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goldeneyes 06-24-2009 08:03 PM

histrionic personality disorder?
So I started dating this man less than a week ago. He works with me but in a different department. He came over on Friday to hang out and help me grill steaks. He talked for awhile and then kissed. Then he started to be too agressive and it frightened me. I was able to stop him. He also said that he loved me. I told him that he does not know me well enough to be in love with me. He told me I cannot tell him how he feels and went on about that for awhile. It was really late so I agreed to let him spend the night (bad move). And I had sex with him (really bad move). He said that he wanted to get me pregnant and meant it. I'm on birth control so I am not concerned about getting pregnant. He also said he planned on getting married to me.
The next day at work I was stressed out really bad. I actually hit a coworker and then broke down crying from the stress of what happened.
I was able to work things out with him later. We were getting along pretty well and started to move towards a relationship. He's really extroverted and I like extroverted men. He said he told some coworkers about us and said we should make up some story to tell all our coworkers about how wonderful our relationship like him taking me to fancy restaurants, etc. I said I did not want to lie. We agreed to say we are dating but not give details.
After work today I called him and got his voice mail. I left him a message for him to call me. Then a male friend stopped over to talk. He took me on a few errands and then back to my house where we talked. I said I was concerned about my boyfriend since he had not called me back. So I tried calling him again and he answered. I talked for a minute or two and told him I would call him back in a little while. He asked if I had company. I said yes. He asked who. I told him my friend's name and told my friend to say hi. My friend is a complete gentleman and wouldn't try to make a move on me. These two men are like night and day. My boyfriend asked him a few questions and my friend assured him that nothing was going on and that we were just friends. I got back on the phone and my boyfriend is screaming and making crying sounds. I told my friend he needed to go. So he left. I tried talking to my boyfriend asking him to calm down and reason with me. He insists that I must have slept with my friend. I deny it and insist that we are just friends. I say that he needs to realize that I have friends who I talk to. I say that he has friends also. I says he has no friends only me. I remind him he has a friend who called him one time we were hanging out. He says that was a fake friend. He says I broke his heart and that my friend stole me from him.
Does this sound like histrionic personality disorder to you?

Anyway, obviously this relationship is not going to work out. I think I picked the wrong man.

Seraph 06-25-2009 01:19 AM

Re: histrionic personality disorder?
RUN LIKE HELL!!!!! But prepare to be stalked; this guy is a nut. I hop you come out of it OK, Sera.

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