredding really showed him my need for surgery on my rotator cuff. i would astctually ask whever the specialist was who 'felt' this was your c spine/neck area the "why" in how he came to that conclusion too. this just could all be a more "soft tissue" type of injury, or it could also involve moreso the c spine nerves, or a combo of both.

that supraspinatus tendon actually kind of runs FROM that base of our necks area outward to the top of the humorus bone, or the top of the upper arm, so one just CAN mimic the other(rotator or neck) when it comes to the 'wheres in where this is actually basically generating from. thats where the specialists come in and just do 'their own' types of hands on testing too.

unfortuently, coming up with a realistic and solid dx of anything just really does come down to the hands on testing these specialists just do on our bodies and looking at the MRIs as well. it all is a matter of simply trying to track back symptoms to the generator and what started this all off with very specific types of trauma "TO" something too. it kind of narrows down things a bit. but depending upon just how really 'clear" the films were that were taken, doing another using a stronger magnet and with contrast too may help to bring out the more sometimes 'hidden' findings too. a 3 T or 3 tesla type of MRI really DOES get ALOT deeper into the scanned areas since it also uses a magnet that is three times the overall strength of a 'regular' type of MRI, even WITH using contrast would.

but start seeing some speacialists to really be able to pin down where that main generator just is. from there, it is kind of a matter of what the doc wants to do after he or she arrives at the 'appropriate' type of Dx. hopefully you can find this out much sooner vs later now that you are seeing totally different type of docs. just see if you can get the MRI summarys up for us arianna,K? this just does NOT sound like 'referred pain' or actual 'frozen shoulder' in the norm sense in just how it developes, usually much more slowly after immobilization for way too long, and then plays out, esp with the timeframe we are talking here. good luck hon, marcia

Arianna2 03-20-2012 06:31 PM

Re: Could this be real, or all in my head

I have my first appt with a neurosurgeon who specializes in the neck area on April 12 , and he has been referred by an ortho doctor and another doctor who I went to see for a unrelated matter. I dont have any of my films, or reports, but this new dr. wants me to get all my records, so that is what I have to do. I did have a copy of them at one time, but when I went to this last doctor, he kept them in his files.

You were right about the window as well, I was pulling it towards me.

I have faith in this new doc. If anything, I doubt he will sending me to therapy for a frozen shoulder :)

Phoenix 03-21-2012 04:30 PM

Re: Could this be real, or all in my head
You can always request a cd of your films and a copy of your report from medical records.

It is your right and their responsibility to provide it to you.


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