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    Old 11-03-2002, 09:52 PM   #1
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    Unhappy Panic Attacks + Digestive Problems/IBS...

    Note: I have also posted this in the Stress/Anxiety Forum just in case I can get more feedback! I need all that I can at this point!

    Oh boy - after reading through the majority of these posts, it's such a RELIEF to know that I'm not alone here. So many times, during my bouts with panic and anxiety, I feel like an alien, especially in my college lecture halls where I seem to be the only one losing my mind because of panic while everyone else is calm and cool as a cucumber. Argh.
    I have been battling with GAD for about four years; however, the SEVERE panic that I had always dreaded but (thankfully) never experienced decided to spring upon me last October. I'm a junior in college, so of course, I have my fair share of stress (more than most, I'd say), but one day, in my Linguistics class, out of the blue, my stomach began to churn. And make noises. This was SO embarrassing because it's a small class (12 people) and during certain parts of the session, it's silent while we do writing exercises (I've now come to dread those).

    Anyways, my stomach would NOT STOP churning. As gross as this sounds, I felt like I needed to make an extreme rush to the bathroom because of the Big D (diarrhea). Unfortunately, there are no rest rooms in that building, so I felt like I had no escape. Suddenly, the worst panic attack of my LIFE began. My heart felt like it was trapped inside of my neck, I was sweating, heart palpitating, couldn't breathe, and almost dug a gaping hole into my thumb with my pen to try to relieve the stress and the churning stomach. About 45 minutes into that Hell, I told the professor I had to leave. Thankfully, she was nice and let me go.
    I cried all the way home - what just happened? Was it a simple flu virus or was it a panic attack? Did one bring on the other?

    I thought it was a one-time occurrence. I thought wrong. The same thing happened in another class of mine. And again, I had to walk out. SO humiliating! I began to dread each class, each day, and each minute. My doctor put me back on Xanax (.5 mg/2 times a day) and at the beginning, it helped. Now, it seems I've become immune to it. No relief whatsoever.

    I've begun abusing Immodium to the point where I know it's not healthy. I only eat foods that can be digested fairly easily, as I'm DEATHLY afraid of the "Big D/Panic Attack" to happen again. I've come very, very close to leaving lecture halls again, but try to breathe myself through it and take the Xanax in advance. Still, I dread each day. Each minute spent in a classroom is like an eternity in Dante's Tenth Circle of Hell.

    Please, someone tell me that I'm not the only one. I really do feel like I'm losing my mind.

    Please pray for me, and thank you for reading!


    "For with God, NOTHING is impossible" Luke 1:37

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    Old 11-06-2002, 07:23 PM   #2
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    Hi LBJGirl,

    Your churning stomach certainly is not isolated to You alone. I am notorious for the Big D, as you call it. I have been in some horrible situations and absolutely HAD to GO! I also have many of the other symptoms you described.

    My stomach is my weakest area so when I have Panic/Anxiety, (or anything upsetting), my stomach starts to churn.

    Dr Claire Weekes has some wonderful books that describes your symptoms to a 'T' and teaches you how to cope and get past the rough places.

    You can check them out at the library, or buy them. I think most of her books run about $6.99 US and worth every penny.

    Also, breathing and relaxation works very well for me.

    Hope this has been a little help.

    With Kindness,

    Old 11-06-2002, 11:24 PM   #3
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    A stressed out mind will almost always cause the gurgles in your stomach. I have had some that were so loud during those "quiet meetings" that I was scared someone would accuse me of farting (it was that loud).
    A few pointers for that noisy stomach....
    For one, do not chew gum. That will increase the amount of air in your stomach and add to the volatile mix that is already there.
    Next, eat something other than breakfast cereal before heading to the next quiet classroom. The milk will usually amplify any sound that comes from within.
    Never substitue a carbonated drink, like Coke, for a good breakfast. If you do that when nervous, you will be creating your own army of those embarassing sounds.
    The miracle cure....peanut butter and crackers. Buy a snack pack of those, and chase it down with water just before lunch (usually the worst time for stomach sounds). When the satisfaction of breakfast starts to wear off, and your body is looking forward to lunch it begins to "call" out to you for menu options. If you stick those crackers down the gullet, it will shut up your stomach with some complex stuff, enough to keep it quiet until the next meal.
    Some folks deal with stress differently, and most of us deal with it by churning our stomachs....whether we like it or not.
    Hope this helps you.
    Take care, and remember: If there are 30 people in your classroom, there are 30 stomachs that are probably doing the same thing as yours. That guy sitting next to you probably doesnt have a cough, he is just trying to mask the sounds of his noisey, stressed out tummy!
    [email protected]
    Prevention doesn't need an ounce of proof any more than disasters need a warning.

