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strawberryrigby 10-21-2003 08:31 PM

Possible panic attacks? Please read and respond.
Okay, so I have a long story to relate. Everything is necessary to get my point across.

I used to smoke a lot of pot. A lot of pot. I had a seizure back in March 2003 and so they put me on Topamax. I wasn't really supposed to be driving, but one Sunday I drove to my brother's house. We chilled and smoked pot like we always did. However, this time it was different.

Maybe it was because I was worried about my driving, or that I wouldn't sober up in enough time to get home and I had school the next day (I could have just spent the night there), but I started to have what I thought was a panic attack. Everyone (there were probably 8 other people there who I've known for a while) was talking normally, but I couldn't speak. I was so afraid that someone would talk to me and that I wouldn't be able to respond. Finally I told my brother that I thought I was having a panic attack. He kept telling me I wasn't; neither him nor anyone else took me seriously. Somehow he went to the kitchen upstairs to get me water- I forget who suggested it. I ran to the kitchen downstairs (I don't even feel like explaining the huge house) and kept telling them to call 911. I finally drank some water down there and after a while I kept telling them not to call 911, as if I expected them to actually call 911. My brother was telling me not to kill myself as I ran downstairs.

I had mini what I think are panic attacks all night, but I would feel better if I drank water or got up and looked out the window. I love pot so much that a few days later I tried smoking again. I smoked a little, and was fine. However, I smoked a little bit more and I had another panic attack. It was crazy- I don't know how to explain it but it's the worst feeling in the world. I couldn't stop my mind from thinking- it went everywhere. The minutes seemed to go by so so slow. I remember standing at my sink for whatever reason and I physically could not move. So, I stopped smoking pot.

The next time I went to my brother's after that, I started feeling like I was going to get a panic attack, but I just drank some alcohol and the feeling went away.

The Topamax I was on made me sick and throw up everything I ate. Oh yeah, I had got an MRI and Catscan before they put me on Topamax, and they said that they were normal. But they took me off of the Topamax abruptly and it's a known fact that if you are taken off an anti-psychotic too quickly, or if you increase dosage too quickly, you can have a seizure.

I had another seizue May 17. I also got another MRI and EEG, both of which were normal. Right now I'm on Lamictal.

However, I started smoking pot again at the end of May. I smoked a lot all through this summer and I was fine.

However, one night I was at this show and I felt really ****ty- upset. So I got my friend to drive me to the party afterwards. We stopped by his dealer's house and he picked up two joints. We split one on the way to the party, and I was fine. I had a beer or two. And then I smoked a bowl with some of my friends. I had the worst panic attack (I think it was one anyway) ever. It lasted all night. I tried to drink hoping that would take it away like it had in the past. But, it didn't work. I lay in my friend's bed (thank god he always takes care of me) all night in and out of sleep. When we left at 6am, I still had a panic attack. It lasted forever. Everyday for the next week I had one as well.

So I decided I should stop smoking pot. I really miss the pot, and I've actually smoked it a few times after the panic attack but I was really drunk at the time. But I've stopped now.

Are these panic attacks?
How could they have originated?

Sometimes my heart will kind of go fast when I get excited, but I try to control it to avoid a panic attack or something.

Any feedback would be appreciated :)


P.S.- Sorry if this was hard to follow.

[email protected] 10-21-2003 08:54 PM

hello Lisa..

to me, it sounds like you could possibly be having panic attacks..
i can't say for sure tho, unless you're willing to describe the exact symptoms of the possible attacks..

short of breath? pounding heartbeat? etc.

freezing up like you've said is something that happens to some ppl with panic disorder..

and many, many ppl have experienced their first panic attack while getting blazed (including me).. seriously, there must be something dormant inside of us that gets triggered once we smoke a certain amount of weed haha.

but again, with such a vague list of your symptoms in your post, i'm really kinda nervous about giving you too much advice, and saying it definitely sounds like panic attacks..

you really need to explain what's happening to a doctor you're comfortable with, and have a few tests that will rule out anything else.. (several conditions mimic panic attacks)

so, get back to me.. and let me have a better list of your symptoms, please.. if you're comfortable with it i mean..

and pleeeease Lisa, do me a favor.. stop getting blazed.. no more! it's not good for someone in the condition you're in.. and honestly, it's not a good idea to drink either! both marijuana and liquor can cover up symptoms that you might need to know about.. or even create new symptoms or make existing symptoms worse..

it's best to get checked out by a doctor, rule the other possible problems out..


amy_m 10-22-2003 06:28 AM

I also had a bad experience when I was 15 smoking pot, one of my friends fainted, I felt fine but as soon as this happened I started to panic, and like you everytime I did it after that I felt weird, not panicky cos I hadn't really experienced a panic attack before.

But I swear if I had never smoked pot I would be ok now. Also back in my pot smoking days I used to get stoned and drunk all the time so I wasn't really sleeping properly or giving my body a rest so I got a longterm virus which is when my panic attacks started I recovered but have always been left with funny symptoms but I have had really bad attacks for 1yr 5months.

My one big regret in life was smoking pot

Curly Chef 10-22-2003 08:47 AM

I'm glad you are off the drugs, and I hope you don't decide to do them again. Anything that alters your normal state of being cannot be good for you, even if it makes you feel good.

When I was in high school, I tried smoking it various times. Either nothing happened or I'd feel paranoia, like I wasn't in control of myself, so I stopped trying it. Later on, once in a while I would feel a sort of 'flashback' of the way I felt.

My brother had done lsd in high school and he would have flashbacks, now he is in a state hospital with Schizophrenia. Not saying the drugs *caused* it, but they definately do intensify any weaknesses your body has.

Try to resist using pot to ease your symptoms as well, especially under peer pressure.

hry33 10-22-2003 02:02 PM

it can be difficult to tell what was a siezure and what was a panic attack

pot now usually has much more THC than before due to selective breeding, and can now be quite dangerous.

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