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    Old 07-18-2014, 12:05 PM   #1
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    Pain medication

    I read on one of the posts about generic vs name brand regarding Percocet. I've been paying over $600 for name brand Percocet 7.5mg 90 pills for back/neck pain and simply cannot afford to pay this anymore. I started taking the name brand because once I filled a prescription with generics and they didn't work at all.

    I read a post indicating Endo is the manufacturer of Percocet. I wanted to share with you all that after lots of research, Qualitest is the manufacturer of generic Percocet and is a division of Endo and they actually work for me. Contrary to what some pharmacists will tell you, generics are not all the same and it isn't in your head that some don't work. The Qualitest brand is generic and covered by insurance, unlike the expensive name brand. Please note, the generic does not come in 7.5. It comes in 5 and 10 mg so I'm taking 1 and 1/2 pills and they truly work.

    My pharmacist was kind enough to order this brand for me and I am very grateful!

    I hope someone finds this information helpful.


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    Re: Pain medication

    Hi. Thank you for that info. When I first got a prescription for Percocet, for about a year, my insurance had paid for it. And that's the first time I ever heard someone say that generics don't work, and only the name brand would. So, I started talking myself into the fact that for that past year, I really hadn't gotten much relief at all. When I asked a couple other people about it, they agreed, generics didn't work for them either. I asked my Dr if he could make the next prescription name brand only. He did and I paid cash for it. It took all that for me to realize that for almost a year that generic Percocet had given me sufficient relief, UNTIL my friend told me generics don't work well at all. Those name brand Percocets gave me the same relief, I noticed. Then I wanted my money back. All I'm saying is that generics do work just as good for some people. At least give generics a try before you decide they don't work on you. We are all so different, some things work well for someone and for someone else, wouldn't work at all.

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    Re: Pain medication

    It really depends on the generic-there are some crappy generics and there are generics that work as well or better than brand name.

    Endocet was also made by the brand name Percocet(Endo)-which has been replaced by qualitest and works very well for me also and[IMO].

    The band name Duragesic has been very week, especially if you are prescribed 100mcg.-they should not be so week, sometimes as if they were hardly releasing any medication, I knew this because I had experienced wd!! on these brand name 100mcg-something was wrong and I complained to my Doc numerous times to which he replied="they probably are not consistently releasing consistently for numerous reasons and he went on to explain-I was not ready to give up on them though because when they worked properly-it was the best relief for me-and I did not do well on any of the other LA meds-tried them all, esp since they reformulated most of them making them trash(IMHO).

    My last fill I noticed something new-they had printed in GREEN on top of box-advertising for some reason that their patch "Now with GREEN print on patch.

    Whatever that meant. Well-They must have gotten mucho complaints because now these "new" brand name Duragesic patches are very strong-and I have been using the same dose since about the latter half off 2011.

    I applied a new patch as normal from the "new" patches with the green print, and about 12 hours later I had to remove it, it was more than I could handle. It took care of my pain very well but made me nauseous at the same time, and I know you have to be very careful with Fentanyl.

    So-if you are using or are about to use the brand name Duragesic and they have the GREEN print advertisement on the top of the box be careful-I believe
    they are as they are supposed to be, but now if you were using 100mcg, you may find 75mcg or even 50mcg adequate.

    Or maybe it's just my imagination.........
    constant companion pain

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    Re: Pain medication

    U are so correct, the other generics are trash and do not work. The endo work great and my pharmacist was so kind to order them for me as well.

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    Re: Pain medication Fentynal questions

    Hello, I am new to these message boards but unfortunately not new to the pain. Up until last Tuesday I have been on morphine sulfate for a couple of years now. The morphine didn't work like I'd hoped, however it did allow me to get out of bed. I am now on Fentynal. My pain doctor switched me, and he did so without transitioning me. He started me on 25mcg every 72 hours. (I asked for the lowest dose because I do not like the feeling as though I'm not in control) That day after picking up my script I started the Fentynal and stopped taking the morphine without knowing it could take up to 24 hours for the patch to stay working, which my Dr. Failed to mention! My pain them became out of control (naturally). I called my Dr. office the next morning and that's when I found out about it taking 24 hours. After making me wait and call back the NEXT day they finally added 12.5 mcg. I'm still in alot of pain and this is after taking my lyrica, muscle relaxer, Tylenol and Alieve. One of my questions is, is it normal for the docs to not prescribe a break thru pain medication? Does anyone know what the typical fent dosage is for severe and chronic pain? Thank you for your answers

