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New member w/ Panic Disorder

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Old 10-29-2011, 04:43 PM   #1
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MikeC1600 HB User
New member w/ Panic Disorder


I just signed up for this as I'm trying to find some ways to outlet my thoughts to hopefully keep my anxiety at bay caused by my panic disorder.

I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder last May (2010) as a result of my first attack causing rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, tingling and numbness of hands, sweating, flush and near syncope. I had my stress test, head CT, 24-hr holter monitor, carotid ultrasound and echo and it all checks out normal just FYI.

Since then, its been a roller coaster trying to get the anxiety under control. It is ever changing has far as how it hits me. Just when I think I got it under control its almost like the anxiety morphs into a different sensation causing me to think that something non-related to the anxiety is wrong and in turn causes the snowball effect which puts me right back where I started. When I experience an attack the after effects of it when it has subsided will stick with me for days. Its a feeling like there is just a "bad under current" in my body. Its hard to explain to unless you have experienced a panic attack. You just dont feel normal. I have been nauseated when I wake up every morning. Today when I woke up I decided to take a klonopin. I am prescribed to take them at night but I dont have attacks when I'm going to bed or am asleep, just during the day. Today since I took one this morning i have not been nauseated all day. I know the nausea is all in my head and nothing physical.

The current medications I'm on include 20mg of celexa and 5mg of buspar 3 times a day. I also have xanax as needed and klonopin. Based on what I've read about the two benzos drugs I would prefer to stick with the klonopin as it seems to have a longer lasting effect even if it doesnt kick in right away.

I want to know if any is taking klonopin as their daily regimen and how is it working for them? Also, I would like to hear your experiences and how you have been dealing with them. For me, I experience "uncued" panic attacks. I get them anywhere at anytime. Although, for me it feels like I'm more prone to getting attacks when I am NOT preoccupied with a task where my mind really needs to focus. I would like to hear your thoughts and questions you might have for me. Thanks.

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Old 12-05-2011, 04:51 PM   #2
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Maxon475 HB User
Re: New member w/ Panic Disorder

Dear MIke c1600
I suffered from panic disorder for the last 10 years . I had the same symptoms and know how hard it is . I made so many trips to the ER that I got to know most of the staff. My family Doctor finally treated me for depression . Although I never though I was depressive . He gave me CITOPRAM and some other anxiety tablets that I hardly ever use( the anxiety ones ) . the CITOPRAM takes about 15 days of treatment before kicking in . I don´t know if it was just luck , but I changed completely . No more attacks , started back flying which I didn´t do in years . I actually enjoy it now. I can say that at 60 I am a new man . Talk to your Doc and I hope you find some relief . Good luck .

Old 12-05-2011, 06:16 PM   #3
Junior Member
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alice321 HB User
Re: New member w/ Panic Disorder

i was taking klonopin before, i found it was very effective in the long run but also very addictive so you need to watch out for that!
the thing i find most helpful is to read other peoples stories, when you first start having panic attacks you feel so alone but then, when you actually do some research, many people are in the exact same boat as you!
I've never been a big fan of all these "natural remedies" but i can honestly say that I've found them a help during panic attacks, i drink chamomile tea and have a calming oil which you rub on your wrists and i would defiantly recommend both! i also took up yoga, just 10 mins when i wake up and 10 mins before bed. at first i thought none of these would work and it was all stupid but trying them won't harm

Old 01-22-2012, 10:52 AM   #4
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ohdisco HB User
Re: New member w/ Panic Disorder

I take klonopin for my panic disorder. I take it at night because i have episodes at night, and I also struggle with nocturnal panic attacks. I take an extremely small dose because of my anxieties over any drug that sedates me. Even so, I do feel the effects of the drug, both the good and the bad.

In the beginning of taking klonopin it felt like I was drinking my first gulp of water after being in the desert for weeks. My panic disorder is caused by my inability to cope with my mom suffering from a stroke, being tortured by medical personnel, and finally dying due to their negligence in April of 2010. She was the most important thing in my life, and having her stripped away from me was more than I could take. At first my crutch was alcohol, and I drank a lot of it. Then I started getting extreme depressive episodes and became suicidal. I finally stopped drinking in January and started returning to life again. I was having fun being sober, and everything seemed to be going ok again. Then I started drinking socially again in May 2011. On June 12th I drank way too much, and I'm pretty sure I got alcohol poisoning. June 13th, after dealing with being hungover and vomiting every 20 minutes, I fell asleep. Two hours later I woke up and started to kinda come back to life. Every once and a while though I'd have a weird head sensation and a ripple effect in my vision. It started happening more and more until I finally decided to go to bed, thinking it was because I was tired. After I lied down to go to sleep I had my first panic attack.

