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AwesomeBoyMom 01-25-2012 03:39 PM

9yr old boy biting himself
My 9yr old son bit himself in school. I noticed his bite marks on his arms when he was getting out of the shower the other night and asked him what happenned to him, he replied that he bit him self to release his anger because his teacher made him do an assignment twice. I told him that was not cool and that we would talk about this later. I have not started the conversation about it because I don't know how to approach the issue. Please help, any suggestions?

marisuela 02-26-2012 10:33 AM

Re: 9yr old boy biting himself
Did you ever approach him about this? Has he done it since then?

I don't want to alarm you, but it sounds like you have a fairly normal, healthy kid on your hands! He knew not to talk back to his teacher, or to act out in his frustration, so he quietly released his frustrations the only way he knew how to without getting himself into trouble.

Now, would I recommend you encourage him to continue that behavior? Absolutely not! He needs to find a way to be able to release his anger and frustration in a non-destructive way. Deep breathing and counting 1-10, and then 10-1 usually helps. Squeezing his hands into a fist and tightening all the muscles in his body and slowly releasing them as he counts is a help, too. I've heard that scrunching or tearing up a piece of paper can help, but I'd worry that it might end up being a sheet of homework or other important school paper that got torn up, and that wouldn't help anything!

It's something you might want to talk to his teacher about, if you haven't already. The teacher might have better ideas of how a kid can release anger and frustration without distracting the class or hurting himself or others.

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