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shmal 08-14-2005 10:22 PM

Playmate Licking Son...
Yup you read the title right.Ok so this may seem a little wierd or maybe even a tad bit ridiculous but here it goes.I have a 5 yr old DS who has a 4 yr old friend ,who's a girl.Both of our families are very close as we vacation together during the summer and usually over 4th of July and are typically at each others homes once if not twice a week.For all intensive purposes the mom is like a sister to me and vise-versa Anyway,Today while I was at work my DH and children (we have a DD too) went to this friends house to go swimming.Well when it was time to leave the 2 younger ones still wanted to play so it was decided that he would stay and then they would all meet for dinner later.Well while the kids were playing in the play room my friend,the mom,went in to check on them.She asked them what they were doing because they both got very quiet when she walked in she then proceded to ask if they had been kissing ,sort of as a joke,(over 4th of July weekend they gave each other a "kiss" and we at that point reiterated that it's ok to give a peck on the cheek but we keep our body parts to ourselves...)So anyway when they were ?nd about what they were doing the little girl said,I was licking DS then DS told her to be quiet because they would get in trouble.Now let me just state at this point that my husband & I are very private about our love life & thus far have been spared any embarrassing moments (our DD is 10 Thats pretty good I'd say : ;) )Anyway when my friend pushed a little bit about what was going on they said they were playing dog(they go around on all fours barking and acting like dogs :confused: )Maybe we have to many pets....Moving along the little girl said that she licked his chest,back & butt.(could be cheeks didn't get to deep in that conversation)As far as anyone could tell nothing else seemed to go on.But what my main question is what do I do now.I know that this may seem like nonsense but in my head my 1.DS knew something was wrong if he told her to not say anything.2.don't want to make a bigger deal then what is but feel I need to address this somehow.I just got home from work so I haven't had a chance to personally speak w/my son.I'm probably being melodramatic but I don't want to have things go any further.Any thoughts would be appreciated and I'm sorry this is so long.So if you took the time to read this I appreciate that too.

mitpatsmom 08-15-2005 07:27 AM

Re: Playmate Licking Son...
Let me start by saying "Ewww!"

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, my advice is not to worry about it too much. A lot of dogs have inappropriate sniffing issues, which they seem to get away with. It sounds like the kids were just acting out what they've seen dogs do.

I would, however, sit him down and explain that germs can be spread this way, so to keep from getting sick, they shouldn't do this anymore. Also, remind him about private areas and that no one should be touching/ sniffing/ or licking anywhere in the vicinity of his rear (even if dogs do it).

It would certainly help if your friend had the same (but separate) conversation with her daughter, too.

shmal 08-15-2005 07:40 AM

Re: Playmate Licking Son...
Thanks for your input.Well now here's the new part of this situation.I spoke w/my son this morning and my worst thought has been validated...apparently "another" body part was also licked :eek: .......I again went over the keeping privates private as well as keeping all body parts to ones self.luckly I'm very close to the girls mom but non the less it's an awkward(sp?) situation.I asked my son if some one has done somethinglike this to him ect...He continues to say no and does not show any signs of stress or the like.So I can only assume that it was an innocent act of curiosity.Oh the joys of parenthood :rolleyes:

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