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Old 01-06-2007, 10:26 AM   #16
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cbr HB User
Re: Emetophobia

Hi Lauradaydreams,

I doubt you will see this before you leave for your trip. I do agree with the anticipation anxiety. I do the same thing. Things will be fine and you will have a great time. You are armed with your meds and sanitizer. Just take it one step at a time and try not to think to far ahead.

I was wondering with the birth control meds and prozac if these meds do not contribute to the dry heaving. If you are prone to gastric issues maybe this combination is not working for you.

I had the chance to read your original posting and was struck by your story as well. You are a strong young lady and I admire your trying to get a handle on this unforunate phobia. You sound like you have taken on so much and expect so much of yourself. Is there a way to change jobs to help with the stress?

With all of the stories mentioned in these postings, I can say I relate to parts of all of them. I too was labeled with an eating disorder. I was down to 89 pounds. I looked terrible. But with the therapy I only shared the issues I encountered as a child in regards to my family, never got into the fear of vomiting. It amazes me how vivid the throwing up memories are too.

I too thought I had things under control growing up, but the fear was always there. There are definitely peaks and valleys. Thanks for sharing some of your experiences and I appreciate getting to share some of mine.


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Old 03-02-2007, 07:52 AM   #17
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kalmac HB User
Re: Emetophobia

Hey everyone

I'm 32, and have had emetophobia since I was 7. Over the years I have had ups and downs with it, for sure more downs. I had a year where I seemed to be cured, and in that time I threw up like 3 times, weird I know. Then of course it came back. About 3 years ago I had a horrible stomach virus, I was really ill, and the emetophobia got worse after that, for a few months. I was so paranoid like every Wednesday (because I was sick on a Wednesday)
and if I drove the same route that I did that day, etc... I became slightly agorophobic after that too. So really I am sure that actually allowing yourself to vomit, will not cure this at all, it seemed to make it worse for me. Its really great reading everyones story, nice to be able to relate. Take care, talk to you soon...

Old 03-02-2007, 08:39 AM   #18
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FANNtasy3 HB User
Re: Emetophobia

Hi kids,
Im new to these boards. I have Fybromyalgia which has a relation to my panic dissorder. I saw the topic and just wanted to know what this phobia was.
Im sorry to say, my illness doesnt give me half the brain to follow all the reads this topic has!!! But am replying to Broken Smiles lead post. Your reverse psycology to the doc who told you to stick your finger down your throat. BRAVO FOR YOU!!!!
Anyway, this is not an overwhelming thing that I could say is a phobia for me, but I too have a moderate fear of vomiting. I am 40 and have puked less that 20 times my whole life because I REFUSE TO. I will do whastever it takes to avoid it and I too beat feet when someone is nauseous or heaving.... YUCK!!!!!
I have NEVER stuck my finger down my throat and never will! I think alot of people dont like to vomit. I can understand a true fear. I have other phobias... spiders to the point I went years without even being able to say the word. No matter the size, I get palpitations and panic attacks... forget it, its not pretty.
I do like to garden and have had run ins with the little buggers. It still freaks me out, but I realize they are natural helpers in my garden and natural.
So, I hate to puke but if I cant control it, it is my bodies way of getting rid of something it has determined poison. Once its over, I feel better, but will still fight it if I can. When I am truely nausious and know I cant fight it, I do get close to panic. I could never understand balemia.
Anyway, do any of you take compozine for nausia. Antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications? Compozine helped me through 2 1/2 yrs of nausia due to stress. The others just help me with all my illness symptoms. If these questions were answered somewhere within the last 17 posts, Im sorry I could not read them all. I was just wondering if any of you have been able to control your nausea or phobias with these kinds of meds.
Thanx, Feel well, Felicia

Old 03-02-2007, 08:37 PM   #19
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LauraDaydreams HB User
Re: Emetophobia

Hello! I've been SO BUSY with work lately, I hardly get a chance to get on the computer (for leisure!)

Back in January, I returned from my cruise without dry heaving ONCE - not on the plane, not on the boat, not on any car rides. It was WONDERFUL. I did, however, get a cold a few days after getting back - yuck! Thank you so much to everyone who gave me advice - your words stayed with me (as did my hand sanitizer everywhere I went!) and it kept me more calm.

I am absolutely proud to say that I am doing SO MUCH BETTER. Since I've been on Prozac/Xanax, I do not FREAK OUT when I get my dry heaves. They still happen, but I've been MUCH more calm about it. I dry heave a bit, breathe a bit...and I get right back to work/dancing with friends/whatever I'm doing at the time. HOWEVER, right before my period and the first few days, I still get violent heaves.