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    coast to coast
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    Re: Pain medication

    Hello, There is no "typical" Fentanyl patch dose. It is different and varies for everyone. There are many factors as to what your Dr. Will look at to help determine what dose your started on.Factors such as your Tolerance to opiates/narcotics, your pain level, and your previous medications/dosage to name a few.The Dr . usually will look to see what your previous medication dosage "equivalent" is to Fentanyl and start you out on the "equivalent" dose. This is to help make sure you are not started on to "low" of a dose causing you withdrawal and increased pain, or started on to "high" of a dose causing side effects/ adverse reactions. Dr.s will usually start on the lower side and go up or "increase" your dose from there depending on how well you are tolerating the medication, your current daily pain level and side effects if any. Your goal is to get to the point of where you find the dose that works the best at controlling your pain with the least amount of side effects. Another thing that is possible is to change your patch every 48hrs instead of the usual 72hrs. If you find that your patch doesn't seem to last as long or towards the end of the 72hrs you are having increased pain or getting mild withdrawal symptoms then you may need to ask your Dr. If you can change it out every 48hrs instead of every 72hrs. I myself was on the 100 mcg patch and changed it out every 48hrs. I however did not care that well for the patch so I opted to change to a different long acting medication. The things I did not like about the patch were that it was "visible" depending on where I put it..In the summer time it was really hard to find a spot to conceal it when I wanted to wear shorts or a tank top or even a swimsuit. I don't like people knowing that I have to take narcotic medication and it bothered me it was visible. I also have small children that would see it and ask about it..One time my son actually tried to pull it off my upper arm which panicked me that he touched it as it is absorbed through the skin. It also left a horrible sticky residue behind that's extremely hard to get off and it will stain clothing & furniture so you know I still have a stain on my furniture to this day. It also worried me that somehow I could end up "compromising" the patch by accident an overdose myself. So I asked my Dr to switch me to something else which after explaining everything he had no problem doing. As far as your question of breakthrough medication. . I was prescribed a breakthrough medication at my request I have however found that most doctors now are not prescribing breakthrough medication as much as they used to. For reasons I'm sure you are aware of being a chronic pain patient nowdays it is the less the better in the Dr's view. If you really need a breakthrough medication then I would talk to the Dr about why you feel you need it..such as during the day you have an increase in pain when your more active or maybe at night you get an increase in pain with lying still etc...explain when and why you need a breakthrough medication may help the Dr. To understand better giving him more assurance to prescribe one. Good luck to you and I hope you soon find the dose that works to keep your pain under control it's a great medication for a lot of people I hope it works well for you! Take care.

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    Re: Pain medication

    Thank you! I was previously on morphine cr however because I had gastric bypass surgery a little over a year ago, I'm no longer able to take any type of ER or CR medications. When i called my docs office hours secretary tools me that as of July 1st of this year, a new law regarding pain medications has been set into place. I honestly do not recall anything he had said in regards to the new law because I was just in to much pain! "( I think he did say it was a new federal law, however I am not sure, not sure at all. Have you by any chance heard of such law? I have heard of people changing their patches every 48 hours, however I don't much understand how that would do much good. Unless perhaps the medication stops putting out the same dosage after 48 hours or so. Also, I'm not sure it would make much of a difference at this point being in still not at a manageable dose. I've been on pain medication for week over 13 years now and I've been sooooo afraid of addiction that I've been trying to stay on the same dosage even though I could feel my tolerance increasing. No matter how much more pain I was in I NEVER for any reason would take my meds prior to the 4 hour time frame. The way I see it is if I start taking it early this time then I'll just keep needing it sower and sooner thus becoming a horrible downwards spiral.
    I completly agree understand where your coming from about the visibility. I've been putting them on my chest in fear of them rubbing of my sides or arms since I cannot pay on my back. I did see that they can go on my back but I'm worried about them falling off from the friction of my pants, especially with having to take them off and on. I do use a teens unit as well but I try not to avoid doing so being I get a rash from the electrods..... Even the hypoallergenic ones. But we gotta do what we gotta do I guess lol I was very concerned about these side the are an adhesive and all but paper tapes ends up looking like they burnt my skin. But so far so good, I just hope it stays that way. My patch did become compromised whole I wad in the shower yesterday and I freaked out because I have no idea if the water rinsed or the medication and if so how much. them off course I pa p er taped of on praying it still dispensed medication.

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