After that night my panic attacks lasted all day long, with the only slight relief being TV to distract my brain. I wouldn't go into my bedroom because that's where I had my first one. The only times i moved from my spot on the couch was when i had to use the restroom. My husband had to be in the bathroom with me when I showered because I was so afraid. I couldn't eat anything but dry toast or I would get hit by the worst of the worst panic. After two and a half weeks of basically living in fear, my doctor prescribed klonopin. The first night sleep that was uninterrupted by panic was the first night I took it. It was my miracle drug. With it I was finally able to get off the couch and actually leave the house.

I still suffer from panic attacks every once and a while, and I still can't sleep if I don't have either my husband or my best friend around, and I sometimes freak out if I'm not near some sort of hospital (I can't fly anymore because of this fear), but my life has pretty much gotten back into the swing of things other than that. Now, Klonopin helps me get to sleep and usually stay asleep. I'm usually pretty ok in the morning and early afternoon. I probably should be on another medication to help with panic during the day, but I'm usually able to combat that on my own.

The bad effects I feel are cognitive. I forget a lot of stuff when I used to have the memory of an elephant. Sometimes I get hung up on how to spell words I know I used to be able to spell before. A lot of memory issues mostly.

Panic disorder is one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. Sometimes I just cry for my old life where I could sleep without the TV on, I could drive anywhere, and I just was a happyish person. I know though that it's something I'm going to have to deal with, and I've tried to make my life as happy and comfortable as possible.

Old 02-01-2012, 08:26 AM   #5
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UNotAlone HB User
Re: New member w/ Panic Disorder

Hello, I have suffered with panic attacks, which led to my depression and a sense of non-existance for a year and a half now. I am on anti depressants also, which seem to help with the panic attacks. This will be my first post as I have just signed up!. I have been to my doctor many times over my 'panic period' and my thoughts are that the tablets do not get rid of the panic attacks but keep them at bay. The best advice that i have found and that has worked for me is that you must embrace the attacks and let them take control! As weird as it sounds, the next time you encounter a panic attack ask it to get worse and worse, to give you its all. This sounds very strange however you will find that the panic/anxiety will actually start to subside. This may take some practice, but you must 'give away control to gain control' or something similar to that saying lol

I hope you can take something from this, and I'm sorry because I'm not that great with words. This has helped me with my panic attacks which have seemed to vanish since.

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Jayme44 HB User
Re: New member w/ Panic Disorder

Wow., and I are kindred spirits I feel you when you say "you think you have anxiety in check " Instill a new symptom of an attack present s itself. I too have several attacks a day doesn't matter what I am doing,I too need lorazapam,Xanax,klonapin of course I don't take them at the same time.I too have had all the medical tests with all negative results I should be happy right? ...wrong. This anxiety is killing me I have no quality of life worried about my health all the damn time. Anyways I can relate and sorry about what's going on in your life but happy too realize Iam not alone.

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Leegh HB UserLeegh HB UserLeegh HB UserLeegh HB User
Re: New member w/ Panic Disorder

Do you drink any beverages which contain caffeine, as caffeine can greatly magnify anxiety? I'm not saying giving up caffeine (if you consume it) will help 100%, but it will help greatly. Magnesium can be calming to the body, and can help with depression. If you have the time, do a google search on "magnesium and depression", as there are many articles on it.

Old 05-20-2012, 05:38 PM   #8
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Jayme44 HB User
Lightbulb Re: New member w/ Panic Disorder

I actually don't drink anything with caffeine or chocolate no energy drinks for this cat. The Magnesum sounds interesting ill read into that. Thanks for the heads up.

Old 05-23-2012, 05:12 PM   #9
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tgtigges HB User
Re: New member w/ Panic Disorder

I'm currently taking magnesium to try to help my panic attacks, cause i've recently learned from multiple sources online that it works surprisingly well.
I can't tell you if it works for me yet, cause I just started yestedy.

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