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lifesnotchess 09-29-2006 12:18 AM

Massive dental phobia
Has anyone else ever had problems with this? I have not been to the dentist in almost 5 years and it seems the longer I wait the worse my phobia develops. I don't know what to do about it because I really need to be treated. My phobia is so bad I even have nightmares about my teeth rotting out. I know I cant avoid the dentist forever and that its likely theyve seen people worse than me, but I need to find a way to get through this. I am worse than a small child. Help!

Lenin 09-29-2006 06:41 AM

Re: Massive dental phobia
I share your pain.

I have been dreaming/nightmaring about teeth every time I get involved with dentistry.

I had a dentist tell me, "We make it as painless as possible."
And I said to him, "it's not the's the horrible expense and the fear of incompetent work that makes matters worse, increases costs over and over again for the same tooth and results in tooth loss anyway."

As a child, I never found the dentist anything more than a mere annoyance, but as I progressed from one ham-handed quack to another and suffered from horrible and overpriced work, I slowly developed what I can only describe as TERROR. The really awful thing is that unless we want to suffer the consequences from NO dentistry we must deal with the nightmare. For me, it is a close call as to which nightmare is the more frightening prospect.

(If there WAS a God, we'd have all been born with a set of 32 perfect STAINLESS STEEL TEETH!)

<Just typing in this forum actually gives me heart palpitations...get the magnesium!>

katzfriend 09-29-2006 07:13 AM

Re: Massive dental phobia
Find a dentist that uses oral sedation and get all your teeth fixed in one sitting, if possible. Make sure you find the best dentist possible! Ask friends, look on the internet etc. Go as soon as possible. I avoided the dentist for several years and was like you, after I went I was still really nervous before each follow up appointment, but it was never as bad as before the first visit after many years.

I feel like the previous poster, the pain isn't the major issue. I am afraid that I'll need some type of denture someday. But I am also afraid that the dentist is not doing good work and it will cost more and more and in the end I will be broke! Dental insurance, at least most of it, seems to be a joke in this country. Ours pays only $1000 a year, that doesn't even pay for one whole root canal and crown. Let alone a bridge, if you needed a tooth pulled. I was in a car accident as a passenger 20 years ago and it knocked half of my 4 lower front teeth half off. So they had to do root canals on those teeth and put crowns on them. Recently I had an abscess under one of the roots of the teeth. They did a retreatment and now I am so worried that this won't do the trick and I'll need to get the tooth pulled. And then what... the dentist is worried about a bridge, because one of the teeth next to that one, is a root canaled broken tooth too and he is afraid the bridge would fail. Implants don't always work either and that would leave me with what? If I had unlimited funds it all wouldn't be as stressful.

brook65 09-29-2006 10:27 AM

Re: Massive dental phobia
I can totally relate to everyone here.

I also have a total phobia of dentists. Also like everyone else it is not the pain, just the thought of losing something which can never be replaced.

My worst fear is losing my teeth, I have suffered from nightmares for years about my teeth all falling out together etc etc. When I wake in the morning, I feel my teeth and think thank god that was just another dream.

But the fear is that one day, it will happen and I will not be dreaming.

Some people can except the losing of teeth, where some can't. You hear so many horror stories of dentists extracting teeth that another dentist could save, it makes the fear worse.

To the OP the first thing I would do, is look for a good dentist, ask freinds and family to recommend.

When you do get the courage to go, ask your doctor for a tranquilliser, that will help you big time.

I know how you feel, your not alone. Take care and good luck:)

wintersun 10-01-2006 05:10 AM

Re: Massive dental phobia
Seriously- you guys make me LOL, but it's not funny!!!

tawyna 10-04-2006 08:52 PM

Re: Massive dental phobia
i have a horrible phobia of dentists to. i just had cavities and a crown done. i was so nervous. i am glad to know i am not the only one who nightmares about their teeth falling out. my phobia is worse now that i am older.

Chindit 10-05-2006 08:30 AM

Re: Massive dental phobia
Havent been to a Dentist in 15 years - yes. At that time I had four cavities - now i have one cavity and three totally decayed molars. still hve to find a dentist that i would be comfy with. Can anyone point out good dentists in NOrthern Wilmington?

bandit122 11-03-2006 09:37 PM

Re: Massive dental phobia
I 2 Have a Massive Fear to The Point of Thinking i was Having a Heart Attack
But I Recently Found a Dentist in N Little Rock Arkansas That Made me Feel Comfortable and As Relaxed as I Possible Could Be..He Did Give Me a Valium Before Hand But I Still Felt Comfortable With Him.
I Was Terrified My Whole Life and My Teeth's Condition Proved It, Anyway I Had 24 Teeth Pulled at 1 Time With Novacainne and Nitrious (Plus the Valium)
He Was Gentle and His Nurse was Great They Treated Me Really Well.
He Treated me Great and Understood My Fear and Took Good Care of Me:) :)

NutzandBoltz 11-03-2006 10:20 PM

Re: Massive dental phobia
I had your feeling. I did not go for 13 years, and I am going now. I have to have 5 thousand dollars of work done to my teeth now. It may be hard, but in the end, the dentist is easy. You do not feel any pain. Seriously, you feel more pain waking up on Monday ^_^. Just go. GO before you end up paying so much. It does not hurt at all.

shakin 11-04-2006 08:47 AM

Re: Massive dental phobia
Yes I can relate to you mate. I have been suffering this for about five years and whilst on holiday last year i made friends with a girl who had the most beautiful teeth. Sitting next to her at night i felt i couldn't smile and just felt totally wretched. I promised myself that when i got home i would make that appointment. Well i did and i made myself go, telling myself all the way how stupid i was at feeling like a quivering jelly. When i got inside i told the receptionist how bad i was with the fear, she could see i was a wreck and before i went in she went and had a word with the dentist. Well you know what he was unbelievable, every step of the way he kept saying tell me when you are anxious and i will stop and have a break. I lost three teeth for being so scared and now i wished i had gotten the courage earlier. Please please go before things get worse, as they will, i bet you will feel just like me after. I still don't like it but would never ever put it off again.

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