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JustBreathe47 09-05-2012 10:09 AM

New here, Hello :)
Hi everyone,
My name is Lainie and I have been lurking here for awhile and decided I'd ask my first few questions. First I have a severe Cervical Stenosis and just started seeing a wonderful pain Doctor. Of all the horror stories I have read, I am really lucky to have him as he is very caring and listens to me.
Anyway my GP previously would just throw Norco's at me and didn't get why I'd say *but this isn't enough* I did go thru a few other's like Lyrica, Gaba, Neurotin etc without relief or uncomfortable side affects. And when I told her the Norco wasn't working, She actually was the one that treated me like I was drug seeking. Man what a feeling :(. I was like look, I'm not looking for an Opiad, I'm just looking for some relief!

Anyway, finally I asked to be referred to a Pain Doc, and thank god she did as he understood why Norco wasn't good for long term or long acting pain. He carefully explained to me the ups and downs with pain and so far is doing a great job helping me and doesn't treat me like a druggie ya know?!

So far we've tried several muscle relaxers, which haven't worked until the recent one....Valium. Which is great as I had in the past took xanax anyway for anxiety and now I feel like something works and it means less pills because I am killing two birds with one stone KWIM?

He allows my opinions (I will admit I do get pretty anxious about all these meds) and just works with me. I had built up a pretty good tolerance to the Norco's so he allowed me to switch to Percocet (but it's been pretty week and the hot flashes are killing me, so my next appt I am gonna see if I can try something different for BT pain).

Now for my main question. He has been talking to me about Morphine as a LA med. I shunned it off the first few times (I mean to a newbie, that's a very scary word!!!) but as I research and talk to others (including another friend I have who is a pain doc, but actually works with addicts getting off the meds) and have realized all these drugs are basically the same anyway, so I might as well give it a shot ya know? Sometimes my pain is so bad I would do anything to take it away (although I have learned realistically that I can never expect it to go away entirely, but even lowering that pain no. would be great!!!)

He has mentioned Kadian. Can anyone here give me their experience with it and or side affects they may have gotten? Also, is there other BT meds I can try besides what I have in the past?

Thank you so much, and I plan to learn a lot from this board :)


backhurtz 09-05-2012 09:14 PM

Re: New here, Hello :)
Hi Laine,
Kadian is a long acting or extended release morphine based opiate . It is used to manage patients who are expected to be on pain meds for a long other words, it is not used for acute injuries....or surgical pain.
Anyway, while I have not taken Kadian myself, I have read post from numerous others who have been on it, who have had really good results from it and the best news is that it is only once a day dosing.
As with any new medication, most PM doctors want a patient to give a new medication or an increase in meds a try for a month- especially with the long acting meds, which need several days or a week to build up to a steady blood plasma level. Then you need some time to adjust to the side effects , if any , of the new med as well. Most of the side effects, sleepiness, dizziness, nausea etc will subside after a week or so on the new meds.
The idea behind the use of a long acting and a short acting or breakthrough med- is to have enough of a baseline ( long acting med) med in your body so that the majority of your pain is managed pretty well ( down to about a 4-5) on the pain scale and the breakthrough meds are only to be used when you have increased activity and increased pain that you can not bring down ANY other way. If you take the breakthrough meds regularly ( once or twice a day, or more for that matter- every day or even every other day) all you are doing is increasing your baseline or long acting try ice, heat, massage, TENS, over the counter heat wraps and rubs (ointments), anti inflammatories, ( you would be totally surprised who an advil or motrin can relieve a flare up of pain by simply taking it before going to the breakthrough meds)......swimming, stretching, excercise, walking, a warm heated towel or a sock filled with uncooked rice, heated in the microwave for 2 minutes can make a really good, cheap means of making a heat wrap that conforms to your body......
As to other short acting meds, there are several out there but it is best to talk to your PM doctor about which ones he might recommend since he is aware of your test results, your other medical conditions and any allergies or other things that might make one med over another preferable.

JustBreathe47 09-06-2012 06:03 PM

Re: New here, Hello :)
Hi and thank you :). I saw him today and I was given a tens unit to try out. We decided to wait on the Kadien so we could see if maybe the combo between the Valium, the Norco (he switched me back since the Percocet was so weak) and the tens unit to try. I'm fine with that right now as I understand it can take awhile to figure out the right combo of things to do and try.

He's a really good doc and feels the less meds the better and encourages me to use my *tool box* ie other things like you mentioned first before adding more meds.

We'll see how this goes :)

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