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ukguy19 03-29-2001 05:35 AM

vibrating objects, photophobia, watery eyes! Help!
Hey there!
I am 19 years old. living in england and as of last september been suffering from drunk like feelings, dizziness, balance problems and vision problems, starting after a mysterious infection which caused enlarged glands, headaches and pressure feeling behind my eyes and fluey symptoms. However, although the dizziness and balance has pretty much settled down I still feel drunk in my head and rooms seems very weird, like smaller, denser,a slightly darker sensation to them maybe. Im just sensing them differently. White objects vibrate like they have a heat haze infront of them - esecially if they are lit by sunlight, things like radiators, doors with slits in them and edges of objects. My eyes hurt alot and dont like the light and they water quite badly. I have the odd jumping sensation in my vision aswell. The optician says my eyes look fine, and have a very very small prescription for short sightedness. Any idea whats this could be? I'm quite scared as my eyes are obviously the most important thing to me. I had a cranial MRI and that came out normal. My neurologist is stumped!

orion 05-09-2001 11:31 PM

Do you have any other symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, dry skin/eyes, erection problems. I had the symptoms u describe plus the ones above. It turned out to be a pituitary tumor, did your MRI check for that?Probably not.

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