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AshleeD 07-29-2002 11:48 AM

LOL, some of you are probably going to get a laugh out of this, but I'm really scared of clowns. Yes, pitiful, I know. I've been scared of them since I was a child. I remember my mom put this picture of a clown in the hallway outside of my room and since I slept with my door open, I could see it and it faced right towards my bed so it looked like it was watching me :( hehe..

I was also at the grocery store recently walking around with my 9 year old cousin when this girl dressed as a clown started talking to man, I was trying to get out of there but the clown was like WOW, how old are you (talking to my cousin) and my cousin was like I'm 9. The stupid clown kept trying to talk to her. I was like dammit, come on let's go [img][/img]

LOL, am I the only one who's really scared of clowns? Btw, this is no joke.

The movie It by Stephen King scares me, too. Anyone seen that? The clown in that movie scares me to death :D

Any replies? This might turn into a fun topic hehe :)

[img][/img] ~Ashlee :wave:

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mslily 07-31-2002 11:28 PM

Hi AshleeD!
While clowns in general don't frighten me, I can definately see where they could. And I'll admit that Stephen King one did rattle me too! Your grocery store experience did remind me though that I was absolutely terrified of the Jolly Green Giant as a kid. Those big cut outs of him that they used to have in the grocery stores way back when, used to scare me silly. I would start screaming and crying everytime I saw one, don't know how my mom ever got any shopping done with me in tow. :D

Orlando's Girl 08-01-2002 01:51 PM

Ashlee, I am just afriad of clowns as you are!!! They just freak me out!!! OMG, IT by Steven King, that movie scares me to death!!! I have to tell you this story, it's funny now that I think of it but it wasn't then! My sister was driving and I was riding in the passenger seat. We we're stoppped at a red light and it was a three way intersection. Well cars are driving right in front of us and turn onto the lane next to us... if that makes any sense. ANYWAY, I look up and I see this guy dressed up in this clown suit with this frown and he's driving a car and drives right in front of us and then turns into the lane on our left. I just SCREAMED as I watching him drive in front of us. My sister was startled and looked around and saw the clown and she started screaming too!!!! We just sat there in the car screaming! hahaha. It's so funny now, but we were both scared! On that same day, after that incident, I saw this billboard with this freaky clown on it, and we started getting freaked out. That was two clowns in 1 day. But that wasn't all. When we got home we went downstairs to watch a movie we had just bought, my brother was watching TV and guess what came onto the screen? A FREAKIN clown!!!! My sister and I just looked at each other like "This is freaky!" When we did watch our movie, one of the scenes starts out with a close up on this clown giving out balloons!! FOUR CLOWNS IN ONE DAY!!! It was pretty weird! Anyway, I still don't like clowns. What's funny is, my grandpa dresses up in clown outfits and is in a show as a clown! You wouldn't think I'd be afraid of clowns, would you?? Well, sorry for the long post!!!


AshleeD 08-01-2002 03:47 PM


It's nice to know I'm not the only one! I don't know why clowns still terrify me so much even to this day, but they do. I hate them. I swear when I see a clown I start getting nervous. You know what else I don't like? The Santa Clauses that are always in the mall and stuff...they ALWAYS stare at up and down, too! They bug the hell out of me, too. But clowns, OOOO gosh, I won't even go there again hehe...

I don't even like this little emoticon [img][/img]

He's scary! Haha...OK, well enough...

Thanks for replying everyone...and btw, sorry for your encounter, Mel, that musta been some scary sh*t! I can't stand those clowns! The movie IT scared me more than Scream and all those other movies....pretty bad, huh?? LOL!

Take care everyone ;)

Much [img][/img] and support~Ashlee

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PatM 08-01-2002 04:29 PM

yes they're are others like yourself out there. my son claims the movie "It" started his irrational fear of clowns. also know as coulrophobia. the movies "sleuth" and "Games" would both make him very, very uneasy. he is a teen now and still avoids any situations that may involve clowns. well there you have it. good luck.

your friend BOZO

west virginia girl 08-01-2002 06:34 PM

i have a fear of clowns that are on like movies and like stuffed clowns,i hate baby dolls!!!!! this stuff makes me crazy,i can't stand it! maybe it's from movies where this stuff has been potrayed as scary but whatever the reason i hate them.

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