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Stilenohio 07-18-2010 07:02 AM

Autism and sexuality
I am looking for more parents who are having this problem as well. My 13 year old has recently been caught in a simalure situation and we are now facing legal issues because of it. I need as much information as possible to ensure that he gets the help that he needs and not a jail term!!! Please Help

Little Miss T 08-25-2010 05:43 PM

Re: Autism and sexuality
Hi there,
With the syndrome, I believe, repetitions are frequently formed, so this could become a habit, if not already. I would advise that you do not stress to him, elaborating on the topic, but be very wary of what he has access to (for example: restricted websites) and when he does approach the topic, talk him through the precautions neccessery. Do you openly talk about sex? If not at this age, would you feel comfortable doing so with him in future, or would you feel embarassed? Do you feel confident that you could approach his teacher about it?

Also, make sure you know of his friends, their reputation, and influences. Peer pressure and genuine curiosity would definately dominate here if not investigated.

I hope I might have helped in some way! x

weaver464 09-27-2010 06:16 PM

Re: Autism and sexuality
We are out here and share your concerns my son is 17 and on probation I live in a small backward community and have limited resources to help my son here. However there are therapists and and this is hard but residential homes that specialize in these behaviors. Nobody ever tells us we will be faced with any of these problems, people will share a lot about autism but not the facts about sexuality. These kids cannot read social situations how are the supposed to read the sexual ones. So called normal adults have a hard time with it. I cannot say that therapy has helped my son much I just watch him like a hawk. I don't know if this helps but I did not want you to feel like you are alone in this I have felt that way for 6 years.

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