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louisir 08-11-2003 07:49 PM

5 yr old peeing and pooping on floors
my 5 yr old has recently started peeing on the floor for no reason i even caught him trying to poop in his grandmothers bathroom trash can which he got in trouble for then later that night my wife found poop smeared on the bathroom floor when we ask him he says he dosnt know why he does it and says he is just a real bad boy after everything is done he promises he wont do it again but tonight he had peed on his bedroom floor for no reason please help

jboon 08-11-2003 09:45 PM

Bodily functions are one of the few things young children truly have control over, kind of like an adolescent with an eating disorder. My guess would be that it has to do with your son wanting control, and is more of an emotional issue than a physical one.

HERMIT 08-12-2003 11:24 AM

Perhaps something scared him while using the toilet--or he heard something from a friend which is making him reluctant. Don't confront him with direct questions--especially since he already seems to be humiliated about it. Try to get him to talk about it--maybe while bathing him or before going to sleep. He sounds like he got scared for some reason or other.

Baboo 08-12-2003 12:19 PM

I just called my daughter after reading your post. I had to share this with her! She has a 5 yr old and a 10 month old. When she was pregnant with her newest little one, the 5 year old suddenly started urinating in the floor for no apparent reason. When questioned, like your child, he had no answer other than I don't know. We surmised that perhaps it was due to the pregnancy; maybe he was seeking a little attention. This behavior has sporadically continued over the past few months, still with no answer from him as to why?!

I am still inclined to believe that this behavior was an attempt for attention, so I wonder if anything new has happened in your household and maybe your child feels in need for some attention. (I'm sure you give him/her plenty of attention as do my daughter and son-in-law, but maybe your child perceives things differently???)

Anyway, it was helpful to my daughter to hear of your post. It gave her some peace to know that her child is not the only one experiencing this. I have 3 children and remember that age 5 was a difinitive age for each of them. They did not do the peeing thing, but each had their own "thing" that "proved" their independence of me. Maybe that's it? "I'm a big kid now and don't need you to tell me where to pee"???

Good luck. From our experience I know this is a troubling bump in the road. Hopefully that's all it is and they'll bump on over soon!

Take care.

yoga1st 08-13-2003 12:56 AM

i have a friend whose child did that , if she wasn't right there when he went in the toilet he would fish it out and go finger paining! one day when she was on the phone with me i heard her yelling at him and she told me he did it again i told her to make him help clean it up,, he's 7 now and is still a nightly bed wetter but he doesn't smear his poop anymore

babyinmybelly 08-14-2003 12:16 PM

My 5 yr old son is doing this too! It's so good to hear others are dealing with this! My son poops in the toliet but will pee in tub, the trash can or the floor. It drives me nuts. We have 3 bathrooms in our house and he will generally make his messes in his upstairs bathroom.
We have tried making him clean up his own messes and that worked for awhile. But once he started it again we decided that he can no longer go potty in the upstairs bathrooms and when he goes in the downstairs one he has to tell us and we will stand and watch. He doesn't like this but I told him I don't like cleaning his "stuff" up off the floor.
I too am pregnant with our 4th son so I wonder if it could be an emotional thing. But it seems he does it b/c his big brother finds it hilarious. I don't know yet.
Maybe together we can come up w/solutions!

Jack edd Christmas day!!

*SoccerMom* 08-14-2003 08:20 PM

My daughter just started K-5 and we received a note home yesterday about several of the children using the restroom (not just peeing) on the floor in their class restroom. Some of them had smeared it on stuff. They found that it was more than one child. We received a note from the nurse about the fact it was a behavior issue that was brought on by the separation trama of starting school. I asked the teacher if my daughter was one of the children since I received a note, but she told me no. However, the nurse said that sometimes children do this at home as well as a control issue. I'm sorry I didn't help much but I did want to let you know that it does seem to be a common thing since several children are doing it from just her class alone. Best of Luck! This has to be extremely difficult........I thought changing bed linens after an accident was a PAIN! ;)

IHATEMEME 09-27-2003 11:55 PM

Yeah I have a cousin with A.D.H.D and he is really hyper and he does this possibly for fun

I just rub his nose in it?
never did it again ;)

LinseyM 09-28-2003 08:10 PM

Rubbing his nose in it doesn't sound very sanitary and could cause tons of illnesses. I don't know if you were serious or not. Sorry if you were kidding!

