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BECKS310 12-08-2011 06:31 PM

what can i do!!!
Hello everyone im 19 weeks preganant and lately my 3 kids have been acting up for no reason my daugther is 18 years old and my other daughter is 13 and i also have a 9 year old boy and they all seem to fight.. I just cant stand it rite now that im pregnant ... Any advice on what should i do ??? i would really aprecciate it Thank you....

shmoo32 12-09-2011 11:47 AM

Re: what can i do!!!
Maybe you could sit down with them and have a family chat. Explain to them that as a family we need to work to resolve our differences especially now that your pregnant. Tell them that you will give them the opportunity to work it out and if they can't you will help them work it out by doling out consequences to each person who is fighting regardless of who started it. My kids are younger, so when they start up I say "you need to work it out or everyone is going to a time-out". Then I usually remove the toy their fighting over and put it in time out also. Since your kids are older, you may have to remove privledges for a period of time instead. Whatever you decide, you need to follow through and do it every time as soon as the fighting starts, before it escalates. If they see that it's something that you will do each and every time, they will get with the program. It also teaches them how to problem solve. Hope this helps.

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