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galinaqt 10-29-2006 09:20 PM

eye infection
My 3 y old has red eye and white discharge. I wonder could kids cosmetic cause it, it said that it is all natural and harmless on the box.
Also nurse on the phone told us that she shouldn't be exposed to kids for 24 h. Tomorrow we will take her to the doctor.
Does somebody have this kind of experience?

angelique5 10-29-2006 11:42 PM

Re: eye infection
sounds like pinkeye (conjunctivitis)...fairly common in children... may not be from the 3, I'd think more from touching something and rubbing her eyes. It's very contagious though, if it, be aware to wash your hands, don't share towels with her, etc..

I got i from one of my children once... horrible!

She'll probably just get some drops, or goo to put in her eyes a few times a day, then it will heal up really fast!

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