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bullun 04-01-2006 05:16 AM

Night Sweats, Panic Attack
I have been on Paxil for several months. One side effect I notice if I take my Paxil pill too late, into the evening before bed, I typically awake once at night, completely soaked from night sweats. When I take the pill at normal time, around 6:30 I do not usually have this issue.

Last night I missed a pill. I couldn't recall if I took one, and did not want to do a double dose if I had already. I've missed a pill here and there in the past and never had a real issue. I just took the next one the following day on time.

However, last night I awoke drenched, from night sweats. I felt slightly disorientated and extremely drowsy. Understandable as it was 3am. I couldn't fully understand just what had woke me, so I decided to run to the bathroom. It took me longer than I anticipated to refocus to the light in the bathroom and my vision to adjust. All of this I am very shaky. Literally hands just shaking, legs shaky. I started to attempt to fall back asleep, but my mind seemed to be racing. I remidned myself that this may be the beginning of a panic attack. That there was no reason to panic. But the htoughts kept entering my head. I then felt like I had NO control over my thought process. I awoke my poor fiance who was very good about talking to me. Just for him to reinstate that I was not crazy. I even spoke out loud to myself that I was having a panic attack. I finally distracted myself using the internet and listenin to a book on tape. Eventually I was able to go back to sleep.

I am curious if others, whether on Paxil or not, suffer from bizarre and VERY VERY vivid dreams and night sweats? Do you think these are your mind having panic attacks in your sleep? (i.e. the vivid dreams or night sweats) I'd love to hear of others who have similar night time symptoms.. Just to know I'm not alone :)

tnmomofive 04-01-2006 06:01 AM

Re: Night Sweats, Panic Attack
Hi I have had the vivid dreams and night sweats a few times.I used to take Paxil years back and while it worked GREAT for me weaning off was very difficult I failed the first try and go through on the second but not without nasty withdrawl symptoms for weeks.Since you say you often forget to take your pill and then you forgot if you had taken it or not I would suggest you get one of those (not sure what they are called sorry ) pill seperaters? there is a section for each pill that has the first letter for the day of the week on the lid.This way if you cant remember if you have taken your pill that day you can just check your pill seperater and know if you took it or not.I had to get one of those because I was the same way I got pretty tired of back tracking and counting pills from the bottle to see if I had taken one or not.These are sold at all drug stores or wallmart.Also anti depressants can cause those vivid dreams it is a side effect of the medication.Another thing that is probably going on is your having whats called "break through anxiety/panic" which means your dosage of the med may have to be raised up some if you have been taking the Paxil for a few years and just miss one and these symptoms are the result that sugeest break through anxiety because these meds are well into your system by now and missing one shouldnt cause all that.I would talk to my doctor about it see what he/she thinks and get a pill seperater

good luck!

bullun 04-01-2006 07:55 AM

Re: Night Sweats, Panic Attack
Thanks for the info. I really appreciate. I want to go wean off Paxil later this summer. Can I ask if you'd be willin to describe your withdrawal symptoms?

I've heard people talk about these "brain zaps" or what not as a symptom, but I don't understand what exactly it feels like. I'd love to hear a description.

Thank you again... I may discuss with the doctor as I haven't had symptoms in ages. and I don't miss the pills THAT often, but every now and then I have a mishap.

mark75 04-01-2006 07:31 PM

Re: Night Sweats, Panic Attack
ive taken paxil on and off for the last seven years. i'm only on 10mg a day right now,but i have been up to 90mg a day from my dr. i have had brain zaps in the past. the best way for me to descripe is that it is a shock to the brain that is quicker than you blinking your eyes. it is not painful but kinda of scary. i have always thought it felt like the first second of feeling faint. quick shock. real quick. i hope everything works out for you. i do know that paxil has been the only medicine that has worked for me. i have tried everything for my panic disorders in the past, but i tell you i believe that it is a terrrific med if it works for you. if you have any more questions about paxil, just ask because like i said i have been on it for years.

bullun 04-02-2006 07:07 AM

Re: Night Sweats, Panic Attack
Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate you giving that description as the brain zaps are somethin gI've been fearing when I attempt to ween off Paxil.

After my wedding this coming June, I want to slowly attempt to ween off of it. Its has worked wonderfully, all but the minor side effects (night sweats, vivid dreams etc.), so wish me luck when I attempt to go off... since then the majority of my stress will be removed. :D

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