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Dark Stranger 04-19-2004 05:16 PM

Getting over my phobia
I know most, if not all, people have phobias of one sort or another. Mine is a less common one, but it's still there and I'm very embarrassed about it because it's more of a child's fear than an adolescent's fear or an adult's fear.

I have a terrible fear of thunderstorms...tiny little summer thundershowers don't bother, but the really loud ones with lightning and those ominous looking cumulonimbus clouds really frighten me. When they're about the horizon I start to get horrible chills and start shaking uncontrollably. I usually hide my whole self in a blanket to shield my eyes, and I end up sweating because it's summer (d'oh!). And if that disclaimer comes across the bottom of the TV screen about a tornado then I almost break into tears and I usually get scared enough to hide in the basement until it blows over.

In all honesty, I don't know how or why I developed such a bizarre phobia. I have never seen a tornado in real life, nor has there ever been one around here that I have ever heard of. But I have had numerous nightmares and general dreams about them because of my fear.

No one else in my family (or that I know for that matter) has this fear, so I find it very difficult to try and share it with anyone. Does anyone know if there's a way I can begin to overcome this fear? Because summer is just around the bend, and I'm already starting to get shaky thinking about oncoming storms. Please help?

Dark Stranger

pinkie1234 04-19-2004 05:50 PM

Re: Getting over my phobia
its not that bazaar. i am afraid of thunder too. not to the extent that you are but i still jump when i hear thunder and just want it to go away. alot of my friends pretend not to be afraid but i see the fear in their eyes when they hear thunder. the only time i am not afraid is when i am trying to comfort someone else. i have 2 little kids now so that has helped me alot because it keeps my mind off it. i know it is hard not to think about it but maybe try to do something that you love to do and that might help you keep your mind off of it... do you have a fav movie or game. try not to be alone durring the time you are afraid becuasewhen you are alone its easier for your mind to play tricks on you.

wattagirl 04-24-2004 09:58 PM

Re: Getting over my phobia
i also have this fear-before i had children i would also hide somewhere with a pillow over my head-i would take my dog with me-lol-and to this day she is terrified of storms also-i now have 2 small children so i have to act less afraid because i don't want them to feel this way-it is a horrible feeling-i used to love spring but now all i think of is the thunderstorms that pop up and all those dang tornado warnings-i don't understand this fear myself as i don't ever remember being this way when i was younger-i used to live down south and went through a hurricane or 2 so who knows-my fear has increased in the last 6-7 years-but i also don't remember all these tornado warnings one right after the other either-do oyu-anyway you now know you aren't alone

Liliput 04-24-2004 10:44 PM

Re: Getting over my phobia
Being afraid of loud thunder is far from bizarre. I believe that humans are born with only 2 ingrained fears...fear of falling and fear of loud noises.

I hate bad storms too. And I do the " Uh-oh, tornado warning !" thing too. I think that as we get older, we watch more t.v. (i.e the news) which in turn has us all watching about the town that just got mowed over by a raging tornado. As kids, we never watched the news, so we really didn't hear of such things. One of those "what you don't know..." kind of things.

If you fear spring/summer weather, you're not alone. There are a bunch of us cowering right along with you. :)

abbygirl2 04-29-2004 02:41 AM

Re: Getting over my phobia
I was terrified of storms as a child, I would make my entire family go to bed because I thought we would be safe if we were asleep. Now as an adult I am still afraid of storms. I am not afraid of thunder(although it can make me jump) nor am I afraid of lightening. Its the wind that I am afraid of. As soon as I see the wind picking up I get nervous. I have hauled my kids in the middle of a storm to my parent's house, so we(I) wouldn't be alone. My fear isn't really storms, just tornados, yet I have never seen one.
I don't know how to get over this fear and like you, with summer approaching I am beginning to feel nervous again.

You are definitely not alone with this one....

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