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Possible Adrenal or Pituitary issues? POTS?

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KimPlus2 HB User
Possible Adrenal or Pituitary issues? POTS?

My story is a long one (as they all are, right?), but I'll try to keep it short.

Starting on May 23rd I began suffering from daily panic attacks (when I've never had them before), severe dizziness/faintness when standing up (vision goes black for 3-10 seconds), extremely high heart rate (had a 48 hour holter monitor test done, no heart problems, just a heart rate that goes up to 165 bpm just when standing up/walking to kitchen which is not a long walk, it is normal when sitting down), excessive sweating (although it IS summer), thirst and urination. I also get headaches that last for a couple days at a time on the top of my head and the left side of my forehead (very rarely on the right side) and fluctuating pupils. My pupils fluctuate nearly all day long, but especially if there is bright light. I did a flashlight test which showed even more fluctuation.

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I am female, 21 years old with asthma and overweight. I had just lost about 35 pounds (from working out and eating healthy) when this all started to happen, and now it is so bad that I can barely walk around my house and take care of my kids, let alone work out with the vigor that I previously had. I still eat healthy but am not losing weight. About 1 year ago I had twins and lost quite a bit of blood but have since recovered. (Not sure if this would help, just thought I should add it in just in case!)

My doctor thinks that I'm probably just "anxiety ridden" because I have twins but I am POSITIVE that is not the case. He is not taking me seriously and that is why I am here. I am currently taking 40 mg of Celexa and 50 mg beta-blocker atenolol and neither one helps my heart rate from speeding up. On top of that I am taking 250/50 advair (have been taking for 2 years) and albuterol as needed. Thyroid seems fine, B12 levels in normal range but on the low side so I am taking a supplement. I'm wondering if this could possibly be a problem with my adrenal glands and/or pituitary gland? I'm not looking for a diagnosis (but if you have one, I'd be glad to hear it!), I just want to know where to go from here. If you need any more information, I'd be glad to share it.

Thank you,

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magpie117 HB User
Re: Possible Adrenal or Pituitary issues? POTS? Video of pupils..

Kim, if I were you I would look into POTS a little further. I have been doing some research as I have had many of the same symptoms as you. I have been going through this for nearly a year and still no answers. I, too, know that I am not suffering from anxiety. Every time I stand, I feel weak and my heart rate goes up to over 100. From the research I have done, POTS is much more common in women and often comes on after labor or an infection. I wouldn't be surprised if your symptoms aren't from having your twins and losing a lot of blood. Unfortunately, there aren't very many doctors who specialize in or know how to diagnose POTS. I am seeing a specialist next month to see if this could be my possible diagnosis. You know your body, and if you don't think it's anxiety, it probably isn't. I have struggled with the same issues from doctors. I even had a thorough psychiatric exam that showed no evidence of an anxiety disorder. The psychiatrist said, however, that since no physical tests were able to diagnose me, they must treat it as such a disorder. Don't settle for this!

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gettin' better
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gettin' better HB User
Re: Possible Adrenal or Pituitary issues? POTS? Video of pupils..

If you did some heavy bleeding after delivery, I'd ask your doctor to consider Sheehan's Syndrome. Look it up, and you will see it has many of the symptoms you describe. You need to have tests for adrenal, thyroid, and growth hormone problems. Sounds like Sheehan's could be a possibility. Good luck!

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confusa HB User
Re: Possible Adrenal or Pituitary issues? POTS? Video of pupils..

i have adrenal issues, and thyroid issues. for me they go hand in hand. sounds like adrenals to me. a book that has helped me alot has been adrenal fatigue 21st century stress syndrome. there is a "quiz" for lack of a better word. i too had all these problems after the birth of my baby...aproximately 5 months later. i had NEVER known what anxiety was...always athletic and life was completely different. i am curious about the sheehan's syndrome. i am going to research that. i will say that adrenal recovery is possible but a slow process. have you had your hormones checked? check your t3,t4, and cortisol levels. and i will give you another bit of advice...find a doctor that takes you seriously. or a couple bad months can turn into years...i learned this the hard way. i finally found the doctor 2 years ago but i had hit rock bottom before i found her. if i had done what she prescribed early on..i might not have gone through all the unecessary symptoms. i say all this to say it does sound like it could be your adrenals.

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Rosiesmom HB User
Re: Possible Adrenal or Pituitary issues? POTS? Video of pupils..

Confusa, What type of doctor did you finally find that took you seriously and did not treat you like you were crazy or a hypochondria. I believe I have suffered adrenal fatigue and I need a good doctor that can help me get well. I am going to do a saliva hormone test, but what is the t3 and t4 test. Please tell me what you doctor did to help you. Thanks JJ Rosiesmom

Old 10-29-2009, 06:19 AM   #6
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confusa HB User
Re: Possible Adrenal or Pituitary issues? POTS?

i tried to send you a private message but you have your settings where it is not possible. i want to be very careful when i say this publicly so i will be tactful. what i mean by a good doctor is one that is not run by the pharmaceutical co. and most of the time it is one where you have to file your own insurance. they think out side of the box . my doctor takes a more holistic approach to treating me ie. with supplements, and natural thyroid, i take adrenal support and i do a lot of things that the "book" recommends. you should get that book. some of those things in that book you cannot do with out a doctor by your side. my doctor takes a holistic approach but still is an MD...and has been very awesome for my situation. i would go to a doctor that runs blood work and knows HOW TO READ IT. i cannot stress that enough. look online to see if there are any in the suroounding area...and give it a shot. normal doctors usually do nothing about your adrenals until they are literally gone..."addisons disease" adrenals are recoverable so it just takes time . i am myself taking a 24 hour saliva test today as we speak to find out how far gone mine are. i may need hydrocortisone....just want to mention as well that most doctors just check your tsh t4...and sadly there are some of us that need to take the t3 which can be found in natural thyroid bc our bodies do not convert from t4 to may only have adrenal issues i don;t know but do you have symptoms of cold feet, hair falling out? dry skin, memory brain fog? there are many more, those are just to name a few. my doctor has put me on supplements, bc my body went autoimmune. let me jsut interject here that i swould not be goingg through this has i found the right doctor 4 years ago. the 2 and i half long years it took me to find her damaged my adrenals. at first i only had thyroid then in time it took a toll on my adrenals bc i was not being properly treated. make sense? i am sure fl would have natural path / holistic doctors. adrenals can BE RECOVERED. just don't let it go for tooo long like i did bc i had no clue what i was dealing with. sorry you feel this way i can relate girl. hang in there, try to "limit" your bodies response to stress. eat well and find a good doctor. i will pray as i end this now that you will be able to find a great doctor. hang in there. i am a mom too and it is the hardest thing to do when you don't feel well. but we will get better. we will!

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