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robin93 10-09-2012 06:12 PM

Panic symptoms, please respond. (I'm new.)
Okay So I had my first panic attack around the beginning of July this year.. I have had a blood test and 2 EKG's, I was told my blood pressure and heart rate was fine. All the tests came back normal. Around the August they went away for a good month but they have been back since the beginning of September and are worse.. I went to the hospital again and they swear I am fine.. Now for the symptoms:
1. Feel like im literally in the process of passing out
2. hot face, but the rest of my body is extremely cold
3. Tingling sensations in any area of my head
4. Sinus pressure
5. Heart palpations
6. Racing heart
7. Light headed
8. Dizzy
10.Very tired
11. Can't see straight

.. and the past two nights I have woken up and my heart feels all out of whack.

I have heard people say they have all these problems.. but I literally feel all of these symptoms and it litterally feels like i'm dying every single time.

I am sick of it all and I just want my life back.

I am engaged, have an 8 month old, and i'm a little over a month pregnant.

I can't take any medicines, and I just recently quit smoking again (since I found out I was pregnant.)

And as for the symptoms, when responding please remember that i'm not lying when I say I feel all of these symptoms to the MAX and I do not see how anxiety or panic attacks can make you feel the way I do when these things happen to me.

bbroke 10-09-2012 10:59 PM

Re: Panic symptoms, please respond. (I'm new.)
Hi there, there appears to be various things involved. People don't know smoking can harm different people in different ways, it can even damage your brain and nerves(don't get panicked by my this statement (:- smile,if you can smile then you in good shape(:- ) even cause MS (though not proved 100% researches under way), so one possible cause is smoking. Second take stock of your life what is giving stress to you. work, relationship,finances etc. Go for healthy life style.
Conclusion: let the toxic effect of smoking drain out of your body (will take months), let your stress level go down and you will feel better, ask your doc if you need benzo for panic attack. (You're also pregnant so ??) My son had all these things and when he kept complaining they did contrast MRI and nothing was there. For panic attack understand that it is your idiot friend who may tease and irritate you but can't harm you,smile and enjoy it as if you're on rollercoaster. Happy healing. Bb

Stormlover712 10-12-2012 03:27 PM

Re: Panic symptoms, please respond. (I'm new.)
ive had all the same problems.. i have found ice in a zip lock bag on back of neck and laying or sitting and relaxing for 10 to 15 min. at a time will help with that..ive been to doc a few times in the last month..nothing wrong but i make them bring me ice and it really helps.. i had 1 doc. tell me it is a remedy for anxiety.. it does help when there is nothing else.. put on for 10 min or so then take it off for a few min. and put it back on.. until it passes... it does sound dumb but really helps..

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