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bridget021182 09-14-2006 08:48 PM

Newborn sleeping problems
My daughter is 2 weeks old and she wont sleep in her bassinett. She is fine with sleeping in her bouncy chair or car seat or on our bed but if I put her in her bed she starts to fuss almost right away. I thought that it might be too hard for her so I put a blanket under the mattress but she still didnt want to sleep in there. Any ideas on why she wont sleep in it?

InsaneMom 09-15-2006 08:13 AM

Re: Newborn sleeping problems
Could it be that your daughter has some sort of issue that makes it uncomfortable to lay where her head and feet are at the same height? I know my nephew had a little reflux that he has since grown out of but he wouldn't sleep in his bassinet or crib for a long time because it must have uspet his stomach to lay flat. In the carseat or bouncer her head is higher and it could be something like this. if this is the problem you could try putting a rolled up towel or blanket under the end of the crib or bassinet that her head goes on and see if that helps. I hope it gets better.. also if you wrap her up in something it could also be that she feels more comfortable in the smaller place because she is still used to small places (like the womb).

lovemybabyboys 09-15-2006 08:14 AM

Re: Newborn sleeping problems
i don't know, it's like they have a sensor on there backs that let them know when they are layed in their own bed. :) both of my boys did this. which is why i ended up co-sleeping. which is much easier if you breastfeed. which in your other post i read that you do, so that may be an option, but if that's not for you, i understand. i have a friend that breastfeed and she didn't want to co-sleep and her baby wouldn't sleep in his bed, so her baby slept in his carseat by their bed for the first 2 months. she kept saying, i feel like a bad mom. i kept telling her don't, he sleeping fine, just not in his bed, he will eventually. it just took time to get him used to the bed, and now at 6 months he sleeps all night in his bed. so don't worry, she will eventually get there, just keep trying and trying. maybe you could try to put a recieving blanket in the dryer to warm it up and put it in her bed before you lay her down. this used to work for us during nap time. they like the warmth of our bodies, so it's less of a change of being put down in a cold bed.
good luck and take care

sem627 09-15-2006 04:39 PM

Re: Newborn sleeping problems
None of my babies liked the bassinet in the beginning. I think it's overwhelming for them after coming out of the womb. All mine first started in the carseat for all their sleeping. Don't feel bad, just do what works. Mine slept in theirs for the first 3 weeks or so...all the time.

With my son, who is now four months old, I had to alter the bassinet to make it seem like the carseat. First I elevated the head of the bassinet mattress. Then I put in a head support from the carseat, those triangle wedge things at the side, and at the bottom I had a receiving blanket that I rolled up like a snake and made a U shape that went under his feet and up the sides (my friend who used to work in a NICU told me that trick). I put a larger receiving blanket on top of this and pulled it tight and put it under the mattress. Then I would swaddle him and lay him in this little "cacoon". He loved it. Sounds like a lot (well, I guess it was), but it really worked.

When I was ready to transistion him to his crib, I moved the bassinet into his room and left it as is for a couple nights. Then I slowly over a few nights started to remove things, first the elevation thing, then the side wedges, the blanket at the bottom and then finally the head rest until he was sleeping in just the regular bassinet. Finally, I moved him into his crib. He sleeps all night and takes great naps.

I will say this too. I know the belly for sleeping is forbidden, but my son would only sleep that way to nap. If I put him on his back he would wake up in minutes. For some reason, at night he was fine on his back. Lucky for me because I was able to sleep knowing he was on his back. But during the day I would put him on his belly on a blanket in the living room so I could keep a close eye on him. He did "face plant" himself many times and we would have to turn his head over to the side. Eventually I moved him into his crib for napping and still put him on is belly during the day and on his back at night. He is rolling over now, so I don't worry about him check him as much during the day and he is still great sleeping on his back at night. The napping on the belly was what I had to was either small catnaps all day on his back or good 3 hours naps on his belly. Which would you choose?

I really wouldn't worry about a 2 week old not sleeping in the bassinet though. Do what works and whatever allows you to get the best rest for yourself.

youngmom_2 09-15-2006 05:50 PM

Re: Newborn sleeping problems
I would definately try to elevate one end of the mattress in the bassinet but if baby still won't sleep there, it's not at all bad to just let him/her sleep in their carseat. That's what we did with my son and he turned out just fine. ;)

Karen W. 09-20-2006 10:56 PM

Re: Newborn sleeping problems
My daughter was like that, she loved to fall asleep in her infant chair but put he in her crib or bassinet, she would cry, with her it was all about being snug, having the sides of her body supported like she would be when she was in the baby chair, so I rolled two recieving blankets and put them on each side of her when she was in the bassinet and then she was fine, she slept, I think they feel insecure, they were living in a small area for 9 months, that is when they are used two

Dragon Fly 09-25-2006 05:29 AM

Re: Newborn sleeping problems
My daughter is 19mts and for the first 6weeks she slept in her pram on a feather pillow which moulded to her body. She wasn't a great sleeper in her cot she preferred to sleep in our bed, which she did. It has only been the last 5 nights that she has slept in her own cot, with the side removed.

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