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chatterbox711 12-01-2008 12:28 AM

Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="3"]Hello. I have suffered with panic and anxiety attacks for most of my life. I am an Agoraphobic and have been for the majority of my life. I was searching online for forums/groups that might have information about this and came acrossed this site. I am hoping to meet others who know first hand what I go through each and every day. I am 49 year old female who has missed out on so many family events. I need new glasses and dentures but am to afraid to step foot out of my door now. I can go out on my porch for a few minutes but only if someone else is out there to. My biggest problem with going places is the need to eat when I feel a hunger pain. I literally get a bad panic attack if I don't. This all started after I got real lightheaded about 7 or 8 years ago and after eating something it cleared up. I have a feeling I am hypoglycemic like my Dad is and like his Mom (my gramma) was. All I know is when I start feeling a hunger pain I go for the kitchen to get something to eat and sometimes before I can get the food prepared I get so panicked that I get that shortness of breathe and whoozy feeling.

Does anyone else here have any problems with this? I would love to hear from others who might be Agoraphobic also and fight the anxiety/panic everyday as I do. Thanks for listening.

God bless,

chatterbox711 12-02-2008 06:38 PM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
I am really disappointed no one has responded to my thread. I was really hoping this site might be of some help to me by allowing me to meet others that know first hand what it's like to be like me. For those that have at least read what I typed thank you.

God bless,

mitchellk 12-02-2008 07:05 PM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
hi there.
I am as well a severe panic attack sufferer .. im not afraid to go anywhere my anxiety is all HEALTH related ..constintly thinking there is something the matter.

my mom suffers what sounds like the same as you enfourtunatly..
she has left shopping carts full of stuff in the middle of isles at grocery stores before.
she has a mouth guard at night for grinding her teeth.
my mom works for the government making approx 34-36$/hr and has to travel short distances for seminars and sometimes has to skip out an has to get it emailed, conference callde and watch powerpoints on what she missed.
your not alone my dear friend.

chatterbox711 12-02-2008 11:21 PM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Thank you so much for your reply. I can not leave my house at all now without experiencing a panic attack that leaves me feeling short of breath and very disoriented. I hate the feeling and just refuse to go anywhere now. I get them here at home but at least here I can shut myself up in my bedroom to get calmed down. I hate that over half of my life has been wasted on being like this. I have missed out on so many family things. I am hoping someone will see this that has a success story to share with us so that maybe I can regain some hope that I also may some day soon be able to do things so many take for granted. I know what its like to live within a prison of ones self. Thanks again for your reply and God bless.


bethy79 12-03-2008 07:53 AM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
you are not alone. I developed vertigo about 7 years ago and it has given me anxiety and i get afraid to drive and go places unless someone is with me. Have you ever tried medication? I take benzos which help somewhat. When my anxiety acts up bad i just try to take small babysteps to get back to doing things like take a small drive to the store by myself and its like a big acclomplishment!!I notice the less i do and the more i keep myself at home the worse it gets and im not giving myself a chance to get better, so try maybe taking small walks even to the corner and back. Anxiety is a tough thing to conquer i know,today is the first time since my daughter started school in sept. that i actually had enough courage to drive her to school by myself and it felt good. I was nervous but i got through it!!!! I hope you get better, keep us posted.:)

mary999 12-03-2008 08:32 AM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Hello Susan.I can completely relate to your story.I have suffered panic disorder and agoraphobia since I was 16,I am now 41.I astruggle to get through most days.I also would LOVE someone to talk to about this as it is a living hell. Mary999

marcie23 12-04-2008 05:12 PM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Me too! I suffer from severe panic attacks & agoraphobia for 30 yrs! I tried everything but continued to fail. I missed so much of life. But there is hope! I found a terrific therapist/coach. I'm learning what my triggers are and how to deal with them. This year I got my drivers license and can drive 1 mile now. I'm able to food shop, get gas, and visit local friends. It feels GOOD. I'm not taking any medication but I'm open to it, if necessary.

Start with baby steps. Eat healthy, exercise & de-stress your life. Talk to your Dr., find a trained therapist or read all you can about anxiety attacks. Keep searching til you find someone or something that works for you. They may also help with home care. I have an eye dr. & dentist that make housecalls.

Good Luck.

TEdds83 12-05-2008 04:58 PM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Hi Susan! I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder. I have had it for at least half of my life. I am 44 now. It is a nightmare to deal with. I haven't become completely housebound but sometimes I am afraid I will be unable to work or travel on the road. I am not sure when it's gonna hit. I do know some of my triggers. I do plan on seeking counseling. No one understands unless they have been through this.

