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crzybeautifulme 03-02-2011 08:20 PM

New Here! And Triggers?
Hello Everyone. I am new here and to be honest, feel somewhat relieved that the posts I have read thus far are questions or thoughts I have come across in my own journey with panic. I know that isn't necessarily a positive but it makes me feel almost somewhat normal again knowing I'm not the only one thinking this or that. Anyways, I was curious and some of you may not have an answer or some of you may have a million as I do, but can anyone identify a trigger? Something that causes you to have a panic attack. Small spaces? Large crowds? It seems that everything causes me to have a panic attack and I know as part of some therapy, it is required to determine that trigger and face it. But how do I narrow it down?

Julia3322 04-05-2011 07:54 AM

Re: New Here! And Triggers?
Hi, I am new too and triggers for me is being in the same place I have had a panic attack. I had one the other day in spin class and that is now a trigger:(

db851 04-05-2011 11:46 AM

Re: New Here! And Triggers?
I've had panic attacks for five years now, and went to a few psychiatrist/psychologists during that time. They too wanted to identify a "trigger", but like you, none came to mind. Mine seemingly just came out of the clear blue at the age of 29. I had/have a good job, good life, and always considered myself kind of laid back and healthy. It took awhile to accept the fact that I was having panic attacks, but when I did, it made dealing with them a whole lot more acceptable.

To answer your question, though, I never have been able to determine a trigger. I have no clue what brought them on, and/or why, but I know they're here. I just deal with them with a healthier lifestyle than before, especially as much cardio as possible, and move on. I'm sure that some people have triggers, but I'm not convinced that we all do. Anyway, I hope my experience helps yours out a little, and keep us posted on how you're getting along! Good luck. :wave:

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