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Cell phones for tweens and teens

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Old 07-13-2006, 09:07 PM   #1
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Sucha HB User
Cell phones for tweens and teens

My daughter is 13 and has been wanting a cell phone for a couple years now. My husband and I have been saying she doesn't need one and won't be getting one til she starts driving and needs one for safety etc. but now it seems that I keep seeing kids her age and even younger with cell phones. I"m beginnging to wonder if we are "depriving" her (if you can call it that). Anyways, I"m just looking for opinions and info on how many of your kids and their friends around 13 have cell phones. Is this the way it is these days- that most kids have cell phones? Let me know, I"m interested in anything anyone has to say!

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Old 07-14-2006, 12:13 AM   #2
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lilsad1 HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

Hey,I am a mom of two.I have a son and daughter and my daughter is 11 going on 12 soon.Me and her father also said no phone untill highschool but gave in and got her one.I am glad we did and have no regrets.I like being able to call her at anytime and know shes ok and safe.Not long ago she was at a friends house and started feeling sick and wanted to come home.For her to ask the father of the girl she was staying with to call home was a big deal because her arm can be falling off and she wont want to come home lol...Anyway this girls father said its to late go to bed your just tired my daughter insisted on calling and the dad got mad and shouted daughter did not even know I had put her cell in her bag before running out the door she was still new to having it and always forgot it. she went into the bag to get her night clothes and saw the phone and called home crying.I got her father to get her and she was running almost 103 fever.Needless to say I was angry and she is not going back there again.My point is I liked knowing she could call me at anytime anyplace for any reason.I always tell her she can use that phone to call me anytime something like that comes up.Now a days I think its so important to know where your kids are at all times.And the kids think its cool to have and they show it off and think there big but to us its a safety thing and Im very happy she has it.I feel safer knowing she can call me anytime she wants.And she does! We went with the plan where each month shes allowed a certain allowance of minutes.When she reaches those minutes the phone shuts down untill the next due date where they take the money out of my bank account.Its only thirty something dollars and she has more than enough minutes each month to use.I tell her when home use the home phone and when out use the cell and try to use it when you really need to, not to call someone to say what are you doing?lol..Even though Im sure she does that too!!I think its a good thing also learning to save enough minutes and teaching responsiblity in a lot of ways.So I know not all parents agree its ok for young girls and boys to get a cell but for us it was right and I am very happy we did it, now when my son gets older he will get one too.He already asks how come he doesn't have one like everyone else in the family and hes only went down and got a little fake one lol...So hes happy at least for now!!!Sorry for rambling on let me know what you decide to do!!

Old 07-16-2006, 11:13 PM   #3
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fifistoosh HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

you know what teenagers are like - they have to be like their friends.

My eldest (11) has a phone, not a top of the range one. Its a small comfort when they are gaining independance, you can keep in touch to find out they are ok. Every one of her friends in her clas have one. My youngest doesn't have one (9) although many in her class do. She doesnt go out alone yet so I don't see the need.

I wouldn't get my daughter an expensive one as I didn't want her to be a target for it to be stolen. Also she has a pay as you go phone - no contract - with only a small amount of money on at any one time. Its great, she does extra chores when she needs it topped up.

Old 07-20-2006, 08:59 PM   #4
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ChinaDina HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

Haha i love coming to the parenting section. :]

Cell phones are perfect. If your kid wants to go somewhere, you can ALWAYS check up on them. if you need them. theyre a phone call away. not to mention if theyre talkers they wont tie up your phone line.

my mom would have shot me by now if it wasnt for my cellphone.

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Old 07-23-2006, 06:14 PM   #5
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lilmsmagic HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

I have to agree with everyone else. My daughter got one at 11. I too said "no cellphones untl your atleast 15". But after needing to get in touch with her several times while she was away, I decided to get her one. That is a very young age for a cell phone, I realize that. But times have changed so much from when I was a kid, that its almost impossible to not keep up. At first, we got her a prepaid phone. She had to do chores and save her money and buy her own minutes. I was trying to teach the value of a dollar to her and trying to prepare her for paying bills in the future, responsibility etc..... That way, if she didnt do her chores, she didnt get paid. Which meant no minutes for the phone. Its also a good way to discipline. Just take it away!! That killed her. All her friends had theirs but she didnt. Later we put her on our plan for like $10 or so. She just pays us her "part" of the bill

Old 08-09-2006, 09:57 AM   #6
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Altson HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

Our two older kids' (12 and 10) friends all have phones. We've had many the discussion, of course our kids want them and we could afford to let them have them or put them on our plan. We will not.

They can have a phone when they have a job and pay for it. If at that time, they'd like to be on our plan to reduce their cost, we'll add them.

If they do not have the responsibility to find a pay phone and call in at designated times, then they shouldn't be out anyway. If they need a phone for "comfort", I don't think they should be out away from their parent either.

I have twice given my son my phone to use when he went on a camping trip with friends' family, to be used only in an emergency.

I feel too many kids see it as a necessity and I don't feel that way. I see lots of parents that use it as a security measure. I feel that's a huge, false sense of security. I also see many, many kids being extremely rude and careless while yacking away or texting. There's enough adults doing the same thing, so I feel cell phones can wait.

Sure, many will say their kid was "saved" by having their cell phone when the house was burning down, they were in a wreck, they were abducted, etc.

What did we all do before there were cells?

Old 08-13-2006, 08:29 PM   #7
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jessmarie HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

HI, I am sixteen, and i have a cell phone but I have had one since i was 11, my little brother who is 12 has a cell phone. Its actually very practical.

