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sassyangel1989 04-17-2007 09:36 PM

:confused: :dizzy: ok i just got diagnosed with a pituitary- microadenoma and im like freaking out over here. lol. can somone tell me anything about it . how dangerous it is . just anything im tryign to find as much information i can on it .

im a little relieved i have an answer because i started my period at the age of 10! and then around the age of 15 i got put on a birthcontrol pill and then anther type of birthcontrol pill a year later and then my biggest mistake yet . the patch for a year it got recalled i got off of it and for NINE months i didnt know what was going on wiht me test after test and finally i got this answer and im scared to death mind you im only 18! . ive talked with my friend and i found this site and i hope somone out there can help me . even better if someone has gone through this atleast somewhat of the same thing and can tell me what to ecpext etc. thanks so much!

SPENCER1968 04-18-2007 09:23 PM

Re: pituitary-Microadenoma!
Sorry I cannot help you..... Did you have any symptoms before you were diagnosed? Please let me know, I hope to that it is nothing major.... Good Luck!


sassyangel1989 04-18-2007 10:11 PM

Re: pituitary-Microadenoma!
yes i didnt i had absolutely no period and a half a dozen negative pregnancy tests. high blood pressure i just blew it off as it had to be the birthcontrol (till got off of it for 9 mos.) weight gain that i didnt know where it was coming from AFTER i got off birthcontrol.and a few other . (i would recomend that if there are women out there still useing the patch DONT EVER USE IT! i only causes problems!) but i did read a little about this and the site said that there non cancerous witch is GREAT! lol

dh4512 04-19-2007 12:28 AM

Re: pituitary-Microadenoma!
I too have recently been diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma, but a macro. I am still in the process of testing, CAT scan a few weeks ago, the MRI is next week. There are several types of pituitary adenomas and you don't say what you have. Do a lot of RESEARCH. Research pituitary adenoma and look for good websites, org's or gov's and some edu's. The more information you know when going to the Dr. the better off you are. Here are some questions to answer for yourself. Have you had a CAT, MRI contrast and non contrast and ALL the pituitary hormone tests? Be sure and see a GOOD endocrinologist. GET A SECOND OPINION! And, do you have someone helping you go through this to discuss and make decisions on treatment? Parent or close friend? Research ANY drug prescribed to know side effects, etc., including birth control medication. Ultimately, you are in charge of your medical care and have the right to make decisions. BE INFORMED. Good luck.

sassyangel1989 04-19-2007 08:56 PM

Re: pituitary-Microadenoma!
alli know is its a putitary microadenoma i dont know anythign else. ive had a MRI and i have to see a neurosurgon on the 15th of may and i guess ill find out more ive been doing ALOT of reading on it . so i know more then i did a few days ago . what is the difference between the micro and the macro is it the size?

dh4512 04-19-2007 10:42 PM

Re: pituitary-Microadenoma!
Yes, it is the size. Micro is under 1 cm and macro is over 1 cm. It is suspected that mine is 2 cm and it will be verified by the MRI. Usually, macros are removed by surgery and many micros are treated with medication and not surgery. This is why it is very important to know what the results of ALL your pituitary hormone tests are and what kind of pituitary adenoma you have. If someone at the Drs office has not explained all of this to you, ASK! They should be explaining everything to you. Again, have someone with you at all appointments and check out the good websites, gov, org, or edu's.

sassyangel1989 04-20-2007 02:58 PM

Re: pituitary-Microadenoma!
they said mine was 3mm big but they told me it was micro. i believe she told me it was a prolactin (im not sure how to spell it lol) producing cyst but im not 100% sure.but ive been going to alot of sites to get alot of what i know about them now . i always havesomone with me at my doctors appointments ever since my problem has started i havent went to one alone .its just when it comes to the results of my tests i have to call for them wich i really dont you get alot of symptoms from yours like weight gain headaches etc?

dh4512 04-20-2007 06:09 PM

Re: pituitary-Microadenoma!
Yes, yours is a micro. 3mm is small, mine would be = to 20mm, or 2 cm. A prolactin is one of the most common and I think can be treated with medication. I'm glad someone is with you for all this medical stuff. It can be so technical. Mine seems to be what they call a non functioning tumor, in other words it didn't change one of the obvious hormones. These usually get larger because of that and they say I could have had this as long as 15 years! I have had menopausal symptoms for the past 10 years and they can be similar to some of the tumor symptoms and were vague. Prolactins seem to cause more symptons, therefore yours was noticed. It did lower the LH hormone which is the one that stimulates ovulation. Since I am much older and menopausal, have grown children, not trying to get pregnant, it was not noticed, since there was no reason to check that hormone. I have had migraines for years and have not had a CAT scan for years so I asked for one just to check them out again. Boy we were all surprised when they said I had this. As for weight gain, I have slowly over the past years but again I am older and it hasn't been a lot. This biggest thing I have felt the past 6 months or so is fatigue and sometimes just not good but couldn't pin point what. I don'[t know how much we can post about websites but is good. Good luck!

sassyangel1989 04-20-2007 07:14 PM

Re: pituitary-Microadenoma!
oh wow well i hope everything works out for you . i origionally thought i was pregnant but when i would take a pregnancy test it wouldnt show positive or negative so finally i went to the doctor because i was feeling sick . and my appitite increased my clothes were fitting tigher ( i know it cant be the DRYER lol)just little signs here and there and no period for months so finally i went to the doctor and it was a shock to find out i wasnt pregnant yet i found this but i needed answers . its not as bad as it could be or as bad as it can be but what ever the size no one wants to find out they have anythign inside there head growing that they cant see lol Good luck to you to i hope every thing works out good for you!:)

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