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    Pain Management

    My insurance company us no longer covering Oxycontin 20mg but will cover Levorphanol. Does anyone know how these 2 medications compare as to strength?

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    Re: Pain Management

    Hi there. I can't comment on a strength comparison, but I can say that Levorphanol is rarely prescribed. I would discuss with your doctor the fact that the Oxycontin is no longer covered, and ask what your options are.

    If you can get a complete list of long acting pain meds they will cover, that is the best thing to give to your doctor. You may just have to look up all the common ones by name online and see if they are listed in the formulary, then tell your doctor that you found that A and B would be covered, but not C and D.

    I wouldn't suggest asking for one med by name, unless your doctor is asking you as it was something you took before for example.

    Do they cover the 10mg Oxycontin dose for some reason? That would actually be more expensive for them though, as they you would take two at a time. I assume though that they probably just plain don't cover the medication though?

    Or, ask your doctor to submit some sort of appeal for them to cover it. The appeal is a good option if you had previously tried several meds without much success. Otherwise, there wouldn't be much reason for them to approve it.

    Its likely your insurance would cover one of the generic long acting medications, such as MS Contin or Kadian (morphine), fentanyl patches, Opana/oxymorphone (this more recently went generic), and methadone. Sometimes they don't automatically cover generics and not cover brand name meds, so you'll specifically have to check. Sorry you have this issue. Best wishes.
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    Re: Pain Management

    I used to be prescribed the Oxy 80mg, 4 a day, and my doctor had to submit an override authorization form to the insurance company every year like clockwork. I know my doctor hated doing it and frankly in was a PIT*. Bottom-line, if I hadn't known it, it would have looked like a denial just like any other. I had one of the larger companies out there (has a color in its name) and if it's their policy, it sure could be others. I'd double-check just to be sure but if it's not covered, I like the bring a list of covered drugs to the doctor suggestion. Good Luck, and btw I now take Opana ER and it's not too bad. Not as helpful as Oxy but my docs won't write scripts for it, period.

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    Re: Pain Management

    Wow, Good luck finding a doc that has used it and good luck finding it, In the last decade their was only one manufacturer Rxanne hat produced it and tey stopped al together. Like Whoopee said you wil most likely have to to makea a tier or drug exception request. Levorphanl is prett unique in some specific ways, The only other drug with similar prperites is Methadone, Neither are long avtcting in their construction but considered long acting due to an extremely long half life. Before medicare part D even existed I found myself wqith nopresecription insurance and the only med evem resonably afordable was methadone. You culd easily takean equivelent amount orf methadone and still spend less than 40 dollars a month if you had to pay cash for it. A more realistic substitution would be the generic version of MScontin, Plain old morphine SR/ER. But again your doc would have to write a letter asking for an exception. My present insurance company doesn't cover didly as far as their list of pain meds, if percocet and hydrocodne dont work you have to ask for an exception. I had to pay cash for 2 different drugs in janauary bu was fortunate enough my doc wrote a quick letter of medical necessity and now both those meds, Generic ocycodone 30 mg and Seraquekl for ssleep at night are both generics and an exception was authorized after geting stuc paying for the med r paying an outragous deductable for a non p[referred generic, which actually cost more than any covered name brand. The copay was 80 bucks and I could get both meds cheaper through sams , When youu have a the higher level membership, 100 bucks a year rather than 40, You get 40% off the prioce of generics and an exyra 5% off name brand. The Cash opprice was actually cheaper than their 80 dollar copay. They did the same with soma, a non preferred generic, Medicare put it on their list of drugs they will ot cover other than a single months supply once a year, But I can get a 90 days supply for less than 80 bucks usig my gold card memebership. When you look at 80 being a 3 months supply 28 bucks a month out of pocket really isnt that bad. I would highly suggest you look intothe beenfits o being a meber of either sams or BJs, whaver giant bk store is available in your area. You dot ned to be a memeber st asams to use their pharamcy but dont get the 40% off unlesss you have the higher level of mebership. An equivelent dose of Morphne shouldnt cost you uch more than 80 with the 40% discount on generics, They also have a list of meds they will give you for 2 bucks a month that are on their preferred drug list for members.


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    Re: Pain Management

    I used to take Oxycontin and it worked really well for me.

    Insurance quit paying for it several years ago so I tried several of the other
    LA meds.

    For me, the drug that was second in line to the Oxycontin was MS Contin.

    I still use the Oxycodone 10/325 for BT.

    The only issue I have with the MS Contin is some constipation.

    I take a handful of Craisins every night before bed and that keeps me completely regular.

    Hope you find something that works well for you.

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