I had a neighbor who went through the same thing. He was scared of the toilet though. It passed soon. This too, shall pass.

IHATEMEME 09-28-2003 08:46 PM

I was being facitious I dont rub his nose in it.But it seems like its only on and off like he is experimenting with different feelings I cant explane it and I cant explane your child doing it all the time maybe you should go with him to the bathroom once and a while and show him its ok.

Wanda the Mommy 07-31-2005 03:08 PM

Re: 5 yr old peeing and pooping on floors
I'm so happy to hear that my child isn't that abnormal because she pees on the floor. My four year old is very intelligent, and she has been potty trained since she was 14 months old but I just found out that she has been using a spot in her room as a toilet. When I questioned her she said that she wanted a bathroom in her room and she thought the corner she was using was a good place to put a potty. We had a family meeting and at that time I found out that my six year old had also peed on the floor once. My four year old had done it many times though. I sent them to their rooms for the day and when I talked to my girls again my six year old said she was embarrassed and wouldn't do it again because it wasn't a bathroom. When I asked my four year old if she would pee on the floor again she said no because she didn't want to have to talk to me and her dad again about it. I thought we had it all settled but last night I went into my oldest daughters room and there was a glass on the floor with pee in it and my four year old readily admitted that she did it. I "grounded" her by making her stay with me or her dad for the whole day. I really dont' know what else to do at all. I am going to call her doctor in the morning but does anyone else have any suggestions?

Ellecram 08-11-2005 11:03 PM

Re: 5 yr old peeing and pooping on floors
It is always a good idea to have your child checked out by a doctor to rule out any organic maladies that might be impacting this behavior.
If you are totally overwhelmed and nothing seems to be working - most mental health clinics will do an evaluation and, based on their findings, can recommend some in home therapy coordinated by a behavior specialist. I have seen this done with children as young as 3.

pkjuan 08-16-2005 11:22 PM

Re: 5 yr old peeing and pooping on floors
About 3 months ago, my 6 yr old son started to pee on the floor at night. When I caught him in the act, he did not seem to be fully awake. He would deny it ever happend the next morning.

Is this something that he would out grow? Should I punish him for it ?

LOUISIR, is you child still peeing on the floor at the night ?

Please help! I am at wits end...


MUKYDAZ 08-29-2005 03:30 PM

Re: 5 yr old peeing and pooping on floors
This was happening to friends of ours 2 years ago where there 5 yr old was sitting on the floor and ******* and pooping himself on a regular basis,they had him checked and found out that he was just lazy and had to be made to go to the toilet hourly whether he wanted to go or not thus he would get bored of doing this and stop doing it in his pants for attension,but to no joy as this made him worse to the point he would sit on the toilet for 5 mins then get off and do it on the floor,not long after this our friend went into hospital and he came along with his sister to stay at our house for 5 days,from day 1 we told him no more :nono: but on the evening of the 1st day he stood in our front room and peed on the sofa,my wife told him off and sent him to bed and when we talked decided that he was probably seeking real attension to his needs which he wasnt getting at home,on day 2 my youngest boy [5] was in trouble and was taken into the room for a spank,he seemed to be looking at the attension my son was getting and seemed to be craving the attension that my son got ,after speaking to his mother who told us she didnt have time for giving any real time to her kids for the work she was doing at home,we then decided that we would on the next occasion of him weeing or pooing that we would sit him down and talk to him and if we felt it was needed we would give him a good spanking
the next day he got up in the morning to find he had ****** in the cupboard and **** on his bed,my wife sat him down and talked to him for about 30 minutes which seemed to bring out all his reasons for what he did and the lack of any punishment for what he was doing made him want to do it again my wife then decided that what was needed was a major spanking for him and then after taking down his pants and putting him over her knee she spanked him severely until he was screaming,he was spanked 2 more times up to going home and when he went home he never ****** or pooed himself again as he was told by us that if he did we would come to his house and do it again to him[he now had the attension he craved] :)

ivy12231981 07-19-2007 10:42 AM

Re: 5 yr old peeing and pooping on floors
I dont understand why my 5 yr old son always pee and poop on the floor in his room... You use to live with my mother and when his father and I would go and see him he would bring use to his room and as soon as you walked in thats all you could smell was pee and poop... He came home and he was fine for about a week or 2 and then went to peeing and pooping in his room... How do I stop it??? His room is right next to the bathroom and I have put a night lite in there and it has not worked... I dont know what to do... Please help me

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