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Shar12 03-01-2008 06:30 PM

Its not emetophobia, but I'm not sure WHAT it please? :)
I realise no one likes sick, but I hate it - I cant be near drunk people, have trouble going to the fair ground, I get aggressive (And as far away as possible) when someone says they feel ill. When I see sick on the ground, or people being sick or hear it, I start to cry, shake, I cant breathe and I out and I dont feel like myself.

The thing is, I dont REALLY worry about being sick myself and I know its odd, but I dont have a problem with Animal sick or sick on the TV.

I'm not a hypercondriac, and I know theres not something right. I know its a phobia but because I dont feel sick all the time or have a fear of myself being sick.. I dont think its emetophobia..please help someone? I'd really appriciate it :)

hayley0610 03-01-2008 08:41 PM

Re: Its not emetophobia, but I'm not sure WHAT it please? :)
hey is emetophobia i am sure of it:) it sucks but i mean when someone has something "wrong" with them and their symptoms arent quite like what it says it should be like doesnt mean <YOU> dont have it it is just not in the entire form they say <YOU>should have it in....hope that makes sense.i am exactly like <YOU>but i do fear throwing up myself but i bet if <YOU> were too feel like <YOU> were going to for sure throw up <YOU> would feel a bit more panicky than <YOU> did in the past now knowing <YOU'RE>condition has a name and such for it. i hate vomit i mean no one loves it but i would rather, in my mind, be ran over than vomit! <YOU> can chose to do a few things about it but for the most part <YOU> are stuck with it. everyone has fears whether it be heights or water <YOURS> just happens to be vomit so i would just accept what <YOUR> fear is unless it doesnt let <YOU> do things in <YOUR> life.

Excaliba 03-13-2008 02:21 PM

Re: Its not emetophobia, but I'm not sure WHAT it please? :)
Hi there Shar12,

Yes, what you have described is emetophobia. The condition falls into two categories 1. Fear of yourself vomiting and 2. Fear of others vomiting.

If you do a search on the internet you will find a large number of sites that describe both types and some of the underlying and associated issues (e.g. anxiety/panic as you've described.).

As an interesting side-note, emetophobia was classed as the 5th most common phobia in the UK in an article I read a couple of years ago. So you aren't alone.

I respectfully disagree with the previous poster that you can't do anything about it or that you "have to live with it". As with anything of this nature ... go and eliminate any underlying medical condition as a cause (i.e. see a doctor) ... and if you get the all clear, then go see a decent therapist who specialises in the condition.

I know three people who had emetophobia and who went and saw hypnotherapists (For both types) with excellent results - i.e. after a few sessions they wre free of the condition.

All the best ...


mary63 04-26-2008 04:15 AM

Re: Its not emetophobia, but I'm not sure WHAT it please? :)
Hi there- i am the same as you- feel morbidly horrified about it- when i see car doors open on the side of a motorway for eg i feel just a bit panicky incase some one is throwing up. Saw a woman who actually was throwing up a while ago and couldn't stop thinking about her- what was wrong, why she was sick etc etc- kinda gets bigger than it needs to. Also feel anxious watching those tv home videos <BECAUSE> there is often someone throwing up!! the sound is awful too!!
I am sure it would be really helpful to seek some therapy or counselling- i haven't for this particular fear of mine as it is one of many and it doesn't cause too much of a probLEM...well not most of the time!! ( i don't mind animals throwing up either! what is with that??!!)

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