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jasmine30 06-06-2003 02:49 PM

Relationships..Dating when you have PD/agoraphobia/etc

Anyone else often thought about this?Do you find its been easy or difficult to date?

Ive dated a few times since having PD/Agoraphobia,with minimal discomfort,however it was when I had a 3-3 1/2(slow)period from the Disorders.

Ive a friend that had PD before she married and she developed such a trust within her hubby that he was her"safe"person.

I guess when we put all our trust into our partner we have an easier time dealing with it,even though there is NO safe place or person.

14allall41 06-06-2003 10:30 PM

Someone out there must be able to respond to this with similar situiation. Thanks

kikyo 06-06-2003 11:35 PM

I have a boyfriend of 1 year, he and I have been going through a lot of problems lately, mostly due to the stresses that a relationship puts on people like me and you. My panic also causes great stress on my mind, body, and soul. Which, in turn, makes it very hard to hold a relationship together. If I were single and just dating around again, I'd actually feel a lot LESS stressed than I am now. Although, I can see where it'd be hard when placed in an "interveiw" like situation such as a first date. All I can say is that you have to be honest and straightforward if you really like the person, tell them of what you fear and perhaps you can find a setting where you're comfortable and the dates you have could go smoothly. Sometimes, being in a comfortable place makes all the differance in how you react to a situation.

deb30 06-07-2003 06:16 AM

I've had alot of problems more recently in my relationship with my boyfriend of two years. I know that I get upset easy and I cared less and less when I'd see him. Don't know where things are going right now but I have such trust issues it's hard to open your heart up when you're so afraid of being disappointed. Even though I've felt alot better the last couple of weeks, I seem to be caring less about someone I was head over hills for for the last two years.

kikyo 06-07-2003 03:59 PM

Yeah, I feel the same way.. it's like all of a sudden the feeling is just fading away. I'm not sure if it's completely because of stress and panic, though..maybe people just grow apart more often than we thought. But adding to those feelings, stress and anxiety, could probably make the whole situation far worse.

[email protected] 06-08-2003 06:21 PM

i have pd and anxiety and depression and asthma.. my grlfriend has occasional anxiety attacks and depression..

it gets HECTIC but it can work out just like any healthy ppl's relationship..

it takes more work, much more patience, much more belief (you can really feel like your bond and feelings for someone is gone with these disorders)

but it passes..

ojohnr 06-09-2003 01:25 AM

i had this problem for several years. i had severe social anxiety(my psychiatrist says it's from performing piano when i was a kid). i just started having early symptoms of angorophoia nad my psychiatrist told me to get out more often and fight it.
my new girlfield knows my problems and i guess love overcomes alot of fear. i spend more time out then i ever have in my life. im 31 now.

good luck

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