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syberdeeva 11-12-2012 11:34 AM

Need help. Pain medicine constantly changing
I have chronic fibromyalgia. I had been going to my old doctor for 14 years. I no longer have health insurance and paid out of my pocket for my visits and all medications until I couldn't do it anymore.

Now I go to the county clinic and I hate it. My old doctor had me on oxycodone 7.5 taking 2 pills every 6 hours as needed for pain. I also had a perscription for Soma. This combination would keep the pain down. I was able to do chores, work and do errands. She even sent over a report of my treatment and spoke with the clinic doctor on my behalf.

The county clinic only gave me 60 5ml of oxycodone. I was instructed to take 1 pill twice a day. I had to go back in 2 weeks and explain I use to take a higher dose. Now that they changed me to a lower dose taking 1 pill twice a day for pain is not working when I was taking 2 pills of a higher strength every six hours. I was honest and told her I needed to take two pills at a time. Taking 2, sixty pills doesn't go that far.

Before seeing this doctor I was seeing another doctor at the clinic who was a rude *******. He put me on methadone and vicodin. the vicodin was for breakthrough pain. The methadone made made my stomach a little sick but Overall the combo was working. The doctor I am currently seeing at the clinic put me back on methadone. She thought I was taking too much of oxycodone. She didn't give me anything for breakthrough pain. Is it normal to prescribe methadone along with something for breakthrough pain. I don't mind changing medication I just need it to work. I'm taking 5 mg of methadone hcl every 8 hrs. It's not holding me down. Is this a low dose. I see the doctor in 2 weeks. I no she doesn't want to prescribe oxycodone.

Manatee31 11-16-2012 12:38 AM

Re: Need help. Pain medicine constantly changing
Sorry you are having so many problems. I have been taking methadone since July. I take 90mg a day. I am also taking hydrocodone (norco). For breakthrough pain. It works great for my pain. It seems your doc has you on a low dose of methadone and I don't understand why the current dr took you off the Vicodin if that combination was working. I would emphasize to the dr next visit that your current dose isn't working. If the dr fails to help you I would go elsewhere. I hope everything works out

reddass67 01-28-2013 06:36 PM

Re: Need help. Pain medicine constantly changing
hello I am located in lake Charles and looking for a doctor. I have a pinched nerve in my back and I use to get loricet in texas, and now am looking for one in or around lake Charles, so I don't have to go to Texas. I have MIR and xrays would really appriciate any info you could give me on some doctors that would help!

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