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apriluvslife 01-11-2014 01:03 PM

suboxone questions
:confused: Hi I am new to this forum but have some questions. I have been on fentanyl for over 2 years due to chronic back pain and then last year went thru bone marrow transplant after there was a tumor found on my spine. Well since the transplant now they act like my back isn't the prob anymore so cut me off some pain meds, so anyway I was wanting to try the suboxone as someone told me it also works for pain, but the problem is that they started me on the suboxone and expect me to start the w/d in order to start on the sub and I'm sure all of you know how hard it is to let urself go to that level esp when on top on the opiates is also some major back pain. I was told wait 24 hrs and then start and I have been getting myself prepared in my head but once the pain starts a lil bit I can't go thru with it and give in and then set it up all over again to start taking the subs...... I also heard there could be probs with depression with taking this and that the subutex is better. But the problem is that I can't find a dr to prescribe the subutex!! Can anyone give me some suggestions or help with all this........PLZ!!!:confused:

backhurtz 01-11-2014 09:23 PM

Re: suboxone questions
Suboxone is used for some patients in pain management when there is a history of abuse/addiction. It is also used in patients who are in pain management , however, when it is used solely to treat pain, it is used at much lower doses than it is for someone who is being treated for addiction issues. It is far more effective in treating pain at doses somewhere less than 2-4 mg......when it is being used to treat addiction, the dosages are somewhere between 8-24 mg or sometimes higher.....
There are bupe patches/norspan that contain the medication in subutex that are changed once every 7 days that seem to work well for pain.
Since you are looking for options for pain relief, I would talk to your doctor about using bupe patches instead of looking into suboxone. Suboxone is very difficult to stop taking, especially when it is used at the higher doses.

tortoisegirl 01-12-2014 10:09 AM

Re: suboxone questions
My doctors are wanting to try me on suboxone for pain. I'm currently on methadone and the pain is being managed ok, but it takes a high dose, so they are worried about my long term pain relief and the possibility for hyperalgesia. The plan is to switch me to a short acting opiate to lessen the withdrawal time, then have me inpatient for a week to manage the withdrawal symptoms and find the appropriate Suboxone dose.

Best case the Suboxone manages the pain with less side effects and better long term outlook. Worst case I have to go back to the methadone (hopefully at a lower dose), know the Suboxone won't be an option, and have ruled in/out hyperalgesia. They want me to do it, but aren't pushing me. I'm waiting until I can take the week off work. Not sure though if I said no if they would eventually cut off my scripts or not.

Could they admit you to the hospital to try to manage the pain and withdrawal so you can start the suboxone? Some sedation could get you through the worst of it. However, I'd talk to your doctor about the plan as an entirety. Why switch from the fentanyl if it is working? I too would be confused if the treatment plan took such a drastic change without talking through why it is being done, and being an active participant. Best wishes.

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