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jena88 10-13-2019 03:46 PM

8 year old - help with morning routine
Hi there!!

My 8 year old is waking up from 7-8 am on weekends while my schedule is normally set to wake up around 9-10 being the latest. Shes having a hard time starting her day without me being fully conscious. This might be a difference in eras? Because when I was 8, I got up all of that time without my parents? My dad worked a night shift constantly so it was very common to get up early and for him to wake up at 6 PM. I just am concerned when she feels she cant do anything without me being there first. It puts a bit of a strain on her morning and mine as well. I suffer from severe anxiety which makes sleeping a bit more of a challenge so I need an hour or two more. Is there something Im missing from not doing right? What can I do to show her that shes able to start her day without me being there to supervise right there with her? Or is this too early?

yayagirl 10-14-2019 07:39 AM

Re: 8 year old - help with morning routine
Hon, you can give her some things she can do to occupy herself, and teach her healthy boundaries. Be kind but firm.

Make sure that she stays up a bit later at night so she can sleep in easier. You could explain that mom needs extra sleep so let's think of ways for you to be awake and help mommy get her rest. Ask her questions to see what ideas she can come up with on her own. Make this about grown-up things so she feels good about it.

You could set a clock in her room to go off at the time you plan to get up.
Give her a list of quiet things she can do on her own.
If she is always hungry right away in the morning, have a snack waiting for her in the fridge or kitchen.

Whatever you choose, use that as a tool to encourage teach her to self-entertain and that we all have different needs and desires and we can respect what others need. make this a fun learning experience. Don't be irritable or angry, just be gentle, firm and teach her.

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