I have left restaurants with my food sitting there to be drivin to the ER. Awakened my husband in the night to drive me to the ER because my heart was racing. I suffer from some lightheadedness, dizziness, severe allergies, being afraid I can't breathe, or that I need a big breath, or that I will have an allergic reaction to something (which I have had that happen, no wonder I am afraid) and I am afraid I will catch something bad and die. I just hate this. I ruined my birthday dinner last month because I was afraid to leave the house. I made my husband go pick our food from a nice restaurant and bring it home. It makes me so sad. I feel like I ruin his life too.

You are not alone my friend. Here to talk to you anytime ok?!

chatterbox711 12-05-2008 08:09 PM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Thank you all for your replies. I was seeing a therapist but I just didn't feel like she was helping me. I wished I could find another one that is more compassionate and understanding that would be willing to come here to my home until I was stronger and braver to go to their office. I to am terrified of taking medications and eating certain foods that are known to cause allergic reactions. Really scares me so I rarely will take anything. I was starting to get out more and without the severe anxiety hitting me back in 2006-2007 but then my only sister and my husbands Mother both passed away in March of 2007 and thats when I totally shut down and quit trying. I believe that a lot of my problems is depression and low self esteem from verbal abuse most of my life. I hope that we all can find ourselves again and live easier, happier, and less stressed lives.

God bless and hugs to you all,

hopetofeelwell1 12-05-2008 09:24 PM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Hi Chatterbox! I am so sorry that I did not find your post until now. I, too, am an agoraphobic in mental recovery at age 52! The reason that I call myself that is because there was a time in my life between the ages of 28 and 42 that I became housebound because of the severe anxiety and panic. Although I had a lot of trauma in my life that help to set the stage for this (i.e. lost my mother at age 6, grandmother at age 13, someone that I loved at age 25), a lot of this, too, was caused by hormonal problems and low blood sugar. By age 40 I had a complete hysterectomy; by age 42 I had given up all coffee and tea which was aggravating my problems and really concentrated on some good therapy and meds. I had to reteach myself to drive at age 42 and believe me it was an accomplishment to go at least 8 houses down the street slowly to the neighborhood corner store to get a package of cigarettes! I have really had to begin to live my life over again. I also suffered from major depression and I suppose the agitation comes from that too. During this time I had also from time to time quit smoking and that does a job on you psychologically by adding to the anxiety, but I actually begin to feel better physically without the stimulants. Mentally--it's another story but I will still try to quit very soon. Have you had your thyroid, adrenals, and female hormones checked along with blood sugar? I did, and sometimes the bloodwork can explain a lot. I will never be able to drive on a major highway--fear of the open space--but I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I can just go to the market by myself. Years ago when my son was a baby, I could push the carriage with him in it and be able to just grab on and not feel like I was falling down. As he began to walk, it got worse for me and wanted to die. I saw a psychiatrist who put me on Pamelor(nortriptylene), an old tricyclic anti-depressant and it helped a bit. It did not, however, stabilize my mood and after this I had a few in patient hospitalizations. I have tried different psych meds through the years and they do work(except sometimes for the side effects) After improving some of the physical problems I had that made my hormones and psyche go up and down, I was able to begin to go out a couple of steps at a time. Then it was as far as the car. Then after gaining courage, I could also walk around the outside of the entire house, and so on, and so on. OH! ALSO..... HAVE THEY CHECKED YOU FOR FLUID IN YOUR EARS?? This was a big one if you feel dizzy and anxious. Once I worked on ears and sinuses, this helped to clear my head and see things differently. I will say a prayer tonight for you that you are able to take just a baby step a day at a time to improve the quality of your life. YOU WILL DO IT!!! Keep your chin up and you'll be better before you know it. God bless and take care--Hopetofeelwell

chatterbox711 12-06-2008 12:27 PM

Re: Agoraphobia/Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Thank you for your reply. I do wonder sometimes if I have water in my ears causing this off balance feeling at times. Every once is a while they do hurt. I have also been in menopause since my early 40's so I know my hormones are probably out of whack. I had blood work done several years ago but nothing was found at that point. I can't leave the house now without sheer panic and anxiety. I truly wished someone would form a medical field that would allow doctors to go make home visits as well as the nurses who could draw the blood and such. I bet that would be a big money making deal as well as for people like me being very appreciative and blessed for this type of service.

I hope I can start making the strides that you have. Keep up the good work and keep going forward. I love success stories such as this one.

God bless,

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