I also notice that my obsessive thoughts about vomit aren't as intrusive as they used to be. It's no longer "PUKE....PUKE...PUKE....WHAT IF I PUKE...WHAT IF THAT PERSON PUKES...WHAT IF MY DOG PUKES, THEN I WILL PUKE." It was TRULY taking over my life. I too have gone through ups and downs.

Kalmac - I DO THE SAME THING!! I always think that I'm going to throw up on a THURSDAY!! When I was a kid...the ONLY times I've actually thrown up, it's happened on Thursdays. Every Thursday, when I was younger, for MONTHS, I would sit in front of a bucket at 7:30 p.m., waiting to throw up. I grew out of that, naturally, but to this day, it's ALWAYS in the back of my mind. I ALSO will avoid wearing clothes that I wore on the days that I've dry heaved/felt extremely nauseous/visited the ER. Apparently, a characteristic of emetophobia is developing superstitions.

FANNtasy - I took Reglan for YEARS (which always helped my nausea, but made my anxiety worse, which in the end, made everything worse.) I've been on Compozine also, but it doesn't work. When I'm dry heaving and very nauseous, I take Visteril, which puts me into a COMA, haha, but when I wake up...I feel much, much better. I only use that in case of emergencies.

So basically...I seem to have taken my first steps to feeling better. I am now able to drive without heart palpitaitons...see my friends and have FUN without obsessively thinking about throwing up everywhere...I am able to handle stress better at work. I hope so much that it will continue. I'm sure I'm not CURED, because I am still HESITANT to leave my house...but once I kick myself in the butt out the door...I am usually okay. With a combo of meds and therapy, I just hope I can handle it...when the situation arises that I actually do throw up one day. =\

I'm glad someone brought this thread back. I hope everyone is doing well!!!

Old 03-05-2007, 06:56 AM   #20
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kalmac HB User
Re: Emetophobia

Hey everyone

It almost makes me smile in a weird freaky kind of way, when I read all of your stories. Its so me!!! Laura, I think we probably had very similar childhoods. I think mine started shortly after a experience I had when I was about 7. My sister and friend and I were playing in these fields in England ( i was there until I was 9) two teenage creepy boys started talking to us then told me to come with them, like an idiot I did...SO then they did STUFF to me, I started crying then they took off. Anyway I cried all the way home, but I was more upset about my mum finding out. I begged my sister not to tell her. I guess that loss of control and me feeling so much shame triggered it. Not long after I had that first horrible stomach virus. I can remember vivid details, like my dad carrying me upstairs to the bathroom, even which stair I threw up on, etc. etc...I also remember a disgusting kid throwing up in assembly, he puked on someones back, thank god not mine, or I would be dead right now!!!!
Laura, I also have the clothes thing, like if I am feeling sick, of course its usually at night time, I will put on pajamas that I don't love, because I know if i do throw up, I will probably have to throw them out. Maybe I could wear them again one day, but I would always think about it, but for sure I would never wear them on a Wednesday, EVER...
I have been on zoloft for a few years now, I think it helps a bit, not really sure. I am able to do most things, winter time is really hard.
About the dry heave thing.... oh my god you poor thing, that is really horrible. I would die. I have only had the dry heave thing twice in my life, and that is enough. I can't imagine having that on a regular basis.
Talk to ya, Kalmac

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Old 03-15-2007, 06:50 PM   #21
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bluebird HB User
Re: Emetophobia


Can I ask where you got your name. Is it really broken? Or just down? I too suffer from a fear of vomiting and think we have a lot in common. Would like to hear more about you.

Last edited by bluebird; 03-15-2007 at 06:50 PM.

Old 05-02-2011, 12:43 PM   #22
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ddollar HB User
Re: Emetophobia

emetophobia can be helped greatly by the homeopathic remedy "arsenicum album". also hypnosis is great.

i have gastroparesis and emetophobia, and i feel like the fear of vomiting may have a lot to do with impaired digestion. suppressing your digestive urges out of fear is not good for your tummy!

Old 05-16-2011, 12:53 AM   #23
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813roxy HB User813roxy HB User
Re: Emetophobia

Hi there! I know this is an old thread, but a very interesting one. I too suffer from a fear of vomiting. I wouldn't say it's a phobia because it's not nearly as severe as some of the stories I have read.
Some of you have mentioned it being a control thing. I couldn't agree more. So my question is, what about diarrhea? That is just as gross and also something you can't control. Do you avoid certain foods that may cause symptoms?
I became a vegetarian in 1997 due to my fear of vomiting. Anyone else?

Hope everyone is well

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