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Tamsin 09-30-2002 12:33 PM

To all Claire Weeks Devotees
Gosh after all this time (and suffering) I *finally* read a Claire Weeks book!!

Wow, what an eye opener!! I really thought I knew it all, but what she said or maybe the way that she said it makes me very very hopeful that I can actually get over (or should I say get around) this panic stuff.

I have one little caveat and I want to know what others think. Part of the success of "floating" or "accepting" comes from the acceptance that your symptoms are *not* related to any illness, namely, heart related illness. Well, what if, despite a myriad of testing, you are not 1005 completely convinced there isn't a teeny something wrong with your heart? Maybe something undetected by all the scans and tests? Regretfully, I am in this category. But since I have had all the tests, I guess there's really nothing left to do but trust that may heart is healthy. That being said, are there any "not quite 100% convinced my heart is healthy" who have had success with Claires methods?

I'm really anxious (oops, poor choice of words) to try this out!

LadyinNY 09-30-2002 04:08 PM

Hi Tamsin..if after reading Dr. Claire Weekes books...after having heart tests done and you still have that little bit of doubt..then you have not learned to ACCEPT yet. Give yourself more time to learn to accept and those doubts will vanish. Her books are wonderful! :)

Tamsin 10-01-2002 09:23 AM

Hi LadyinNY,

I *do* have a choice here, so I am going to choose to try to do what Dr. Weekes recommends, even if I may not have 100% acceptance. She wrote that it was enough to understand her message, and that with practice the rest will follow. I believe that.

I also made that call and will start seeing a therapist again next Monday.

Believe it or not, I'm more calm already!

Thanks for your reply!

Jenzab 10-02-2002 11:48 AM


First time to reply on this board, or any board for that matter. Been diagnosed w/ Panic Attack Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder for about 6 years so I have experience. The truth for me was acceptance, I honestly believe it is the key to disarming the panic and fear. You need to accept the fact that you have a chemical imbalance that causes you to panic and then work from there. The "floating" technique is the key to stopping your attacks, it helps me to talk myself through them. I tell myself "This is not an emergency" and I just let the "bad" feelings go through my system. You experience the panicked feeling at a much lower degree than when you try to fight it off. Fighting those feelings is what gives them their intensity and keeps you afraid that they will return. It helps to accept that you may have these attacks the rest of your life and you need to be ok with that. This disorder can't hurt you, nor can it kill you and we all need to keep that in perspective.

On the note that your not 100% sure its not your heart, that takes faith. Ths biggest problem with us panickers is that we don't trust our bodies to warn us when something is wrong, so we constantly monitor ourselves. If there is truly something wrong with your heart you need to trust that your body will let you know, and there are systems in place inside the human body to do exactly that. Stop looking for a heart problem and you will stop having heart problem symptoms. I really hope this advice helps someone and if you've never gone through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy I highly recommend it. It helps you manage the symptoms of PAD very well.



Tamsin 10-02-2002 02:38 PM

[quote]Originally posted by Jenzab:
[b] If there is truly something wrong with your heart you need to trust that your body will let you know, and there are systems in place inside the human body to do exactly that. [/b][/quote]

Unfortunately, a panic attack can closely mimic the symptoms of heart attack, so it can be very hard to let those thoughts go. I know of many people who have this problem.

But there comes a time when you *have* to let go. And I am ready to do that.

As I mentioned I am going to see a CBT therapist on Monday.

Thanks for your post!

blacktango 10-04-2002 10:39 AM

I finally got hold of a claire weekes book, "self help for the nerves" and i have to say it's amazing. It's already changing the way i see things! I can see why there's so much buzz around her now. I'm recommending her to some of my friends :D

spotty 10-04-2002 12:10 PM

Shes wonderful. I think doctors should prescibe her books instead of meds.

Lizzy H 10-08-2002 11:18 AM

Hi Tasmin

I love Dr Claire Weekes books she explains everything so clearly and takes away all the bewilderment about what has happened to us. I agree with the others though in that you must ACCEPT that you are OTHERWISE ok. The only way to move forward is to be checked out that you dont have anything (seriously) wrong with you and you have done that several times. You could go on forever getting second, third, fourth, etc opinions you have to LEARN to draw the line and move on. Because of the physical symptoms I had I thought I had MS this is apparantly the most common illness that us people with anxiety think they have, this is followed closely by heart problems. When I heard that it made me feel better that I knew I had the symptoms and they were not in my mind, I wasnt going crazy....they were real but caused (thankfully) by something else.
Hey Tasmin to coin a phrase "Let more time pass" and accept.

I dont have any physical symptoms now, except a little twitching when I know something is stressing me out. I had all sorts of symptoms before, I do have to say though I needed medication to make me better, I didnt find Dr Weekes until I was well on the road to recovery. I now use her to keep me on the straight and narrow and it REALLY works.

Good luck
Lizzy XX

Tamsin 10-08-2002 11:40 AM

Hey Lizzy!

Thanks for the great post!

I went ahead and did "it"!! I said "Ok, my heart is fine". It was *conscious choice* and I am choosing to believe. It really only happened after I read C. Weekes. I put the physical/medical (tests) together with the practical/psychological (Weekes), and that combo has been very successful for me!

My resolution was tested last week by having my frequently traveling husband leave over night on a trip. These are the worst of times for me-- when I am alone at night and responsible for the kids. Well, I managed to get through that night with no problem--not even a "mini"! I just did not spin my wheels in that "second stage"--"What if?". If at any moment I felt fearful at all, I accepted it, but did not allow myself to spend ANY time on the "What if's". It worked! It's worked several times since then.

I know that I will need to practice this probably for the rest of my life, and that there will be periods that will be harder than others. But, I am so thankful for the relief I am feeling NOW and I am really confident that it will be OK! Weekes says confidence plays a big part in all of this, so I'm really hopeful!

P.S.--Funny (not so) thing! I live in Montgomery County, MD one of the "sniper" zones. Things are scary right now. But I'm alway calm and cool in a crisis. I never panic about real things!! I've been nervous but still rather calm, sent my kids to school and even went out to lunch today. I never *could* figure out why I panic over imaginary things and not real things. Oh well...just weird I guess!

Take care!

Lizzy H 10-09-2002 07:00 AM

Great news, Im glad you are feeling better already.

Dr Weekes says that in time these feelings start NOT TO MATTER when that happens they become less and less. She also says that it is only getting through SETBACK that we are truly better. That happened to me and it was only on the third day that I got a grip and put her words into action. Up until then I felt like I was back to square one, so thats how I know that it really works. Lets hope we can all keep it up.

Good Luck

Lizzy XX

spotty 10-09-2002 09:56 AM

Lizzy H
I totally agree with what you are saying. I have been through quite a few setbacks since this all started and the only thing thats gotten me through it is Dr. Weekes book and the people on this board. Hugs to you all.


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