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sweetsimplicity 01-19-2015 09:57 AM

seeking pain management doctor New Orleans
I am 25 and have been having chronic pain since i was 12. I had the same doctor for pain management since it began. My doctor recently retired and the doctor she referred me to was not willing to continue treating me with any opiates. i have been told time after time that this is the only way to affectively treat my pain along with physical therapy as well. I was wondering if anyone knows of any doctors that arent against opiate pain management please PM me letting me know! again im located in New Orleans, LA

Thank yOu

tortoisegirl 01-19-2015 08:15 PM

Re: seeking pain management doctor New Orleans
Welcome! I'm sorry you are going through this. I'm in a different part of the country so I can't be of specific help. However, I'd suggest scheduling several initial consults with different pain clinics to "interview" them to see who is the best fit. The climate in pain management is unfortunately really changing to be against opiates for chronic noncancer pain, even in patients with severe pain who have failed every other treatment. Or, at a minimum, they will have dose ceilings. Its especially tough to get opiates for certain pain conditions (like my own headache condition or fibromyalgia for example) and if you are young (20s and possibly 30s).

If you find a pain specialist who has some viable treatment options which may not start with opiates, that can definitely be worth pursuing. However, like you, I wouldn't want to see a doctor who would never consider opiates, unless that was my only choice. When I was looking for a pain doctor I saw a few doctors who both wouldn't consider opiates (or only at low doses or only to taper me off), and didn't have viable treatment options (either weren't specific about anything except tapering off opiates or repeating things which didn't work previously). Until I thankfully found the clinic I'm at now. So, with enough trial & error, hopefully you can find a good place.

Reading online reviews and their website may at least give you an idea of whether they only do procedures (often called "interventions") or will at least consider opiates (often called "medication management"), to try to reduce the list (assuming you have multiple options in a reasonable driving distance). Its unfortunate your previous pain doctor's referral didn't support your current treatment plan. Can you call up your previous pain doctor's office and ask if they have any other recommendations? Do you have a primary doctor who may be willing to prescribe in the interim, even if that means a taper plan? Hang in there! Best wishes.

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