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mermeleda 10-12-2003 08:45 AM

how i recovered from agoraphobia and panic
I am finally feeling great after a year of suffering so badly from anxiety, panic and severe agoraphobia. I started going to acupuncture, and then my chinese doc prescribed some herbs for me , chinese name is tian wang bu xin dan. It has completely transformed my life for me and I am so happy to be able to do simple things again like go to the store alone etc! Now I go all over and am working again.
It may be worth seeing a chinese herbalist to see if this may help for you too.I am so glad I did, and have finally come out of that nightmare.

AznMax 10-12-2003 10:05 AM

Quick questions for you.....

Did it fixed the problem completely?

Do you have to take it regulary to relieve your symptoms, or one period of use cures the problem completely.

Are you still taking them?

losingit 10-12-2003 02:41 PM

Thats AWESOME!!!
excuse the eighties expression :)
My husband and I were just talking about acupuncture for my axiety and muscle tension, I had'nt even thought that they could help with my agoraphobia.. I feel excited. Please keep us updated on if these effects are long term and PLEASE give more discriptions of what symptoms it helped you with the most.
WOW I am very happy for you
It's nice to hear good news once and awhile, gives us all hope..
Thank you

mermeleda 10-13-2003 06:07 AM

I took the herbs every day twice a day. I saw immediate improvement and then after taking for about a month I noticed I was feeling fine and the weird foggy head and anxiety was almost gone and I was able to go out and about. It is now almost 4 months since I started taking it, and I stopped it about three weeks ago to see how I would do without it. I feel pretty good, occasionally if I am very tired or pre menstrual I might feel very slight anxiety but it soon passes. The agoraphobia which was the worst thing has gone . I am still going to acupuncture once a week and my doc reckons I suffer from heat in the body which causes the anxiety . I noticed that I was always thirsty and overheated long before I even started to suffer the anxiety which seemed to come out of the blue, so seems to make sense to me. Anyway the treatment has helped me so much and I can now do things which I could only dream of doing again when I was at my worst.

mermeleda 10-13-2003 06:16 AM

losingit....I had periods of feeling so foggy and out of things I wasnt sure where I was sometimes, I also had depersonalisation, and terrible anxiety where I felt like I could not do anything and had anxious tight stomach all the time.I felt like I could just not go out of the house but did not know why, and if I pushed myself to go then I would get full blown attacks where I would get dizzy and feel like I was going to pass out and sweat and feel nauseous and legs turn to jelly and could not get myself anywhere.
Now I am getting on and off trains and buses, going out and about all day every day and actually living on my own now. All of this I thought I could never do.I am amazed at what I have been through and survived. I never thought I would be normal again.I am still afraid to say I am totally recovered, but despite the fact that I am sufering a lot of stress in my personal life I am getting by somehow and doing ok. I am so happy.

cattys 10-13-2003 02:00 PM

That is great. I hope you continue to feel good.

sunset 10-15-2003 12:03 AM

pleose share with us how long it took for you to beat agoraphobia...and how old are you and how long have you suffered from anxiety disorders
love to hear the positive results it gives us all hope

mermeleda 10-15-2003 09:34 AM

I am 37 years old and suffered from anxiety and panic since August last year, it just suddenly hit me out of the blue and developed into severe agoraphobia. At my worst I could not even go downstairs in my building without getting dizzy and disorientated and starting to panic. would also get it in shops when I was out shopping with my sister if she wandered off and I felt like I was left alone and could not get out of the shop.
I started getting really much better about 4 weeks into the treatment with acupuncture and the herbs that I was prescribed.
So it was about ten months that I suffered so badly I felt I really could not go on anymore. My life had stopped, never thought I could work again or take the train on my own. Now I am doing both.
I really do recommend trying acupuncture and also the herbs that I was prescribed. they are specifically for anxiety and worked wonders.
If I really dont feel well or stressed now I still occasionally take them but am doing very well without them , even though my life situation is much more stressed than it was when I was at my worst, I am somehow managing to do ok.
good luck everyone..this is the most awful sickness as nobody understands..they cannot understand why we cannot go out the house.

AznMax 10-15-2003 11:33 AM

I am very familiar with acupunctures and herbal medicines.....why? Look at my member

One thing that you have to watch yourself about acupunctures and herbal medicines is that sometimes they have a long lasting effects. They stay in your system longer than western medicines. What I'm saying is if something doesn't go right, you cannot simply stop the negative effects by discontinuing it. You will feel it even after stopping the practice. Most important of all, western medicines/doctors, not knowing anything about these kind of practices, they will have a hard time reversing the effect. That's why they always say, "It is not approved by FDA. I wouldn't take it if I were you."

I am not trying to scare off anyone. I personally have used many herbal medicines myself and they are wonderful. I just want you to be careful. Just because it worked on someone, that doesn't mean you will have the same result. I would consult with your chinese herbal/accupuncture doctor first to see what kind of body chemistry you have before starting on that medication.

This medicine called, "Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan", does it have any withdrawal effects?

DawnMarie1978 10-15-2003 09:57 PM

I totally agree about being cautious. I went to an acupuncturist and you usually get a blend of herbs. They are not regulated at all and so even if they tell you there are no side affects thats because no one is keeping track. I hate to admit it because I am medicine phobic, as a mater of fact I am supposed to try prozac tomorrow and I am scared. But at least if something goes wrong the doctors have an entire database on how to respond to that type of med. Also medications are watched closely and carefully manufactured.

Soar 10-16-2003 12:23 AM

Merm, Were/are u taking prescribed western meds as well(klonopin, xanax, zoloft?) Please let me know! Thanks

mermeleda 10-16-2003 11:48 PM

I have not taken any western medicine as I was afraid. My sister had same problems and took paxil and it sent her crazy. That is why I decided to take the acupuncture route . I tried kava and that helped but I was afraid of liver damage if I took it too long, and actually sometimes it did not help at all.

If you go to a qualified herbalist who will look at your symptoms and prescribe something that is fit for your body after seeing you for a couple of sessions, I guess it is pretty safe.
The herbalists mix the herbs themselves and the herbs they buy are all regulated and pure, not the scary ones you read about being imported from China and containing weird stuff.
My advice would be go to a well qualified chinese herbalist and acupuncturist and start slowly. Even with just the acupuncture I would feel pretty good afterwards.
I have had no withdrawal symptoms after stopping the herbs, no problems at all, only improvement.
these herbs have been used for thousands of years in china, and the herbalist will check to see if you have any side effect eg. upset stomach etc. you have to start with small amounts to see how you respond.
my acu doc has successfully treated many many patients with anxiety who were taking several different types of medicine. she advises that start first with acu, lower the dose of medicine gradually and then later on start with herbs.

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