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SolidSnake320 11-14-2005 04:14 PM

Really Scared of going to the doctors tomorrow.. DiabeticPHOBIA
I have been having this bad cough, and I spit up blood a couple of times.. I am 19 years old, and I don't smoke or anything like that...
I have had trouble breathing aswell like shortness of breath, and some chest and back pains, and yesterday, at work I had a sharp pain like a needles being pushed in the bone in the center of my chest. Also, I had body aches, and also soar joints and soar arms and legs occasionally. I have also had swollen lymph nodes, they ache sometimes.. Also I have been feeling very tired.. It's like a really bad flu or something..

And BTW: is going to the restroom more than once like 3 times in 2 hours bad?? Not big emergencies, but I also have this little personal silly problem.. If I ever feel a slight urge to pee, I go just to get rid of it. I go b4 I eat cuz I can't enjoy a meal with that pressure sensation. It's like a weird habbit that I just don't like having that sensation, even if it' just well.. A few drops I needed to let out..
Well, I am going to the doc tomorrow, and I am deathly scared..
My aunt has been diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago. My mom was concerned about me.. I am alittle overweight but not bad, I am not obese, just kind of a big guy, with some extra fat. Just kind of have a big appetite :p .. She had me do a blood test, I came out ok, but my doc said to just watch what you eat cuz I was alittle close to the limit or something I forgot what exactly she said. But since then I was scared of going to the doc for a blood test.. :(

We do drink soda a few times a week. And also, at high school I perticipated in P.E. alot harder this time around. And for about a couple of months I did the treadmill(if that is how you spell it, that one running maching from nortictrack) for a mile everyday. That was last winter, I have not really watched myself after my mom got breast cancer. My life went into a standstill.. I just did not feel like caring about myself anymore, just carrying about her and hoping for her to get better. Well she is better, but now I am worried about going to the doctors.. Which is why I deny that I feel sick when ever I am sick sometimes.. (just colds and flues)..
The thing is I am very scared of being diagnosed. It's not really just the fact that I would have to have injections.
It's also MAINLY the fact that it was my fault, I could have prevented it. I would feel ashamed and embarrassed. Everyone would be like "I told you so".

Now please for any diabetics out ther don't take this the wrong way.. It's just some mentality that has pleaged the back of my head. Everytime I heard the term diabetic, I always think about it being a shameful disease. A "fat man's disease"..
I know this is not entirely true cuz it is genetic aswell so it's not always people's fault. And sometimes it just happens.

But for me, it would be soo devastating. I would thinking to myself "you fata** idiot, you could have stopped this!". I would feel ashamed of myself. I would have no one to blame but myself. It would feel like a punishment..

I hope none of you take it the wrong way. I know it's not everyone's fault they get this, and I know that there is people who watch out for their healt but can still get it. These were just thoughts I needed to vent out..
Sorry if I offended anyone :( ..

HELLASRULES 11-14-2005 05:38 PM

Re: Really Scared of going to the doctors tomorrow.. DiabeticPHOBIA
Solid Snake,
First of all, please don't beat yourself up so. Whatever is going on is not necessarily your fault, or anyone else's. Things happen, for no reason whatsoever. So, first see your doctor and find out what's going on. You first need to find out why you are having chest pains and coughing up blood. This doesn't sound diabetes related. It could be from a recent cold, or bronchitis, tuberculosis, any number of things...let your doctor figure it out.
It's understandable to have a little health anxiety after having your mom go thru breast cancer. So its easy to think the worst. The best thing to do is see your doctor and find out about the cough & chest pain, and find out what to do about that. Have your blood sugar checked again, and if it is high, then deal with it then.
Try not to jump to the worst conclusions first. Find out what is going on and deal with it one step at a time.
Hope you feel better soon, and good luck at the doctors. Be honest with him, too.
They aren't there to judge you in anyway, they are there to help.

Kari7171 11-14-2005 09:42 PM

Re: Really Scared of going to the doctors tomorrow.. DiabeticPHOBIA
One thing I wanted to mention is type II diabetes which comes from being overweight and having a bad diet and getting older is mainly controlled with a healthy diet and getting your weight down. My mom has it and she has never had to have shots or anything like that. She just cannot eat certain foods anymore and has to keep her weight down and exercise. So if you got that type eventually it's not a sentence of having to have shots. So try not to worry about that. It would be good to try to have a healthy diet and go back to exercising now though. Just to ensure in the future that you do not develope that type of diabetes. Don't worry about being tested for it though. Like the other poster said the symptoms you are describing have nothing to do with diabetes. My mom had none of those symptoms you are describing. I have had those symptoms though from having a really bad cold before and I do not have diabetes.

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