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WhenItRains 11-17-2011 03:15 PM

Losing my mind!!
My daughter,who is 14, cut her wrist two days ago.They weren't severe cuts,but there was about 5 of them.I was out of the house at the time and when I came home she was hysterical.

All of this because she hates school and doesn't want to go back...I can't blame her,I always hated school too.She says she has no friends and people make fun of her.Even teachers make snide,biting comments to her and embarrass her in front of the class.
My daughter has had abdominal migraines since she was 3,so she has always missed a lot of school.The older she gets the less sympathetic the teachers are and the more other kids call her names like a loser for missing so much school.
She has a VERY low self esteem even though my husband and I are constantly trying to bolster her up.

So now I'm trying desperately to figure out a way to keep her out of school,but my stupid state's laws make it almost impossible.
I don't know what to do.I'm scared if I make her go back to school,
next time she tries something it won't be a "cry for help".

And of course,all of this has to happen while I'm between medications and having serious anxiety myself already.My husband is no help really...
I'm the one who has to talk to all these teachers and doctors.
In reality I don't want to talk to anyone! I just want to go crawl in a hole.

Anyways,I made an appointment with a psychiatrist to evaluate my daughter on Monday.I hope they can tell me what I'm supposed to do.
My daughter is freaking out she doesn't want to go to school,
and the school is pushing me saying I don't have much of a choice.

Hard place + rock=me.

When it rains it really does pour

Foxxii 11-17-2011 04:02 PM

Re: Losing my mind!!
I don't know what state you live in, but is it at all possible for her to be home schooled? That may be your best option right now if it's allowed. But you did the right thing by setting her up to talk to a psychiatrist, there she will be able to get everything that she's keeping bottled up, out in the open, with no one judging her. It must be very hard for you right now going through the changing meds, and all the anxiety that comes with it. I feel for you! You're doing a great job at handling all of this. It just shows how much of a good mom you are! Hang in there, you'll get through this! ((HUGS)) Fox

WhenItRains 11-17-2011 10:44 PM

Re: Losing my mind!!
Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply.:)

It seems like home schooling may be the only option.I live in Maryland and I will have to be supervised by the superintendent 3 times a year and provide a portfolio showing everything I'm teaching which has to be on par with what the schools teach.
I'm not the smartest person in the world,but I think I could do it...It's just really confusing :confused:

This stuff always seems to happen at the worst times.

Foxxii 11-18-2011 06:08 AM

Re: Losing my mind!!
They also have what is called cyber charter school, where she will perform all of her school work on the computer, and there are teachers online. That's just another option, so you won'thave to do it yourself. I believe it's free too. That might be something you can check into also. I hope you're feeling better! God bless, Fox

I also forgot to add that a friend of mine had her son do this, and they send a free laptop and pay for the internet connection.

WhenItRains 11-18-2011 09:09 AM

Re: Losing my mind!!
Thanks Foxxi! I'am feeling better today...just gonna take things one day at a time.
I will absolutely look into the cyber charter school! That actually does sound like a great option.My daughter is on the computer all the time anyways:)

Thanks so much for your advice and support! Every little bit helps right now

Belly Kelly 11-20-2011 07:50 PM

Re: Losing my mind!!
YES! Cyber Charter school is the way to go. It is completely FREE! Take her out of school, get her the help she needs, and work with her. Maybe get her involved in a class or activity she likes. What are her hobbies? Does she like to paint, act, work with animals, etc.? Maybe she can volunteer at a local rescue or the SPCA. What about volunteering at a hospital or with the elderly? She needs some kind of socialization. Do you attend church or does she have any friends?

Best of luck...she will be on the road to recovery once she sees the psychiatrist.

WhenItRains 11-21-2011 03:17 PM

Re: Losing my mind!!
Thanks a bunch,Kelly belly.I'm definitely looking into it as an option.

A bit of an update:
I got my daughter in today at the therapy place and she is starting therapy for 3 hours 5 days a week.It will be considered "after school",but I have not sent her back to regular school yet.
I'm having the psychiatrist fill out an application for something called home and hospital where my daughter will have a teacher come to our house 3 days a week to teach her for 60 days.
I really hope we get approved for it,and then after 60 days maybe I will know what I'm gonna do long term for her.
It seemed to go really well though.At the therapy place the people were super nice,and they do a lot of art there which my daughter loves.

She starts tomorrow from 3pm-6pm,so we'll see how it goes!

Foxxii 11-21-2011 04:03 PM

Re: Losing my mind!!
Glad to hear things are going pretty smooth for you! Keep us posted on how she's making out. Sending well wishes, Fox

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