    Old 11-07-2002, 11:23 AM   #4
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    I had the same problems like yourself, I also suffer from Panic Disorders and Stress/Anxiety. I had diarrhea all the time. I'm talking everyday, I could not go anywhere without worrying about my stomach problems. My stomach would make all kinds of nosies, it felt like my stomach was turning and twisting. I took all the over the counter products, they seem to help but not for long. Besides I was worried about the effects of always taking them. I had an accident out in public once, that was embarrassing to say the least. I got really depressed about it. I would not go anywhere unless I really had to, it turned into a phobia for me. I finally got up the nerve to tell my doctor what was going on, I lived with this for so long because I was too embarrassed to tell her and to talk about it with anyone. She prescribed Librax for me to take 2 times a day, Librax is an Gastro-intestinal anti-spasmodic and cholinolytic medicine. She also told me that taking a Calcium supplement would help too, I'm taking 600mg of calcium a day. It's been a year that I've been taking these two, I never have diarrhea anymore! I've had it maybe like 3 times in the last year, but I think that was from something I ate. If I were you I would talk to your doctor about it, there is help for this. Don't do like I've done and wait till it becomes a phobia and ruins your life. This can be treated. I know what worked for me may not work for you but see your doctor about this.

    - XSEL

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    Old 11-12-2002, 09:57 PM   #5
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    copied from Stress/Anxiety board:

    wow...i thought i was the only one that had this problem! i go through exactly the same thing.....i actually did bad in school because i always had to rush on my exams (when the room is all quiet) and i would just put down whatever or mark any multiple choice just so i can get the hell out of there! most of the time, i just didn't go to class....i always carry a small pack of tums or pepto with me...when i go to the movies, i always have to sit at the end of the aisle just in case i have to go! most of my friends usually like the middle, but there's no way i can sit in the middle of the movie theater!....i also need the aisle seat on a plane or at the end of the table in a restaurant where escape is easily available....i'm always uncomfortable at parties or get-togethers...and especially uncomfortable when i'm in a meeting with the boss...!

    now i stopped using tums or pepto, cuz it never worked or made it worse..i just changed my diet a little and cut out soda a helped me reduce the gas in my belly and the need to do the big D! also an overall change in attitude helps....oh, and did i mention i also hate elevators! lol...just point to the guy next to u....i wonder if i have a phobia of the public or something....

    Old 11-13-2002, 02:08 AM   #6
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    yes i too suffer from adominal pain but even more scarey lately i have been grtting a tic like feeling in my tummy or intestines under left breastbone or eosophigus spasm im not sure which but if im sitting down and i stand up i feel this quick fluttering sensation in top of stomahe near breast bone
    my friend says its from the way i sit on the floor with my legs tucked up and that im pinching my large intestine. im 48 years old and have suffered from panic and anxiety since i was 21 years old
    can anyone relate to this tic sensation please let me know as im really scared of it as i have been having severe anxiety burning stomache and weakness in tummy area for months now i lost over 10 lbs from walking trying to out run the anxious feelings and i feel so scared of these attackes also does anyone notice the churning electrical feeling in their solar plexus
    thank you and god bless
    helen hutton

    Old 11-16-2002, 11:10 PM   #7
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    Thumbs up

    Oh yeah!
    I get em...from top to bottom.
    Usually they end up in my lower left abdomen and just twitch the day away. Sometimes its so strong, my muscles can feel sore after a day of it.
    I have noticed that when I quit worrying about it, it usually goes away.
    I have also had twitches in my eyelids and muscle spasms in the corner of my lower lip.
    When I ignore them, or have more important things to worry about, they vanish. go figure!
    take care.
    [email protected]
    Prevention doesn't need an ounce of proof any more than disasters need a warning.

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