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painman2009 05-26-2012 12:19 AM

so many phobias, so little time
i am afraid of heights, spiders, planes, and germs , that is the start of so many other phobias, i am claustrophobic, and fear of crowds, and a really big fear of storm drains. since i was a kid i get the same reoccurring dream where I'm at the bus top and i get my foot stuck into a drain and the bus runs me over and drags me along... also a fear of those metal plates you find by stores that leads to basements and stuff. always afraid these thing will give. and elevators well tight space always possibility of a crowd and the doors opening and closing at wrong times or the cable breaking and of course the walls and hand rails and buttons all have germs on them .. k i have issues...also afraid of divits in yards.. three times in my life i was on top of a bess pool that collapsed. and one time i did a leaf clean up in my own back yard and my kids were back there when we went in for a snack and came back my entire back yard was a hole..

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