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Old 09-25-2002, 08:35 AM   #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: AR
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snoops1977 HB User

Hello you all! I would just like to share something that my therapist and I recently discussed and it helped me through a few thoughts since then. I have a big fear of death to myself or losing someone else. I also have a big fear of heart attack because heart disease and diabetese runs in my family. These fears were never really a problem until the panic attacks and anxiety came along. I got to where I would not go anywhere or do anything afraid of raising my heartbeat and dieing right there on the spot. So my last therapy session was about this...... it is all a cycle.....we all have beliefs that came from long ago and which the anxiety and panic has added too and made it concrete that we are going to do or that something bad is going to happen.... like I don't drive distances because I am getting to far away from the hospital "INCASE" something happened, which leads back to death, ok so when I do get alittle to far out or I go somewhere and get a litte uncomfortable my body starts in with the symptoms because I am thinking something is going to happen so I automatically do things to make myself feel better like leaving, lying down, cold wash cloth, take a valuim, things like that, but one things she said to me that really clicked and has been helping me change my thinking patterns is this " If I were really having a heart attack... would any of those things stop it??" or " If I were really dying .... would any of those things stop it from happening??" NO!! of course not! So now I tell myself that when I begin to freak out and it helps to know it is something that I have no control over! So those of you that are experiencing the same things I have been I hope this helps you too. Since that appointment I have been to the fair, I drove out to the edge of town(which isn't far but hey it felt good, and I felt some sort of strength again) and I also went into a big restaurant and we even set way in the!! <IMG SRC=""> So I really hope those words affect you in the way they have me. I am not 100% but I am getting closer. I still have alot of chest pains..... does anyone know some relaxing techniques to relieve them?? Thank you so much for listening (reading). Sorry it is so long!!
Love to all !!
God Bless!!

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Old 09-25-2002, 10:21 AM   #2
kim simone
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kim simone HB User
Re: Agoraphobia!!


Thanks for your story. It lets us all know that we can and WILL get better. WE have to take control of our fears, and not let our fears control us!

Best wishes! <IMG SRC="">


Old 09-25-2002, 01:04 PM   #3
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Candee HB User
Re: Agoraphobia!!

Thank you so much for your story---I am not alone in thinking that my heart is on the blink. If I had major heart trouble HOW could I have made it around the track three times last night w/ my 2 dogs? Yes, I felt unbalanced/dizzy from the anxiety but made it!! I have a desperate fear of dying(am 51) and I'm waiting for it but it just won't happen--how crazy is that? I have truly let myself go to hell b/c of this anxiety/depression thinking what is the use of it all. Not a good space to be in b/c then bad things do start happenning big time!! I can totally relate to fearing heart probs---I too get chest pains which tend to keep me in the chair in the kitchen worrying. I had an angiogram done 3 years ago and it was OK. If I have to go back to the doc to get my heart checked out again I will just to get some peace. Please keep us informed on how you cope day to day. I loved your story--it helped me more than you know!! Candee

Old 09-25-2002, 02:21 PM   #4
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Location: Tulsa OK USA
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bev52 HB User
Re: Agoraphobia!!


That is such an accomplishment and I commend you <IMG SRC=""> especially for caring enough to share it with us. So glad you're making progress and passing your benefits on to all of us.

With Kindness,

Old 09-25-2002, 06:05 PM   #5
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Join Date: Aug 2002
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snoops1977 HB User
Re: Agoraphobia!!

Hey I enjoy helping people and like I said that question of .... would it have stopped it anyway? really hit home it kinda like woke me up or something. I have been stuck in the house for so long and gained over 60 lbs. I have been just miserable. I always think I am dying and the main reason is because I am overweight. Well I am not even like major heavy or anything but I didn't gain all this weight til the panic attacks and anxiety kicked in and I stopped leaving the house. I was walking one time at this park I always went to too walk ok well I got to thinking bout heart disease in my family and diabetese well BOOM!! panic attack I would not go back to that park or even go for a walk after that afraid that I might get my heart beating too fast and have a heart attack!! Hello!! I need my heart to beat fast and I know that but my concious is fighting with me telling me a different story. So anyways when my therapist told me that it really did make sense if I were really having a heart attack nothing would stop it!! I am so glad you all read my story and so glad it hit the spot!! I know I need people to inspire me sometimes and I enjoy doing the same!!
We will survive!! It is our own minds that have us thinking the way we do!! Instead of saying I am going to die and making it sound so definite!! Try saying I am worried or afraid I am going to die because I am afraid of going to hell (which is a big thing with me... religion) and that will eventually change your thinking patterns from being so negative!! Atleast that is what I have been trying to do and it is helping... sometimes it is hard to think of something but another idea is to write it down and carry it with you so the next time those thoughts run in your mind get it out read it and it will begin to stick and you will memorize it and automatically begin to tell yourself the more positive phrase instead of the bad!!
Love to all!!!!
God Bless!!!

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