I have a friend, who is 15, that does not have a cell phone. Her mother complians all the time that she can never reach her when she is out. Does that sound wierd to you. She actually got grounded once because even though she asked her mom the night before coming to my house, and left her mom a note, since her mom works all day, since her mom couldn't reach her, and yes she has my number, she just never called. I'm like your mom should just get you a cell phone. It would be so much easier.

OoO and if you work for a company, like wachovia, allstate, bank of america, statefarm, a big coorporation, verizon gives GREAT discounts. I just got an upgrade two day ago, with my mother's discount i got a 200 dollar phone for 20 dollars. Isnt that great? So, phones arent that expensive at all.

hope that helped a little

Old 08-16-2006, 08:48 AM   #8
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Tamaralynn HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

My neighbor's daughter just turned 5, and will be attending full day kindergarden. She bought her daughter a cell phone!! I was shocked to see a child so young having a phone, and told her this. But she explained to me that the phone is set up to not dial out, and only to accept calls (ring) from mom's home, work or cell number - no other.

It didn't seem to bad of an idea to me then.

Old 08-18-2006, 10:52 AM   #9
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dewdrop333 HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

They have phones with like 4 buttons on them for mom .. one for dad .. one for grandparents or whatever ...

I think they are a great idea .. no text .. easy to use and ... well ... I would like to know that my daughter can reach me anytime she needs me .. she doenst have to know my phone number at work .. my cell ... or whatever .. just push the button marked MOM and there I am....

I will be getting her one when she starts regualar school ... that is for sure ... they are very inexpensive to add to your plan .. and a big peice of mind for a fussy mom like me.

ALSO, my daughter goes out of state to see her father every so often .. and it will be fantastic to know that I can reach her any time .. or she can call me just to say goodnight ... or tell me what she did that day ... dont have to bug her dad or worry about large phone bills for him ...

Anyway .. thats just me ...
Mother is the word for God on the lips and hearts of children - The Crow

Old 08-23-2006, 08:11 PM   #10
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barton93 HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

My daughter just turned 12 and she too has been asking me for a couple of years for a cell phone, and my response has always been that she won't get one until she is older. My main reason for my response was always because she doesn't drive, and wherever she would be, there would be a phone available (friends' houses). Well, after some thought.........and after seeing every 10 year old in town with a cell phone, I have actually begun thinking differently about it. Not because it is necessarily the "in thing", but more for safety reasons. If she is bike riding or at a park or something to where she isnt in someones house, it would be nice for her to have a phone available to use if she needed to call me.

I've recently begun hearing of a phone that is offered for kids.........and it also has a GPS tracker so that we can physically see where they are. A year ago, I was so against it..........but now I am thinking more for her safety. That is my opinion on it.

Old 08-24-2006, 04:48 AM   #11
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justme1issa HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

I got my son a cell phone when he turned 13. I was very firm with him and told him since he was on our family plan I could see every call he makes and the number of text messages he does. He has a camera phone and loves to take photos. He's very responsible with his phone. I'm the primary person he calls and texts.

I think it is good to start them out early to teach them responsible phone behavior. Because then when he is 16-18 and out more on his own, he know how to treat his phone.

Better now with guidance, than later without.


Old 09-01-2006, 06:05 AM   #12
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hgnsgirl HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

my daughter is 11 and just got hers.Like pretty much everyone else here we thought it best to get her one for our peace of mind not neccesarily hers.

They had a day at school last year were they let out early because of rain and due to the fact that my husband works nights and sleeps days we never knew it (I was reading not watching the TV or listening to the radio) because the school doesn't call home so they were at school for almost an hour and a half waiting for us.That was the day that broke the straw so to speak.

I think the plans you get depends upon the responsibility level of your child.We added hers to ours and told her only for emergencies before 7pm when the minutes are free then she can yak all she wants so far so good.

My son (8) wants one now too but he doesn't go anywhere yet so I told him when he starts middle school he can have one.

Old 09-02-2006, 02:30 PM   #13
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besafe20 HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

I got my cell when I was 17. I also had a car so I think it was needed. I don't think kids need one before they can drive. What for? I think if your kids are too young to drive then you should know where they are at all times anyways. They should also call home to check in if they are going some where without their parents knowing about it. I can't remember feeling like I needed a phone before then anyways. Plus it is just expensive anyways.

Old 09-03-2006, 10:37 AM   #14
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tnmomofive HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

My husband and myself may be getting cells phone's soon.I thought about one for my 13 yr old son also but I know it would have to be one of those for emergency only phones because I KNOW MY SON! lol he would be on the cell constant he tries that with our phones in the home.I think it is alright for SOME kid's though I think it depends on the child if the parent feel's their chld is responsible enough.I would be prepared for the consequences though if turn's out the kid was'nt as responsible as thought.

Old 09-03-2006, 11:16 AM   #15
Dark Stranger
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Dark Stranger HB UserDark Stranger HB UserDark Stranger HB UserDark Stranger HB User
Re: Cell phones for tweens and teens

I don't think teens and younger people actually need cellphones - I mean the previous generation survived just fine without them, right? Granted, I'm 19 and I bought a cellphone to call home from college, but I haven't used it in months because the minutes are so expensive.

Don't worry - as long as your child has a roof over her head, food in her belly, and love from her parents, she is not being deprived in the least. If you feel a cellphone will be beneficial to her, then by all means go and get one for her. Do keep in mind the bill for its use, though - an acquaintance of mine ran up a $500 cellphone bill in one month because she had to call everyone she knew every day and talk for ages. I don't know if her parents paid it or not, but it just goes to show how expensive these things can get.

It's good to be concerned about your daughter's safety, but if you do get her the phone, make sure you speak to her about not abusing the phone - otherwise you might be staring at a 3-digit phone bill.

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