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phadl 06-29-2011 09:11 PM

Is this a symptom of something?
I have this weird problem, which is really starting to get annoying. Before, it only happened occasionally, but now it happens several times a day. It happens at home, but outside as well, always when I'm alone and when I'm going somewhere - even just out of my room and into the kitchen. It doesn't happen when I'm occupied with something else, or in the middle of a sunny day but it does happen when I rationally know there's nothing to be afraid of. Basically, I get this strange feeling of dread. Like someone is watching me, just waiting to attack me. Not necessarily a person, I never think about who it is that might be there, or if it's even a human being, I just feel like there's someone and they're threatening. It's obviously not true but I feel like it is. I can't help it. Like at night, I go to the bathroom, or want to, but end up just standing in front of my door, sort of paralysed, every little sound startles me and I can tell there's some horrible threat just waiting for me outside the door. I end up going anyway, and I can control the fear by keeping all the lights on, and looking around, but eventually I have to go back to my room and turn the light off again. That's when I can't control it. I may take a few normal, calm steps, but as soon as I see the door to my room, I'm running back and closing it as fast as I can. Once I'm in my room, I still feel like someone could burst through the door any minute after me, but that goes away soon and it doesn't happen again until I have to go again. It happens outside, too, the fear is there but I can handle it until I see my door, then I start to hurry and it won't go away until i'm in the building. Could this be connected to something physical? I don't know for sure but I suspect i might have a bladder infection. Could it be that if I treat that it goes away? It doesn't only happen when I feel like I have to go, though. It does only happen when I'm alone or nobody is interacting with me, though I might know that my parents are in the other room or see people through the window or walking past on the street, but as long as noone talks to me, the fear is still there.

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