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rons01715 05-18-2010 10:09 AM

talking himself and laughing
My younger brother who is 15 talking and laughing himself every moment up to sleep. He has no good sleep,when he ready to go to sleep and then he wake up. Sometimes he has a nightmare. He walks alone in night without sleep. He doesnt take his food oftenly. For this reason he's going to weak and breaking down his health. He told me that he saw a girl at night when he was in his study. He also told me that he heard her voice and saw her and he started to talk with her. He passed his maximum time in bathroom. I brought him to doctor and the doctor gave me some medical test such as: MRI,brain scanning. But the doctor didnt find any clue of his problem. But he's moved as general as I do but problem of talking and laughing himself. He has some bad habits such as: smoking,unattention with his study,masturbuting.

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